The true ending of Black Butler revealed!
  • Sebastian: *dying probably* Well young Master, this might be the end. You cannot deny that over the years I have served you that I have been--
  • Ciel: Don't try to speak, Sebastian.
  • Sebastian: a DEADicated butler.
  • Ciel: ...
  • Sebastian: ...
  • Ciel: I hate you so much. *drops him, walks away*
  • Sebastian: *dies*

Our deadicated hosts Ben and Sarah discuss just where Benjamin Christensen’s 1922 documentary horror film Häxan / Witchcraft Through The Ages fits on the list… and should they have included it in the first place?

We chat about the Malleus Maleficarum, what early documentaries were like, and how Häxan was maybe the Mad Max: Fury Road of its day.

Context setting 00:11; Film summary and discussion 23:28

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Urban Witchcraft - Where to Work, and How to Make it Work for You

Generally speaking, there are three places you can work magic: altar, shrine, and workspace. But you might be thinking “Urban, what the fuck is the difference between all this?” Well here’s your answer.

A shrine is a place/area deadicated to some one or something. A god, a saint, a dead relative, what have you. Generally you leave offerings and pray at shrines. Very sacred placed.

A workspace is literally whatever place you do work. A desk is a workspace, for example. No rules to this place except your own.

An altar is somewhere between the two. They’re the most common. It’s a place to pray, to work, to offer things, whatever you want.

So which do you use? Whichever suits your needs more. Altars are often chosen because they fit both shrine and workspace needs in them. I have two altar (to Loki; one proper and one tiny and on-the-go), and one workspace - my whole room. Which brings another point: these can be any size or shape you want. My altar to Loki is big enough to fit most of my dresser (I have a long one). The smaler one fits in an Altoid tin. Get creative.

Storage is an issue, obviously. You might not be able to leave your stuff out. My witchcraft supplies is stuffed in plastic drawers. Yours might be under the bed, or a closet, or in a secret compartment under your floor. It only sort of matters where you store things. You don’t want glass to break and herbs/liquids to spill, obviously, and some things may be light-sensitive. Take that into consideration.

True DEADication
  • Hudson: *over the speaker* Hello! Is everything going ok back there?
  • Magnus: Um...
  • Hudson: We're having a pretty smooth trip, we should be there in about an hour or so.
  • Magnus: Great. Jenkins is dead.
  • Hudson: Jenkins is dead?
  • Magnus: ...Yeah...
  • Taako: He was the one with the bowtie. Don't feel bad. I forgot too.
  • Hudson: *angrily* Jenkins was a dedicated employee!
  • Magnus: Now he's just a DEAD employee!
  • Hudson: It doesn't seem like the right time OR place for that!

Our deadicated hosts tackle FW Murnau’s 1922 film Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens; our first vampire film! We cover a lot, from the folkloric origins of vampires to the film’s copyright issues as an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Context setting 00:00; film summary 42:14; discussion 59:24; ranking 1:22:11

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Legend dictates that the last soul to die on New Year’s Eve must drive the Phantom Carriage for the next year. Our deadicated hosts Ben and Sarah review Körkarlen (1921, Sjöström), also known as The Phantom Carriage. Also known as Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness!

Opening context 0:00; trigger warning 21:50; summary 22:08; discussion 36:33; ranking 57:30.

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We’re back with Paul Wegener, and his 1920 film Der Golem, Wie Er In Die Welt Kam! Is this a horror movie? Is it even German expressionist? Listen to hear what our deadicated hosts Ben and Sarah have to say about The Golem, How He Came Into The World.

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Deadication-Kirsten Sjursen-Lien

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