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Day in the life of Black Dynamite :The Animated Series production

1) (L/R) :  Carl Jones (Executive Producer/Head Writer), MySelf (Producer/Supervising Director), Arsenio Hall (Tastey Freeze) & Michael Jai White( Producer/creator/writer/actor)

2) Production meeting w/ Carl jones, Monica Jones, Michael Jai White, Line Producer Vince and Roni. 

3) Color meeting with Monica Jones. Carl is showing me some designs in the middle of me snapping a pic

4) Post-Production Deadlines w/ the crew. 

5) Myself trying to ignore cameras.

6) (L/R) Ronald Wimberly (designs/layout/illustration) & Chase Conley (Character Design Supervisor)

7) Carl & Monica’s Cartoon Network Burbank office. I think they were recording someone this day.

8) JET magazine showing love.

9) (L/R) Myself and series animation director and Hyeong, Mr. Nam Jong-Sik at Dong Woo studios in Seoul.

10) JB Smoove making me laugh.

Good times. Can’t wait for you  guys to see Black Dynamite: Season 2 this year! :-)


deadline crew fucking around shits pretty cool \m/

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