While talking about the upcoming Marvel release schedule, Netflix head Ted Sarandos said  - “The whole cast is called upon for The Defenders, which changes the production dates for the other shows”. When asked if the whole cast includes The Punisher, he said “Stay tuned”. While it’s not 100% confirmation, it makes it sound likely that The Punisher will appear!

The Walking Dead StillsSeason 7
Carol (Melissa McBride) was pretty much ready to call it quits when Morgan found and saved her from the Savior at the end of season 6. She will also be headed to the Kingdom in season 7, and considering her no-nonsense attitude, what will Carol make of Ezekiel?

I really adore the connection that people have with the show. I’m not a big zombie apocalypse guy, but I think the acting and the writing of the show is just exceptional, and the fact that I happen to be working with Lennie James and Melissa McBride on the show — their characters and their performances are two of the things that really kept me watching the show, so it was really wonderful to have those guys as kind of mentors and hosts introducing me to this world.
—  Khary Payton aka King Ezekiel on working with Lennie James and Melissa McBride