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Good lad. I was also embarrassingly drunk last night!

For the two people who read my blog, it kicked off rather nicely with a trip to the Christmas market with my lovely choir…but then I went round to Ingamells’ birthday thing with her dentist mates [who are bloody mental, by the way. They’re so awesome!]

Downed a bottle of wine in the space of about twenty minutes to compensate for the awkwardness of only knowing about two people, said: “step aside, bitches” and danced like a lunatic…and ended up barricading myself in my mate’s room so that I could sit on the floor and giggle to myself. Drunken Frankie loves a bit of alone time.

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it looks like someone has photoshopped a rugby ball out of everyones hands.

It actually does!

Just checked out the team shot and they all have that same pose, so maybe that’s how they were taught!

For…some reason…

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Get on to the birthday thing!

Alright, alright!

I feel as though I’ve over-hyped it, but I’m so darn happy with my present!

I’ll crack out another post in a couple of minutes, apologies for dominating everyone’s dash!

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Hey feminists, you do realise that when they say it’s not for women, they don’t literally mean you can’t buy it. Calm…

I realize that I could walk into a store right now and buy some Dr. Pepper 10. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m not capable of rational thought. Give me some credit here.

I don’t really care whether I’m able to buy it or not. What I find frustrating here is the fact that someone sat down and said, “This is a great idea for an advertising campaign!” It implies that being a woman is a bad thing, just as saying “that’s so retarded” or “that’s so gay” gives a negative connotation to being mentally impaired or homosexual.

There’s also the fact that this probably doesn’t make sense financially. If you’re selling a diet drink, you’re usually catering to women. By marketing the drink as specifically made for men, you’re automatically eliminating that portion of your target audience. Of course, there are plenty of men who drink diet drinks too. Cool! Drink whatever the fuck you want! But if you want to sell a drink that women typically buy, it probably doesn’t make much sense to exclude them from your marketing strategy altogether.

I’m sure there are plenty of women who couldn’t give a fuck about this and weren’t offended when they saw this campaign, which is fine by me. Personally, after this advertisement, Dr. Pepper’s marketing team is not on the top of my list of people that I’m madly in love with. Of course there are other advertising campaigns that are much more degrading to women (see GoDaddy, Carl’s Jr., Axe, etc.) but this one is so blatant that it’s being more widely discussed and debated.

And I don’t really feel like walking to England right now, sorry. Don’t miss me too much.