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Finally drew a new blog header for myself! ^ ^ Everyone is happy and no one is dead, yes? ;D

Just Ask - Part 1

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing. 

A/N: A new drabble series I’m doing, because I’m on fucking fire! I’ve never done a Steve series before so I’m excited! Tags are open for this series, just shoot me an ask!

Thank you @nathalieruaudel for letting me use you as the best friend, I love you 

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today i had this little army of little dabbys printed out and cut on sticker paper! It was a test to see how the machine worked and how they’d come out! They’re a bit too tiny so I won’t sell them at Abunai con in the Netherlands (I got a table!! Along with @decafpuppy , and @nekouhai with tumblrless Lisanne as my neighbors!!) But this was a nice test to see how this works!! I’m so excited! 

Fight For Your Right

for @subluxationexpert

Ship:  Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Length: 1141 words
Prompt:  [Fight For Your Right- Beastie Boys - 1986]
Tags: No Powers AU, Neighbors, Enemies to Friends to Lovers
Warnings:  None
Ao3: [Link]

Okay, so this was war.  

Darcy Lewis was declaring war on her stodgy downstairs neighbors.  

And she wasn’t going to lose. No matter what she looked like right then.   

They had straight up complained about her to the super.  And while Clint was super nice about the whole thing…Darcy wasn’t about to take this lying down.  She was winning.  Even if she was standing here with wet hair and a towel wrapped around her body in the hallway of her apartment building, she was still winning.

Because she wasn’t a nuisance.  She wasn’t loud.  She was the victim of a series of ridiculous events.  That’s really all this was.  Honest. She was a good neighbor.

The first thing was a simple misunderstanding.  She was having her carpet replaced and she’d left notes on ALL the surrounding neighbor’s doors explaining what was happening.  It wasn’t her fault that her downstairs neighbors hadn’t realized which apartment C-31 was.  Or that it was right over top of them.  In their defense, the apartment numbers in this building were FUBAR as hell and how were they supposed to know that the floors went in reverse alphabetical order?  (Seriously, she couldn’t make this shit up.)  

That first time had resulted in a very angry James Barnes banging on her door at four in the afternoon, raccoon-eyed and tired because he worked third shift and the “gd noise” had kept him up all day.  

Of course, she’d apologized, but she’d still gotten that steely blue side eye from Mr. Barnes.  Two parts sexy, one part murder.  Seriously, the dude had that down.  

The second thing wasn’t even her fault in the slightest, it was a freaking ACT OF NATURE.  

There was a rather humongous wind gust that had blown her bedroom window open.  Now, it might have been her fault that the window was cracked to begin with, sue her for liking a little bit of moving air during the night.  Really, Clint should be blamed for not installing a ceiling fan in her bedroom the billion times she’d asked him to.  

Anywho, humongous wind gust.  Right.  It had blown her window open while she was at work and a stray cat or seven had come in and wreaked absolute havoc on her pot and pan collection.  Also, the cabinet of canned goods.  Pretty much anything heavy that could fall on the floor.  

She came home to a steamed Steve Rogers.   Literally.  If he’d been a cartoon, his face would have been beet red and his theoretical hat would have been blown off the top of his head.  

Perfectly cooked eggs would have been sizzling on his forehead.  

Like, excuse her for not knowing the cast of the Aristocats was going to break into her apartment on the day he had some kind of deadline for a graphic design project.  (Everybody DOESN’T want to be a cat, guys…)  

If Barnes’ side eye had been two-thirds sexy and one-third murder, Steve Rogers’ side eye was pretty much fifty/fifty.  A WHOLE lot more murder in those baby blues.

Half murder, half seven sexy herbs and spices…that was Steve Rogers.  

Okay and this last thing…

Okay, the last thing was totally on her.  She’d gotten pissed and shown her ass.  

Almost literally.  This towel was small.

Ugh, it was a long story.

Now, at this point, they’d taken to banging on the ceiling whenever she happened to want to walk around.  She couldn’t walk from the kitchen to the living room without hearing that trademark muffled ‘thump thump thump’.  

It was starting to become ridiculous.

Hell, it idled at ridiculous.  

So, Darcy decided that if they were going to be huge douche-canoes about the so-called noise?  She’d give them something to complain about.  

She’d throw a party.  And invite everyone in the building.  Except the two piss-babies in D-21.  

That’d show them.  

It was because of this literal paper invitation, which one of them – Barnes or Rogers – had found lying around in the laundry room, that the complaint to the super had happened.  

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All-Nighter Survival Methods

Things you need to know before an All-Nighter in the studio:

1. Acceptance that all the work that needs to be done before it’s due, can only be pulled of by an all nighter.

2. Begin by making a mental list about the things that have to be done, an stipulate deadlines for each stages, so you don’t end up lost and stressed out by the lack of time.

3. By the time you achieve each step successfully, reward yourself with a small break, to clear your head for the next one (coffee breaks or even small walks outside for fresh air, will definitely boost your productivity).

4. If something is taking way more time than you estimated (which happens more frequently than you would like to admit), just stop to see if its actually worth it, or if it is a high-priority on the list you’ve made of the things to be done. If it is NOT a priority, just leave it a side, until you get what really needs to be done, DONE.

5. Don’t let yourself be controlled by the stress and frustration that comes of by not being able do to something, or just not being really good at it, the way you wanted to. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help if you need to, there is nothing to be ashamed for it. Only practice makes perfect.

6.  Find out which working method works the best for you. If you are the being-around-productive-loud-people type, then that is what you need to do. If you prefer being isolated, and not being disturbed, just find a spot where you feel comfortable in the studio (avoiding the procrastinators and the loud social people), headphones on, and you are ready to go.

7. Get inspired!

I haven’t really had a chance to check in here since I started working the design for one of my actresses in time for her to jet off to LA with it, but we had a crazy 9 show week and coincidentally a 9 day deadline to get from design sketch, to draped pattern, several nailbiting fittings at the five minute call (and when your veteran certifiable genius of a production costume supervisor offers to help troubleshoot the issue you’ve been having, the answer is “yes sir thank you sir”)

But we did it!!! A Viscountess original is debuting at the Hamilton LA premiere!

Designblr Introduction!!!

Hey! I’m Vince! I’ve had studyblrs before but got too stressed and never used them, but I’m going to get back in it!

About Me:


-I’m going to community college for a year (cause I missed my deadlines u_u)


-Graphic Design




-The colour yellow

-Minimalist tattoos

Inspirational Blogs:

@allydsgn , @areistotle, @apollo-studies , @etudiaire, @designstudy, @milkteastudies, @aestudier, @to-work-or-not-to-work, @meg-is-studying, @abby-studies-art@studyingchicago , @vestiblr , @rikstudies, and @genspen

(to the person who requested the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Project Runway AU: I AM SO SORRY, I answered your ask with the wrong text, deleted it hurriedly, and then realised that the ask was gone forever because tumblr is a piece of shit. I can’t even tag this with your username. PLEASE BE WATCHING. I loved this prompt so much.)

1) TERRY IS OBVIOUSLY TIM GUNN. Ray Holt is a famous designer who gets roped into being the permanent judge, and is famous for giving absolutely nothing away on his face when he is viewing the catwalk show at the end of each episode. It makes them all very nervous. Amy, who has idolised Holt since she first picked up a Vogue magazine, does a series of progressively wild-eyed solo confessionals on camera where she wails about how she never knows if he likes her clothes.

2) Speaking of: early on, Amy gets privately voted by the other contestants ‘most likely to have a meltdown and stab someone with her shears’. She does have meltdowns. Often. Mostly about disappointing Holt, and the deadlines: she’s a solid designer and a technically brilliant seamstress, but her time management is for shit, and she spends a lot of time freaking out at the top of her lungs while Jake wanders past and messes with her impeccably ordered, colour-coordinated workstation by moving a green tape measure out of place.

(Nobody knows what the hell is up with Jake. He seems to barely scrape through half of the challenges, often in the bottom two, but never gets eliminated. And then sometimes his workstation will be an absolute chaos vortex of pattern pieces, fabric scraps, unspooling thread and obnoxious singing, and at the last minute he’ll throw something onto his model and it will look incredible.)

3) The Vulture is an incredibly fast sewer with no imagination. He spends half his time hitting on the models and the other half of the time thinking up new jokes about Jake’s ass, doing no work at all until the last three hours of the challenge, when he blatantly steals someone else’s idea.

4) Rosa has a great eye for textures and silhouettes and construction, is the only one of them who doesn’t crash and burn horribly in the 'reinvent the leather jacket’ challenge, and works entirely in black. Entirely. Exclusively. In the feedback sessions Holt tends to stare blankly at her for a very long time, while Rosa stares just as blankly back at him, and then he either says, “No,” or, “Yes.”

“Mm,” Rosa says, no matter what.

5) Boyle is a HUGE FASHION NERD with an encyclopaedic memory for designers and their collections, which unfortunately means that his clothes tend to be very nice but very derivative. (“FIND YOUR OWN VISION,” Terry pleads with him.)

Gina, on the other hand, makes a dress out of dry pasta and Oreos wrappers woven through purple crushed velvet. With sequins. It’s not even for a materials challenge.

“This is my vision,” she declares. “This is who I am.”

“That’s great, Gina,” says Terry, who is stress-eating yogurt parfait. “But maybe who you are could be a little more…accessible?" 

She and Boyle get paired together for a haute couture challenge, argue fiercely for seven hours, and somehow end up producing what is unarguably the best piece to come out of the entire series. 

New Outfit Idea(s)

mod: so, I think it’s about time Tourmaline got a new outfit, but i want to try something a bit new. Why not let my lovely followers think up of outfit ideas? ^^

There is no limit to how many people can participate, just message the outfit design to my mod blog @miwachan2 message thing (not inbox)

1) keep it within Tourmalines color scheme
2) i have to be able to draw it, it might be AMAZING but if I can’t draw it then i’ll be sad ;-;
3) keep it as appropriate as you can, this is a SFW blog ^^

Winner will not only have their outfit idea be used for This blog but will also receive a drawing by ME and a shout out to your blog :D

for those who wonder why i’m doing this? it’s because i’m too lazy to think up of a design and I thought doing this would be really cool :D

deadline for designs ends Friday, September 8th, 2017

( If this idea doesn’t hit off then i’ll just think of my own design. I just wanted to try something new :3 )

WARNING: if you participate and I choose you/your outfit as the winner That means the outfit will now be mine and I will forever own it (just a heads up that you won’t own the outfit anymore) 
                    If you/your outfit is not the winner I have NO                               possession over it and it will still be yours


katy-l-wood  asked:

6. Favorite character you ever created. 41. How many stories do you work on at one time? 44. Best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten. 54. Any writing advice you want to share?

*thank you for putting the questions in your ask because my blog is a mess and I have the memory of a concussed goldfish.

6.  Technically I answered this but I also have More Than One Fave, So: 

 Halcyonne is an experiment in the meaning of “The Good Guy”  she’s a cold-blooded sadist, manipulator, and murderer…  working to destroy the Galactic Empire and protect vulnerable communities from destruction.  And y’know, mess with why pretty much any character Sylvester Stallone plays is an Hero, despite being jackasses, and what happens when you apply those tropes to a female character.

She’s FUN to write.

41.  I have… 44 works in my “WIP” folder, 105 in the “Family Lore” folder, and 9 more world-building docs in “Seattle Bites”, which is only technically one story.

So, too many.

44. YEARS AGO, @wigglyflippingout did a 100-word essay/review of the very first chapter of the very first fic I actually published, and if it weren’t for that, I probably wouldn’t be writing today.

54.  I don’t know if I’m qualified to give advice Per se, but some things that have been helpful to me in the past:

  • If you’re gonna listen to music, listen to albums, not playlists.  When it’s time to change albums, GET  UP AND STRETCH.  Take care of your joints.
  • If you’re unhappy with your work or just generally stuck- go read something from an author you like, or go work in another media, or just go sleep on it.  Your brain can’t work on one thing forever, in much the same way you can’t have PB&J for dinner every night.  Go do something else for at least a day, and your subconscious will fix the problem for you.
  • If having a deadline, designated space/time, or a special pair of pants helps you-GET IT.  Self-care is setting things up so you can play without worrying.
  • READ, READ, READ. I’m at an unusual advantage because I’m a pictoral reader, so it’s a bit easier for me BUT:  in college your profs will crawl up your ass about “doing the reading” and there’s a good reason.  
    If you’re writing anything historical or sci-fi: read up on the relevant topics!  Not only will this help with inspiration and plotting, but you can avoid looking like a moron over missing something stupid.  
    No ideas about what to write? read about something you know nothing about- micro-histories in particular are great, and never fail to get my brain moving again.
    Need help with the sound of a particular section? Go read your favorite author and see how they handle similar issues.
  • Have fun, everyone else be damned.
    I’m serious- if you really want to be the person people to go to read YOUR STUFF, don;t write to appeal to an audience, write to appeal to yourself or one particular person.  If you’re enjoying yourself, others will have fun too.

Scenes from a Halloween tips video I was tasked to do for one of my internships ^^  Happy Halloween!