In a heartfelt tribute to the ordeal suffered by Brett Ewins during his arrest and subsequent incarceration last year,some of 2000AD’s greatest talents dedicated artwork based on Brett’s greatest creations and characters.

Top:John McCrea’s superb cast of Bad Company.

Middle:Simon Coleby does Kano,leader of Bad Company.

Bottom:Edmund Bagwell’s glorious ensemble cast of Brett’s greatest hits,including Bad Company’s Kano(of course!),Deadline’s Tank Girl,Walter the Wobot and his sardonic,futuristic hard-boiled private eye,Johnny Nemo

Get Well Soon,Brett-from all Squaxx dek Thargo!

Nikki Finke needs to stop saying words. At no point do box office numbers outweigh the lives of those lost in the Aurora, CO shooting. If you guys weren’t grossed out by Deadline before, you will be now thanks to her bottom-dwelling brand of journalism.


CSC extends deadline of CSE application to February 26

MANILA, Philippines – The Civil Service Commission (CSC) extended the deadline of application for the Civil Service Examination (CSE) to February 26 from the first deadine of February 25, which was declared as a non-working holiday.

(Eagle News Service Described by Jay Paul Carlos, Video Editing by Dexter Magno/Aniway Acosta and Uploaded by Vince Alvin Villarin)


Judging Arsenal's recent deadine day arrivals

Judging Arsenal’s recent deadine day arrivals

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Little needs to be said about Arsenal’s transfer window activity, because little has happened. Monday is deadline day, but don’t expect the Gunners to do any business, except maybe loaning out Serge Gnabry. But what about deadline day signings – and there have been plenty of them – since we moved to the Emirates Stadium? William Gallas and Denilson, 2006 Part of the deal which saw Ashley Cole…

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Today's Deadines for Writing Festival: Novel, Poetry, Feature and TV Screenplays

Today’s Deadines for Writing Festival: Novel, Poetry, Feature and TV Screenplays

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Get your story performed at the Writing Festival. FULL FEEDBACK on all entries.

Novels Showcased in 2015:
45 Novels Performed
9 Novels Made into a Movie
Plus, 12 Poems Made into a Movie

Get FULL FEEDBACK on either the 1st chapter or entire novel book from our committee of Professional Writers, and Writing…

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