High Noon Baboon


well homie first up you got
the invisible wounds
and the big bag of pills–
soon the pain will pass you by
like a stranger in a crowd;
like the meaning in the now–
now, the only things that’ll be left in your closet
are the monsters from your childhood
and your parent’s skeletons,
both of them, of course, without the skulls;


from this side of the gun
reality is set to a polarized light–
so bright up my life,
turn me around– free me 
like a dandelion’s mane
riding the wind
like the wave of a crackhead’s pain.


teach me how to die;
In death don’t we learn
what it is to be alive? 
that’s like samurai–
bullet-proof, shy truth;
red flags are rose colored;
glasses, flashes–
when gaseous feelings touch
they solidify;


drawn through– inner zoo
Cerberus head, murderous red, 
this behemoth beast will jam til it’s dead
eat or get fed; disheveled dread,
disheveled dreads; black hope– shoot knuckles
brass weight– move like a statue; wait
mind read, don’t reach– even if its high noon baboon, don’t reach;
what’s a candy bar to a gun?
what’s a black father to his son?


what’s fight to run?
we fight to run– it like a game of tag
without home base-broke-broken-running in place
nun-chucking the weight, ignore all the wait
feel your earth quake– shake free
not all jails have bars.
not all feelings have words.