modernized richie (hc)

  • he would SO be into space jam remixes he would have a playlist on youtube
  • he’d have a famous youtube account where he posts those dank meme comps and rip vine videos
  • he would have such a cool style but no one would appreciate it because it’s old school
  • he’d have totally been into rick rolling people he would send eddie shit and the link would be never gonna give you up
  • everyone loves his glasses n calls them trendy…. he hate when people call them trendy. “i need them to see, asshole”
  • he’d be super into 90’s shit like friends and weezer
  • he’d be so out and proud to be queer don’t argue with me on this he’s my queer son
  • he’d be in a million gcs and he’d barely talk in them but when he did everyone laughs and he’s the funny one
  • he would love rick and morty & twenty one pilots but he wouldn’t claim the clique or the r&m fandom
  • semi-famous viner and super sad that the platform is dead
  • aesthetic instagram like ??? why does richie have such a cool instagram ???
  • unironically vapes
  • says it’s ironic but unironically owns a fidget spinner
  • they constantly say beep beep richie because he says borderline offensive things

add more PLEASE i love this

Dashboard officially dead

hey everyone! In the past few days, I unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs (and blogs of the fandoms I’m no longer in) so I’m about to go on another following spree and I’m also REALLY CLOSE TO MY NEXT HUNDRED. So reblog if you post any of this and I’ll most likely check out your blog and follow you. You don’t have to follow me back, but I’ll certainly appreciate it  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Black and white photography 
  • Game of Thrones (preferably in black and white) 
  • Star Wars (Prequels and Sequels in black and white - preferably) 
  • Literature (from latest books such as The Raven Cycle Series to classics such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula) 
  • The 100
  • Fear The Walking Dead + The Walking Dead
  • Aesthetics (edits, character posters etc)  
  • Celebrities 

If we’re mutuals, please spread the word by reblogging! I’ll be grateful forever. 

please ignore the stupid banner

i’ve recently reached a very small goal of mine and even though its not a lot, i appreciate every single one of the blogs i follow and everyone who was willing to follow this lameass my blog!! i know i still have a lot to improve on, but this community is just so full of wonderful people and i just want to say how much a love every single one of you! 
my writing has become better day by day and i just want to thank the people who’ve supported me throughout my writing experience and all the blogs that’ve blessed my dash with amazing content <3 i love all the blogs i follow but these are just some of the ones that have had the most impact on me xx

(idk if im doing this right but oh well ahahah)

italics: mutuals
bolded: faves
♡: amazing writers who’ve inspired me so, so much
☼: a few words for you under the cut! :-)
networks not included! ^^

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@4obi / @5-seconds-of-bangtan / @9395 / @aegygom / @an-exotic-writer ♡☼ / @anajwo-tae / @assgodjimin / @bangtanbighit / @bangtansmut ☼/ @bangthebae / @bapofficial / @binwoo / @btsexoaredangerouslydope ♡☼/ @btsffsswaggie ☼/ @btsvines / @cakejimin / @channietheelf / @chokemejimin ♡☼/ @cowjimin  / @cutehosh / @cypherkiler / @darcylopes / @deadaesthetics / @dontyumind / @eatjin@ew-jiminnie / @forjimin @fyeahbangtaned 

H - J

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