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oh stop the gif made me blush ;D shows how in love i am with Jaime<3 at Warped Tour I met them but security were being assholes and I wan't my CD and my phone case signed and security was like "ONE THING ONLY" and Jaime already signed the CD and had my phone in his hand and he did his pouty face and gave me a hug over the table and security yelled at him ;D

Awwww C:

hes so cute and sweet :’] thats adorable! 

and ugh I hate when security is like that -.- 

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I honestly feel so bad about asking for my icon now... just forget about it. you are beautiful and please NEVER listen to that anon.

Why feel bad? 

It’s no big deal. I’ll get it done, I promise. I’m just dealing with a lot so I’m not on the computer as much. If it wasn’t for my queue, I would never post anything. And as it seems, I only do text posts about my personal life when I am on. I really am sorry. I’m sorry for nastying up someone’s dashboard and making them feel horrible, especially when they’re following me. My followers are literally the world to me. That’s why I take the time to thank every one of them for following me, minus the ones with closed ask boxes.

My followers are me world and I rely on your opinions. I thank and love you all. 

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Well...I just really LOVE this blog because I love Pierce The Veil and Jaime so much and looking at your blog everyday makes me smile :) so seeing my stuff on yours makes me smile even bigger :D

Thank you!!!! Im so happy that my blog makes you smile ^-^ REALLY… I am C: