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Here’s a list of fandoms that I’m apart of. If you post anything related to these, please like or reblog this post so I can follow you!

The Walking Dead Caryl Breaking Bad Better Call Saul Orange Is The New Black Vauseman Alex Vause Divergent Fourtris The Mortal Instruments Grand Theft Auto V The Wolf Among Us The Walking Dead Game Watch Dogs Destiny

The only comfort I get from a photo is when I’m the one taking it as my face isn’t exactly one the camera likes. However I do really like Photocomfort and their debut track called Not Love which is a electro pop track that reminds me of Alex Winston and Chvrches. A fairly laid back vibe with a beautiful vocal, then theres the moment where the song goes from chill to loud with the key change which provides the song with a good amount of excitement and energy to it - Jakk

i wanted just… a lovey dovey cosplay thing and they threw my own used handkerchiefs at me. USED you know? how insane they are to touch my used handkerchiefs.

ok maybe i threw them first! BUT THAT doesn’t count because BAD PEOPLE CAN.