Completly Clueless

So I’m running a game of Deadlands and one of my players has the clueless hindrance. They’re in a saloon asking the madame about the disappearance of a couple of men named Paul and Jean

Madame - “Well Paul and his fiend Jean usually buy a couple of my girls and take them into a cabin they know about for a little…….over the weekend.”

Macintosh Rhodes - “They must be teaching them to be mountain women.”

Deadlands is a genre-mixing alternate history roleplaying game which combines the Western and horror genres.

Stone, originally born as Jasper Stone, is a Harrowed gunslinger so vicious that his own manitou lives in fear of him. Shot in the back by his own men at Gettysburg and left for dead, he has since been named the Servitor of Death and kills those who threaten the Reckoners’ plans. He is also personally responsible for preventing the Reckoners’ defeat and bringing about Hell on Earth.

It’s Hiiiiigh-- Oops, sorry, wrong game.

Art by @nyvinter​

You all came out in force for Live Unlimited in support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. According to Geek and Sundry, at the end of the day (June 25), you all raised over $77,000 (at least $7k of which came from sales of the blue Critical Role shirt). Here’s how much you raised during the stream. (And don’t forget, at the time of this post, you can still donate!)

Total at the start of Deadlands: $50,000
Total at the end of Deadlands: $71,491
Total raised exclusively during the Deadlands stream: $21,491
Total at the conclusion of the full stream: $75,007.78

Total Chip Donations: 71
Total Story Donations: 17

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