Don’t Make It Weird pt. 4

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“Wait,” Eren pulled away from Isabel, turning around in the bar stool to get a better look at her. “If you’re here, does that mean that—”

“Why am I forced to bring in everything alone?” Another voice, this one lower, came through the doorway and Eren let out a frustrated groan. He let his head tip back, hands rubbing at his face rather roughly.

He loved Isabel, but he could not stand her deadbeat asshole of a boyfriend. Eren could go as far to say that he hated him. But he knew that it was a long shot saying that much. He usually isn’t one for hating people, or hatred in general. Being openly gay, Eren endured quite of bit of hate to know that it hurt. So he tried his best not to hate if he could help it. 

“Yes,” Isabel finished his question. “Farlan is here too.”

Farlan looked over after Hange and Mikasa helped take the things that filled his arms and put them away. “What about me—oh.” His face dropped at the sight of Eren, the tension rising immediately as they made eye contact. Eren clenched his jaw, drumming his fingers on his legs. 

“What a small world.” Hange broke the silence, Mikasa giving Eren a weird look of confusion. 

He couldn’t exactly complain about Farlan being here as well. It wasn’t like they had all planned to meet up at Levi’s house. Eren didn’t even know that his cousin knew the man. 

“Hey, Eren, come with me.” Mikasa gestured for him to follow, giving a gentle tug on his sleeve. He nodded, giving Farlan one more sideways look before following her upstairs to her room. “You didn’t tell me Isabel was your cousin.”

He raised his eyebrow, plopping down on her bed. “How do you even know her?”

“Her, Farlan, and dad grew up together. They’re like childhood best friends or something. Helped him out when they found out that my mom was pregnant and whatnot. It’s a whole thing. I don’t have the whole story.” She shrugged. 

Eren sighed. “Isabel kinda helped raise me for a while when I was younger. Before we moved here. My dad was always busy with the company he works for, not making much money and my mom was working like two jobs just so that we could afford whatever it was that we needed to afford. So she’s like the sister I never had.” He sat up. “Kinda told her about uh…” he trailed off, coughing awkwardly to fill the silence. “Told her about my weird crush on your dad.”

Mikasa didn’t say anything, simply staring at him with a mix of amusement and another emotion that Eren couldn’t quite pinpoint. “Oh. My god.” She covered her mouth with her hand, looking away as she tried to hide her very obvious laughter. 

“It’s not like I could tell you about it!” Eren exclaimed, arms shooting up in the air in defeat. “And certainly not my parents. They wouldn’t ever let me back here or around you.”

“Okay, okay. I know. I’m sorry. It’s just… funny.”

“My pain and suffering is funny to you now?” He asked, eyebrows raising incredulously. “Wow. What a wonderful friendship we have established,” he deadpanned, falling back on the bed with another groan. “I mean, I know she won’t say anything, thank god. But I just fucking—”

“Do you and Farlan not like each other?” Mikasa butted in, joining him on the bed. He turned his head over to look at her. 

“Uh, not exactly. No. We’ve had our… arguments and… may or may not have gotten a little physical once.”

She raised her eyebrows, waving her hand in gesture for him to continue. “It was a few years ago, but we’ve never gotten along anyway. He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him. Simple as that.”

“You’re leaving out so many details,” she groaned. “But it’s fine. It’s fiiine.” Standing up, she reached over to flick his forehead. “Just don’t start any fights here. Farlan is like my uncle and dad’s best friend. And you wouldn’t want dad to hate you, would you?” He glared up at her, trying to look past the knowing look on her face, the evil smirk on her lips. 

“You’re a bitch.“ 

 "I try.”

They were called down to dinner after a while, Eren rather enjoying the downtime they had in her room since they most often were out doing something during the day since it was summer. Usually enjoying wandering around with their other best friend Armin. But he was visiting family with his grandfather for a while. 

Farlan gave Eren a look as they walked in, Eren trying his best to ignore it as he looked elsewhere. But he could feel the man’s eyes watching him, almost as if he was judging him. And he wanted nothing more at the moment than to call him out on it. But it nor the time or place to do so. 

“Food looks great, dad.” Mikasa smiled at him as the adults let them plate first. Eren’s appetite seemed to vanish the moment Farlan walked into the room so he settled on a few things that he knew that he would barely touch. 

Both Mikasa and Isabel gave him a look that he ignored, slumping in a seat neat the end of the table. He remained quiet while they all talked, joked, as if they were a family. It made him feel as if he was intruding. 

Isabel nudged him with her foot, getting him to look up before asking fluently in German, “are you alright?” Her tone was quiet so not to disturb the other conversation going on and Eren shrugged, continuing to play with the food that he had yet to eat. “Or are you just upset because Farlan is here?” she asked next and Eren couldn’t help but roll his eyes. 

“I don’t give two shits about him.” His response was rather nippy, eyes narrowing and ignored Hange and Levi as they looked over confused. “He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him. Kinda simple, Iz.”

As the German continued on, the conversation died on the other end of the table before it was just Eren and Isabel bickered. 

“Is something wrong?” Levi asked first, looking at Isabel and then to Eren as he looked away and down at his food. 

He knew he was being dramatic, it was what he did best, but he just really did not like Farlan and the fact that Levi was actually sitting right next to Eren himself, did not help his anxiety levels. His face was already flushed that Levi was concerned about him—

Not about you, Eren. Never about you. Just about Izzy, that’s all.

He repeated it like a mantra in his head, leg bouncing up and down in an anxious fit. 

“Eren just looks kinda flushed,” Farlan said and Eren looked up. There were daggers in his eyes, glaring down the blond-headed jackass that was across the table. “I mean, to my knowledge, the boy has a crush so maybe it’s just those teenage hormones.”

Eren could be a chameleon with all the different colors that changed on his face; from pale to red to pink to almost blue from the lack of oxygen that he was taking in. All eyes were on him now. Mostly curious eyes whereas Mikasa’s were filled with just as much anxiety as Eren’s. Except, it was hidden behind the fire that flickered in his eyes as he glared even more at Farlan. 

He clenched his jaw, teeth grinding together and fingers curling into fists so hard that he was sure that he drew blood. 

“Shut up.” There was a poisonous venom behind his words, anyone who was anyone could understand the hate laced between them.

“What? Did I hit a sore spot?”

“I swear to fucking everything that is holy, I will shove you through a fucking window and kick you so hard that your balls replace your eyes,” he hissed in German. He hadn’t realized that he had stood up, leaning on the table with his fingernails digging into the wood. 


He didn’t care who it was calling his name, didn’t care who’se hand it was pulling on his arm to sit down. Anger was seeping through him in the way that he knew he couldn’t control and if Farlan said one more thing, he knew that tiny bit of self control would snap and he’d jump over the table to beat the stupid asshole to a pulp. 

“Ooh, maybe I did hit a sore spot.” Farlan’s smirk was purely evil and smug and Eren was about to jump over the table had Levi not placed his hand firmly on his chest to stop him. 

“Come with me,” was all Levi said as he grabbed Eren’s arm and pulled him away. They landed in the garage, specifically the small gym that Mikasa and he had created to trail while they practiced her Tae Kwon Do together. “What the hell was that about?”

Eren couldn’t breath, skin burning from the touch of Levi’s skin on his and he felt dizzy, chest constricting and lungs aching for more air that he couldn’t take in. But Levi’s strong gaze broke him out of his trance. The mixed emotions that Eren was feeling seemed to be written all over his face because before he knew it, Levi’s expression softened and he grabbed his hand. 

“You’re bleeding,” he murmured and sat Eren down before walking over to grab a first aid kit. He couldn’t help but stare, even trembling a little as Levi fixed the cuts where his fingers had dug into his skin. The raven patted his palm lightly, turning it over in his hand before giving it a small squeeze and looked up at Eren. 

“Are you okay?” The question was quiet, genuine and Levi had yet to let go of Eren’s hand. 

He thought for a moment, letting himself stare into Levi’s eyes like he had wanted to for a while, roaming around his face and examining his hair. Eventually, the trembling stopped and he sighed softly. 

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I am now.”

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Chattanooga update, from the deadbeat

Hey all, sorry about the radio silence re: Chattanooga. It totally fell off my radar.

So, I was thinking about the cabin idea, and it has two possibly insurmountable problems. 1) parking and 2) money, wherein they require the money upfront, and I can’t absorb that.

@amythe3lder had the idea of adjoining hotel rooms. It looks like we can get decent ones for about $800 in total (~$100 per person), or we can go crappy for $350.

Or we can go day trip.

I know it’s getting late for some to ask for time off, make travel plans, etc. so it might be better to push it back to July 28-30 instead of 21-23.

I’m on mobile, so I made a spreadsheet instead of a poll:

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On The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel, Blue Taako, and Representation

 Yesterday, we revealed some pages for our graphic novel adaptation of the first Adventure Zone arc, and received some criticism of the direction we went with for Taako’s coloring. This artwork reveal came some months after the first reveal of some of our characters, for which we also received criticism of our three leads, all of whom were white in these initial designs. Us and the graphic novel team realized that, yes, that is extremely bad, went back to the drawing board, and had several long discussions about how to best rectify this situation, resulting in the artwork revealed yesterday.

More or less all of the criticism we’ve received centers on Taako, whose skin is a pale blue color in these designs. What we’ve heard most is disappointment that Taako is not realized in these pages as a person of color — or, to be more specific, a Latinx or explicitly Mexican character. There was concern we had failed to follow through on an opportunity to get better representation for Latinx listeners, instead opting to take a safe route, and make Taako a fantasy color without any kind of real-world connection. Much of the criticism also focuses on how that color (or, to be more specific, green skin) has anti-semitic connotations.

This conversation was happening in certain corners of our fandom long before the graphic novel art reveal took place yesterday. We’ve heard criticism from some folks over our policy of not having canonical visual representations of any of our characters — a policy that has resulted in a genuinely humbling ocean of fan art, but also some instances of in-fighting between members of the community who take umbrage with one another’s disparate interpretations of these characters. Another criticism of that policy is that it inherently does not foster good representation, and in fact represents a noncommittal way of handling racial representation on this show.

Here’s the truth of the matter: I think all of this comes from this underlying friction between where The Adventure Zone and us, its creators, were when we started doing the podcast, and where we, the show, and you, the community, are at now. 

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The Devil and the Dead: Chapter Five

Based on @ectoimp‘s absorbing AU sketches (Most of which can be found here!).  

I’m giving credit and kudos to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, @phantoms-lair, @answrs and of course, the illustrious @ectoimp for some of the discourse which guided the idea from vague AU to the story that does not want to stop running through my head. And for constantly adding new cute headcanons that are promising to make this longer.

Summary:  At first all he knew was darkness— rage, pain and the ultimate sting of betrayal.  And then Lewis opened his eyes…

Back to Chapter Four

Chapter Five: Dead and Gone

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anonymous asked:

please explain to me what voltron is

cat robots fight alien facists, basically?? their crew consists of: angst bait knife emoji, The Finger Gunner, techophile mcorphanchild, sunshine contained in one heaven sent vessel, nigel thornberry and space beyonce. also their vaguely deadbeat / missing dad who is deeply, deeply traumatised. who put this man in charge of all these children