So I’ve been out of work since June when I ended my nanny job. After 5 years the kids are getting older, not needing me anymore, and me in need of a new chapter in my life. The summer is winding down and the past few weeks have been a flurry of different events including finding and applying for jobs. I’m not searching for my forever career but something more than just 20 hrs a week would be nice. Everything is part time, no benefits, which is fine for me for right now. But I hate to think about the people with kids or in really desperate situations are feeling right now. I had three interviews last week which is good. The job I really want didn’t call me back and sounded like their pay system/schedule wasn’t all that great, the 3rd choice job was the one that called me back offering me a job (go figure, so i told them that I had to wait till these other choices called back to make a decision) and the 2nd runner up job that I’m really looking forward to called me back earlier to set up an interview for next Wednesday. Which is awesome, just wish it was sooner. It’s my first time really doing the multi-applying/interview thing and its nerve wrecking, but I think i’m doing a damn fine job considering. I just want a decent job that I don’t hate, that earns me some money to spend and to start to save again. Is that so hard to ask? Anyone else going through or have gone through something similar?