Rose self-love bath magick!

You will need;

  • Rose bath product(s) (I used a Lush bubble bar called ‘Rose Jam Bubbleroon’)
  • Rose petals (I used potpourri because it’s what I had to hand) – for self love
  • Lavender (Again, I used potpourri) – for calming, love and purification
  • Vanilla candles and tea lights – for sweet thoughts about oneself
  • Sea salt (I used the dead sea protection salt from this month’s witch casket - contained nettles and patchouli) – to dispel any negative thoughts and to protect oneself from doubt
  • Rose quartz (I used a necklace) – for unconditional love and compassion


  1. Run your bath using your rose bath products
  2. Throw in your rose petals and lavender, speaking the words;
    “Lavender and rose,
    For calming and love
    I draw my power
    From the moon above”

  3. Scatter your sea salt throughout the bath
  4. Light your candles
  5. CAREFULLY get into the bath
  6. Wash yourself with the warm water, feeling the warm energies flow into you
  7. I suggest some mindfulness or meditation at this point! There are a million and one posts about how to do that!
  8. When you’re finished with the bath, say these words before you get out:
    “I feel the magick and energy flow,
    With each incantation, I grow and grow
    And to finish my spell, on the candles, I blow”
    [blow out your candles]
  9. Empty the bath and save the petals for a charm bag to carry with you and continue feeling the effects!!

etsyfindoftheday | 4.29.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: artisan bath bombs by apothecarynoir

vibrant, colorful, and scented to the max, these rad bath bombs have a traditional round shape but wild color combos to discover. apothecarynoir’s beautiful bath and body products vary in floral and earthy scents, so you can always find one that’s gonna strike your fancy. and for under $7 apiece, you can treat yo self to more than one unique new favorite.

Enchantment spell - Strength Ring

Okay so this is a spell for enchanting a ring to give you mental strength every time you wear it!

You will need;

  • a ring - I used an opalite ring for strength and removing energy blockages
  • a small black organza bag - black to absorb all negative energies and keep you strong
  • salt (you can use sea salt, but I used the Dead Sea Protection Salt from Witch Casket) - to protect you from any negativity 
  • basil - to steady the mind and to ward off negative energy
  • thyme - for strength, inner calm and balance
  • parsley - for strength and vitality
  • sage - for strength and courage
  • a bay leaf - for protection
  • moon water - for cleansing and strengthening the energy and magick!


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients into your organza bag
  2. Add the ring
  3. Close the bag and shake, channeling the physical energy into the spell
  4. Take the ring out of the bag and cleanse in moon water
  5. For extra oomph, charge the ring under moonlight for one night

Wear the ring when you feel weak and it will give you the strength you need! You may also carry around the charm bag to intensify the effects!


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 3.13.17

dead sea salt soaks by apothecarynoir

  • relax // lavender + bergamot
  • energize // orange blossom + lavender
  • soothe // peppermint + eucalyptus

apothecarynoir’s bath salts are luxuriously scented to enhance your bathtime experience. choose from three scents for different feelings and results!


🍂Vanilla Almond Salt Scrub🍂

With this Vanilla Salt Scrub you will enjoy a balancing aromatherapy treatment with the captivating, warm, and sensuous fragrance of vanilla.

For only $14 bring the spa home and melt away stress and rejuvenate the skin with this scrub made with herbal extracts, Mexican vanilla, Vitamin E, mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt and almond oil. This scrub is ideal for easing stress while exfoliating and moisturizing from head to toe, leaving skin silky and glowing.

Etsy | Instagram | Other Bath Products

🔮🌊🌙the deities of olympus as lush products🌙🌊🔮

zeus: fizzbanger bath bomb- a fast fizzer with fizzing candy that smells like apple pie and goes out with a bang
hera: rose bombshell bath bomb- an irresistible pink bath bomb filled to the brim with rose petals.
apollo: sunnyside bubble bar- a bright citrusy bubbler that fills the water with sunny, glittery swirls.
athena: the olive branch shower gel- a sunny, balanced shower gel featuring olive oil and olive leaf extract to clear minds.
aphrodite: sex bomb bath bomb- a pink and purple bath bomb with a seductive jasmine fragrance and a rice paper rose tucked into the top.
artemis: jungle solid conditioner- a solid conditioner bar containing cypress oil to tame even the wildest of hair and smells like the wildest of forests.
ares: the little dragon reusable bubble bar- a feisty, bright red bubbler that can go again and again.
hermes: go faster feet lotion- this lotion moisturizes, heals, and deodorizes the feet; perfect for travelling and running.
poseidon: big blue bath bomb- a turquoise bath bomb filled with dead sea salt and seaweed; creates a small sea in your bathtub.
hephaestus: 93,000 miles shower jelly- a jelly-like soap filled with ingredients to soothe skin and muscles after a long day’s stresses.
hestia: cinders bath bomb- a small bomb filled with popping candy reminiscent of a crackling fire; smells like spiced fruit punch.
dionysos: lord of misrule bath bomb- a sweet, spicy, & herbal bath bomb that turns water the colour of mulled wine.
demeter: guardian of the forest bath bomb- a beautiful green bath bomb with flowers and leaves inside. smells like a lavish forest.
persephone: happy 4 sad shower gel- a sweet smelling shower gel to show that the winter months aren’t as bleak and dreary as they seem.

hades: metamorphosis bath bomb- a dark grey, spicy smelling bath bomb that looks undesirable on the outside, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

My Favorite 22 Melt and Pour Soap DIYs from truebluemeandyou. 2015 Spa Gift Guide Part 1. 

Why Melt and Pour Soap? It makes soap making quick and easy, so everyone can make soap that looks like it came from a boutique. 

You can combine DIY Boutique Soaps with sugar scrubs, candles and homemade beauty products for a wonderful spa gift. Check back for more Beauty Roundups.

For more DIY beauty and spa recipes including roundups from 2012, 2013 and 2014 go here.

Left to Right Below:  

Friends as how I see them


  • The Mom Friend 
  • death memes
  • sends memes to cheer people up
  • has a studyblr (learnt html just for this)
  • cries 3 times a week 
  • “i spent most of my time researching how to remove my tear ducts”
  • may have social anxiety but can ace that scholarship interview
  • is the dead sea in terms of salt level
  • can be irrational af lol
  • listens to other people problems so much that when they finally gets to talk about themselves…two words: word vomit
  • helps to sort out my emotions
  • sorry what emotions
  • appreciate these unicorns, they are truly as rare as they say 
BTS Reaction | the two of you on a lazy rainy day |

 Note: If you’re confused at the Yoongi part, don’t be. I’ll attach a link. My inner emo just came out and I couldn’t help using this particular song in my head. It would be great if you checked it out too, so you’ll see why exactly ‘you’ behave like that.


When you see Jin’s surprised delight as you hand him the mug of coffee you prepared on a whim, you’re glad that rumble of thunder woke you up before him. It wasn’t every day you could do something nice for him and surprise him while you were at it. You watch Jin take a sip with pride. After a moment, he smiles, sets the mug down on the bedside drawer, and pulls into his lap.

The soft rain pattered outside as he kissed you. You grin. “That good?“

He relaxed his arms around you and breathed out. “How much coffee did you make, ______? Did you make some for yourself, too?“

Strange answer to a simple question.

“Yeah, I did. But, I didn’t…taste it, yet.“ Your forehead scrunched up as you remember the smile he’d given you after he’d tasted the coffee, and you wondered if it was more of a grimace in truth. 

You dive for the coffee mug on the bedside drawer and take a sip before he can stop you. Jin winces as you cringe when you realize your prided (mostly on your part) coffee is salty as the Dead Sea. 

I salted your coffee!“ You wail as he eases the mug away from you and rubs sympathetic circles on your back. You wrap your arms around him in mortification, and he rocks you side to side, laughing, which embarrasses you even more. “I’ve ruined our rainy day!“

He pokes your side and kisses your ear, which is the only part of your skin his lips could reach considering the way you clung on to him. “Nobody’s ruined anything. We still have a whole day in front of us.“ His hand continued to stroke your back. “You can make me coffee all day.“

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You sit up in bed as the sudden morning shower intensifies. “Yoongi, look it’s raining.“ 

He sighs and buries his head under a pillow. ”That’s great, ______”

You grinned and poked his leg with a toe. “I’m not letting you sleep in. You need your fun. You rarely do anything other than work.“

He stretched a little, reaching out for you blindly. “That’s not true. I do you sometimes.“

You pounced on him and grabbed his shoulders. “You think you’re very funny, don’t you?” You laugh as he protests when you begin to shake him.


“Get up, or else. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!“

He pouts and turns over, throwing you off him. You gasp in faked offence. “Alright. If that’s how you want to play it.“ You bite your lip in glee as you reach out for your phone, find the song you have in mind for Yoongi and press play at full volume.

You jump on the bed and begin jamming as the first few seconds of Dance Dance begin thumping out of the phone. You furiously air guitar the notes as Yoongi whines. ”______!”

Patrick starts singing in the background as you shake a finger at Yoongi. “I warned you, but you didn’t listen. Now you’ll have to bear the consequences. Oh–! I’M TWO QUARTERS AND A HEART DOWN–”

You screech the rest of the lyrics as you bounce on your knees, pretending to drum like Andy. Yoongi sinks into the bed in defeat and prepares to pull a pillow over his head. 

“Oh no. You don’t get to do that.“ You jump into his lap and pull him upright by his bare shoulders. 

DANCE, DANCE–“ You throw your head side to side in time with the music as you yell the chorus completely out of tune. Yoongi sighs and wraps his arms around your waist, quietly humming along to the melody in acceptance that his morning would be spent like this. 

And that’s the story of how Fall Out Boy greatly improved your quiet, rainy morning.

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(you have no idea how much fun i had writing this. also, look at dem knees)


The two of you are in middle of an anime marathon when thunder rumbled outside. 

He looked at the gathering grey clouds through the window.“Oooh, that sounded so nice, ______. Don’t you want to dance to that? Boom, boom, boom.“ He pops an arm with each boom.

You grinned and kissed his cheek. “You’ve got dance on the brain, Hobi.“

“Yep.“ He pursed his lips. “Pretty much.

That’s when you notice them. Those two dimples just above the corners of his mouth. They look like subtle marks left by an artist, lines she forgot to erase and later decided to leave them when she saw how pretty they looked.“Hobi, look at those dimples! How could I not have noticed them before?!” 

You raise your hands and place one finger on each dimple. He feigned nonchalance at you fawning over them. “Maybe you should pay more attention to me.”

“If I pay you any more attention, Hobi, I’m gonna go broke.“

He laughed at your quip and threaded his fingers through yours. “Where did you get that joke from– Jin-hyung?”

“Why, Hobi, sometimes I can be funny too.“

“Of course you can, _______. Remind me to ask you for a help if I ever write a diss track.“

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He’s working at his desk while you sit in armchair you dragged near the window next to him. He’s working hard on a new song, tapping out a beat similar to the patter of the raindrops on the window. You wonder if he’s doing it consciously. Then again, you wouldn’t stop him if he did write a song that sounded like rainfall. If any man could do it, it would be Namjoon.

Just you and him, you smiling at how hard and true he worked, and him, lost to the raindrops and the beautiful sounds they made.

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You smile as Jimin’s hands feather up your sides, signalling that he was finally awake.

“It’s raining.“ He murmurs in a sleepy voice, pulling you in closer. 


“What time is it?“

“It’s past morning. Eleven, I think.“

“Wow. It looks like it’s barely dawn.“ His voice changes from sleep-riddled to concerned in a matter of seconds. “If it’s eleven, you must be hungry.  ______, you should have wakened me up.“

You turn over and slide your arms around his chest. “I wasn’t hungry. Besides, you were tired from last night. I thought you’d want to sleep in.

He ruffles your hair and rests his chin on top of your head. “I did. I should go get you something to eat.“

You curl a hand around his bicep. “Not yet.”

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You flip a page in the book you were reading. Tae doesn’t waste a moment and pulls your hand back to where it was before, back into his soft, fluffy hair. Music spilled from the dock on the bedside table. Tae’s head was in your lap, the rest of him carelessly sprawled on the bed. His eyes were closed, hands folded on your chest. You would have thought he was asleep, if not for when he occasionally hummed a note or moved his sculpted fingers to the melody.

He looked especially beautiful, messy hair and all, when he did that. The planes of his face held a sort of tranquillity when he heard a singer perfectly execute a smooth riff. Sometimes he would sigh and hum along. You would sit, mesmerised when you heard him sing like that. A small private performance just for you, one that the performer didn’t know you were listening to.

“What’s wrong?“ Tae’s husky voice broke through the soft music. You looked down at him and smiled, glad about the rain, glad about him. 

“Nothing’s wrong.“ You kissed him and he smiled up at you. “Everything’s perfect.“

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“Of course, it has to rain right when we’re in the middle of jogging.“ Jungkook looked up in dismay at the big grey clouds already offering light drizzles. 

You place your hands on your knees and catch your breath, slightly glad for the respite from jogging with your athletic boyfriend. “I’m not sure the rain is aware of the benefits of daily jogging, Jungkook.“ You judge the intensity of the showers to be not too bad. “Maybe if we hurry we can avoid the downpour.“

You spoke too soon. Like the heavens themselves had opened, a torrent of rain began to fall, drenching the two of you.

“Maybe not.“ Jungkook poked the inside of his cheek with his tongue as he looked around for a place to hide. “It’s too early for any shops to be open.“

You look around, hunching your shoulders. There are a few ledges, but nothing around you seems exceedingly promising, except for a tree looking very out of place in midst of all the buildings. You exhale, knowing it was your only chance.

You pull Jungkook towards the tree. “Come on.” He clicks his tongue when he sees your solution, but he knows there’s no other choice. After the both of you duck under its hanging branches, he fusses around, pulling you this way and that to find a place you could stand where the canopy was the thickest. 

You snicker as you notice his hair. “You look like a drowned rat.” 

He grins as he sticks you in a place he deems comparatively drier. “Oh, like you every day, then.“

Oh ha ha, look at me everyone, I’m Jungkook, I’m so funny.“ He laughs at your fail at a baritone and immediately winces as an especially fat raindrop attacks his cheek. You pull him closer into your ‘drier’ spot. “You’ll get wet if you stand there.” 

He’s almost a head taller than you. He cocked his head.“I’m wet anyway.“ 

You lock your hands behind his neck and tease him. “Aren’t you always?“ He throws his head back and laughs.

“Good question.“ He leans down, and kisses you. It was always leading up to this anyway. Being in love with Jungkook through and through felt like being in a drama, and kissing under a tree while it rains in the background was only adding to the experience.

Unfortunately, being in a drama also meant unexpected twists. Your unexpected twist came in the form a poor schoolgirl probably looking for shelter on the way to early classes. 

“Sorry!“ She blushed head to toe, looking anywhere but at the two of you. “I– Sorry!“ She squeaked and ran away before you could speak.

Jungkook raised a hand to his hair, a slight blush spreading across his cheeks. “I think we’ve scarred that poor girl for life.“

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How was it? I apologize for the sudden appearance of songs that are almost a decade old, but I couldn’t write that scene without Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy in my head. There will be no post tomorrow, because its FRIDAY, FRIDAY.(*insert Rebecca Black gif*). However, if you are a new reader, you can always try my earlier posts or, you know, hook me up with a follow.

Make sure to request, or I will quickly run out of ideas or motivation (which ever comes first). You are also welcome to tell me if you have other suggestions or even shower me with compliments. I will not mind.


Available for preorder…shipping out the last week of August 👀 Skyrim Alchemy inspired salts! Your choice of Dead Sea bath salts or foaming bath salt mix, and between Void, Fire, or Frost inspired scents!

Void Salts: Black Currants and Vanilla
Fire Salts: Dragon’s Blood
Frost Salts: White Tea with a hint of ginger

(More to come!) 🙌

Dear everyone who doesn’t have Psoriasis:

If you meet someone who has Psoriasis, do not, and I repeat, do NOT tell them that “dead sea salt” will cure it.

1. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder. It is a result of your own body attacking itself. That means THE DISEASE IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE YOUR BODY, and rubbing something on the outside is not going to “fix” it. AT BEST, topical ointments will make it go away for several days, and that’s only if you keep slathering yourself in them EVERY DAY. Ooh, you missed a day? GUESS WHO’S BACK

2. Really? Really? You want me to rub salt on my dry, cracked and sometimes bloody skin? The skin that it sometimes hurts to put soap on? You want me to rub salt on that.


p.s.: “Stop scratching!” EAT A DICK.

Negative Influence Banishment Spell

So this is a spell for that one person who still has a hold over you and your life/emotions. Be it unrequited love, a bad ex or a bully who influences your emotions, this is a super simple, yet effective spell for banishing their influence over your life.

You will need;

✨ sea water - or cleansed water (you can find out how to cleanse water for spellwork HERE) with sea salt or protection salts (I used cleansed water with the Dead Sea Protection Salts from March’s @witchcasket) —- for banishment and protection so the spell continues to work after it is performed

✨ a black candle —- for banishment

✨ basil —- to ward off negative energies

✨ thyme —- for inner calm and balance

✨ a fire safe container 

✨ a black pen and a piece of paper


✨ Mix your ingredients together in the fire safe container - first the sea water, then the basil, then the thyme. Stir the potion with your intent.

✨ Write out the name of the person who has influence over you

✨ Light your black candle and use the lit candle to set alight the paper you have written the name on (BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF)

✨ Drop the burning paper into your container

✨ Drip some of the black candle wax into your container 

✨ Blow out your candle and finish your spell with your preferred method - I say “so it is”

If you happen to use this spell, tag me in posts/photos!!

Happy witching ✨