♫Would you choooose water over wine~ Hold the wheel and drive…♫

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{A leg clad in leather swings over the body of a motorcycle. A burst of orange sways as a helmet is pulled off Cody’s head, which is shaken. Totally oblivious to the follower, he trots down the sidewalk with a bounce in his step~}

deadlockdrey-deactivated2013101  asked:

Shit, kid--yer' stuffed animals are sum' scary shit. Nightmare fuel even.

Aaaall about their insides— …

[/crushes giant stoner cow against the androchest.]  ’Sides, it’s real novel. I like it! And looks are decieving as hell, huh?  [/heel-pop; cue the grin, and stonercow does a little wigglin’ dance. you’re a real shorty up close. hoo-hoo-hoooo.]