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Name:  Sydney!

Nickname: Ryebread, Sourdough, Lady Meow (my secret agent name)

Birthday: August of 1994 

Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft 5.5in?? 

Average hours of sleep: I am a sloth, sleeping is my hobby

Last thing I Googled: 24 hour emergency vet in my area :( (our family guinea pig of the last 8 or so years was dying and had to be euthanized…and yes, I cried my eyes out) RIP Lily, I miss the fuzzbucket already

First thing that comes to mind: Snakes! Cats that fall asleep on my back and then I’m trapped

One thing that makes me happy: My snakes, my cat, my family, my work ( I have the best job ever working with animals all day) 

How many blankets I sleep under: As many as it takes to become a blanket burrito and look like I’m ready to go into hibernation

Favorite fictional character:  The Sandman comic series has so many great characters…I love Matthew the crow and all of those guys..Spirited Away really inspired me when I was little, still does, great cast of characters there, Hannibal Lecter for being a badass??? hahaha too hard to pick favs

Favorite TV shows: Don’t really watch much tv, I enjoy watching Top Chef, Chef Master, Project Runway, Face/off, creative shows and competitions, anime, netflix…Hannibal because I made the mistake of falling down that rabbit hole…

Favorite beverage: Water

Favorite food: Salmon (grilled, smoked, every which way), sashimi! pizza with pineapple, chocolate chip cookies

Last thing I saw in theaters: Taken 3 (it was not as bad as expected but I was on a date and we weren’t really watching the movie…but I liked what I did see!) 

Dream holiday/vacation: Ok, this is oddly specific but I really want to travel to Australia and visit a colony of Flying Fox Bats. I looove bats, they have been one of my favorite animals since childhood and seeing a colony of nearly 2 million bats fly out from under a bridge in Austin, Texas was amazing… I can only imagine how stunning a group of flying foxes would be. I’d like to visit a shelter that raises up the babies who get orphaned to release back into the wild and help/volunteer. I think visiting less popular tourist destinations like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc, would be really interesting…so much history, incredible wildlife…I love Hawaii but anything with snorkeling/ warm water..OH! and visiting the Studio Ghibli museum in Japan! 

Dream job: I want to open and run a Reptile Rescue here in my area, have my own facilities, educate and entertain the public, and make a difference in the lives of abandoned/neglected animals. I already have had several successful fosters in the past, my current job of working at a pet store really helps with the adoption process and finding the right pet parent. I’d like to have somewhere other than my room though (it’s getting a bit crowded right now with the temporary reptilian tenants).  I also love working creatively and I have so much fun designing vivs/tanks, etc, Idk what I could do with that but I love having projects like that. Pretty happy with my current job I’ve got to say. It’s just at a Petco, but I get to take care of such amazing creatures and my boss is huge herper (she used to breed cornsnakes) so our animal departments are in good hands. Talking to little kids and getting them excited about animals/educating is the best, especially when the parent is afraid/scared of a snake/lizard and by the end of the conversation they’re looking to do some research and consider adding one as a family member next time they come in! (I make sure to sell responsibly, we do get idiots but I only sell if I feel like they’re going to take good care of a reptile and I grill them thoroughly) I’ve been making art for some local bands lately, so I guess that’s also pretty fun! 

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Thought i’d do something cool for my 100th post (and also for getting my laptop back), so here’s a process gif of my Kobra Kid drawing. This post would not have been possible without the help of my good friend June because I didn’t know how to make a gif. Turns out it’s pretty easy!

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