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I'm from northern Europe and honestly I'm happy to pay taxes so everyone can get the health care they need. It's like being insured by the government you know? I know the system has some faults too, but even before they are taken care of I still think this is the best way to go.

I agree with you Nonnie. I often say to many of my friends that you can prise my NHS out of my cold, dead hands. It’s not perfect, I know this. But it is what the people of this country need. Would it necessarily work in other countries? No, probably not. But it does here, for the most part, and it protects the most vulnerable in society from dying of treatable and unnecessary infections and diseases.
–The Welsh One

After Lacie's return...
  • Lacie:And I have met a pretty boy!! He was all alone on the street, and almost dead of coldness and starvation!!
  • Glen!Levi:Ho?
  • Lacie:I saved him! I have stole food and clothes for him! And now he's alright! Well I guess that he's alright!!
  • Glen!Levi:It's good Lacie!! You're a good girl!!
  • Oswald:Yes, even if you have stole some things, it's good that you have saved someone and...
  • Lacie:And I advised him to prostitute himself for live!!!
  • Oswald:....
  • Glen!Levi:...
  • Lacie:What?
  • Oswald:....
  • Lacie:What is the problem big brother?
  • Glen!Levi:Don't look at me like that Oswald!! It's not my fault!!

i’m such a fake fucking cunt for having a personal political ideological evolution throughout my life and not just being shat out onto this cold dead earth as the bitter counter-culturist, dick sucking, communist i am today

I’m not giving up hope on this team ever, I believe negative thinking is very detrimental to the outcome of the game. Black and red ‘til I’m cold and dead.

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Foggy Nelson and Angie Martinelli are the most sweetest cinnamon rolls that it's a miracle the MCU hasn't imploded from having such perfect characters exciting within the same universe... I feel like they should be related some how...



gaudiloquent-tulips replied to your post “gaudiloquent-tulips liked your post “hey!!!! people should like my…”

Im jst trying to help you, balit. Im nt angry and i realixe i was being an asshole, whay else do you want from me? Im alrwady dead.

yeah!!!! you are being an asshole, because futurekat is a literal sack of trash and yet here you are supporting him in the fact that he made me feel like shit about myself for all this time!!!! but thats ok, because youre so disgustingly in love so its all just fucking dandy!!!!