Guess who did DMT for the first time ever - it was amazing, beautiful, reassuring, and everything somehow that I thought it would be and more? 

I saw them, the ones who watch over me. On the sacred grid, and before me was a dragon whose mouth was feeding me light, love and knowledge as I danced and played music for joy and happiness. It was beautiful and I saw them. I saw them. 

The kids told me they’ve never seen somebody dance on DMT, haha, they don’t know me. :) dancing is my very blood. 

A kid I hadn’t even met for 10 minutes offered me a blast off after finding out that I had just joined ‘the traveling/dead’ family and that was my official in I guess. The guy is so cool, he went to Med school and he’s going to the Rainbow gathering with us, he seems some-what like a jack-of-all-trades and he’s 27. An Aries-Pisces cusp baby.

I’m about to meet so many amazing people, and it’s already happening, and they are teaching me to be me above anything else which I appreciate.For new years me and billy went to the countdown massive and I got to dance the entire way into the new year, seriously I was dancing for hours more than anybody. It was GREAT. 

I love this earth so much.

This is the journey, the chapter of my life I’ve been waiting for - once I’m 27, I know now that I will be ready to be everything I wanted to be.