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This concludes the gaming nostalgia series for January 2015. I hope you have enjoyed this nostalgia trip back to some of the best days in gaming. I will bring this series back soon.

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<3 TheOmegaNerd

So many words of wisdom in “We Gonna Make It”

1. Fuck the frail shit.

2. Determined niggas make it.

3. Learn the game quickly.

4. Teach kids how to read, write, and use the Ruger.

5. Dead rappers get better promotion.

6. Never say you can’t do it until you try it first.

The members of Gorillaz (according to me)

(I actually know barely anything about this band)
-Least trustworthy
-May have killed a man
-Ran over a guy twice??

-Did nothing wrong
-Almost died
-A good friend
-Eaten by a whale?

-Most of his friends are dead
-Probably overprotective
-Just trying his best

-Do not mess with her or you’ll die
-Good at guitar