*at a pet store*
  • Kid: i like this mouse he's so cute-
  • Ron: don't do it kid next thing you know that rat will turn into the betraying friend of your best friend's dead parents aiding the man who's trying to take over the world and kill your best friend in the process
Reasons you should listen to Alice Isn’t Dead
  • The main character is a black lesbian searching for her (not dead!) wife
  • The main character also has an anxiety disorder (which is dealt with realistically!)
  • It’s from the makes of Welcome to Night Vale, but has a more serious, horror-y feel to it
  • The show utilises the vastness of rural America to set the atmosphere and aid the horror elements
  • The music is beautiful and haunting
  • The lead voice actress has a very calm, beautiful voice, which is lovely to listen to
  • Season two just began
  • Unlike WTNV, this one has a more solid narrative arc and a fixed end point
  • The fandom is too small and we need more people to join us in heck
Love At First Sight

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel

Word Count: 1,613

Warnings: Implied smut, language, but other than that, just fluff

Request: Can I request a Dean imagine please? One where the boys meet a girl while she’s hunting the same vamp nest as them and Dean basically has a love at first sight moment. This girl is all sass and Zeppelin shirts and Dean eventually asks her out and to move into the bunker. But the first time she meets Cas Dean has to ask why he’s looking back and fourth between them, so Cas confirms that they are in fact soul mates.

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“If I find that damn vampire, he’s going to fucking get it.” You growled to yourself, climbing inside your car.

This damn vampire was causing so much shit with his nest, that it drew you in. You hated vampires and hated hunting them but it is what had to be done. You were a hunter for god sake. You should act like it and stop being a damn baby.

You knew where the nest was and since you were alone, you needed to take them out by yourself. You never really hung out with other hunters because you had a certain way of doing things and other hunters would always fuck it up. So, you’ve been a lone hunter since you graduated high school.

You think you were doing pretty good by yourself. You didn’t have to depend on any one but yourself and if something went wrong, you had only yourself to blame and you were okay with that.

Vampires were always a pain in the ass and deserved to die. You actually had close encounters with them and almost got turned a few times but you always managed to escape.

This was a strange hunt already because it seems like wherever you went, people seemed to be already questioned and the morgue seemed to already been visited. Maybe there were other hunters here but you got here first. This was your hunt and you were going to beat whoever the hell was here to the nest first. That is why you raced out of the motel you were staying at and zoomed down the street.

You got there in no time but your eyes zeroed in on the beautiful late 60s Impala. They were already here.

Oh well, you could use the help. You always had difficulty to take on nests alone.

You grabbed your machete, pulled on your leather jacket over your favorite Zeppelin shirt and booked it inside. You heard grunts and sloshes come from one of the rooms but before you could investigate, a vampire pounced on you. You growled and fought him off, doing your best to keep his fangs away from you.

The vampire pinned you against the wall and you struggled, kicking wherever it would hurt. You got him on his knees and brought your machete down so fast, he didn’t have time to react. Blood sprayed on you but you ignored it, walking to the room where you heard noises come from.

You walked inside, seeing two very attractive men fight off three vampires. You knew they would need help and you were here to provide it. There were already many vampires that lay dead but you weren’t going to stop until all of them were dead. You rushed to aid the men and threw the vampire to the ground, slicing his head right off.

This was the first time the men noticed you and the shorter, green-eyed one stared at you as if you were the only person in the room. You would have stared back but the vampire was sneaking up behind him. Your eyes widened and pushed past him, killing the vampire. The taller one already killed his vampire and now everyone was dead. You breathed heavily, looking at the men.

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There’s a mosquito net maker in Africa. He manufactures around 500 nets a week. He employs ten people, who (as with many African countries) each have to support upwards of fifteen relatives. However hard they work, they can’t make enough nets to combat malaria-carrying mosquito.
Enter vociferous Hollywood movie star who rallies the masses, and goads Western governments to collect and send 100,000 mosquito nets to the afflicted region, at a cost of a million dollars. The nets arrive, the nets are distributed, and the ‘good deed’ is done.
With the market flooded with foreign nets, however, our mosquito net maker is promptly put out of business. His ten workers can no longer support their 150 dependents (who are now forced to depend on handouts), and one mustn’t forget that in a maximum of five years the majority of the imported nets will be torn, damaged and of no further use.
This is the micro-marco paradox…
—  Dambisa Moyo, and excerpt from Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is a Better Way for Africa

The notion that aid can alleviate systemic poverty and has done so is a myth. Millions in Africa are poorer today because of aid: misery and poverty have not ended but have increased. Aid has been, and continues to be, an unmitigated political, economic and humanitarian disaster for most parts of the developing world.

Foreign aid props up corrupt governments – providing them with freely usable cash. These corrupt governments interfere with the rule of law, the establishment of transparent civil institutions and the protection of civil liberties, making both domestic and foreign investment in poor countries unattractive. Greater opacity and fewer investments reduce economic growth, which leads to fewer job opportunities and increasing poverty levels. In response to growing poverty, donors give more aid, which continues the downward spiral of poverty.

The mistake the West made was giving something for nothing. The secret of China’s success is that its foray into Africa is all business. The West sent aid to Africa and ultimately did not care about the outcome; this created a coterie of elites and, because the vast majority of people were excluded from wealth, political instability has ensued. China, on the other hand, sends cash to Africa and demands returns. With returns Africans get jobs, get roads, get food, making Africans better off…..It is the economy that matters.

—  Dambisa Moyo - Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is A Better Way for Africa

“With respect to Mr. Sachs’ remark that I would see nothing wrong with denying US$10 in aid to an African child for an anti-malarial bed net – even labeling me as cruel; I say, if working towards a sustainable solution where Africans can make their own anti-malaria bed-nets (thereby creating jobs for Africans and a real chance for continents economic prospects) rather than encouraging all and sundry to dump malaria nets across the continent (which incidentally, put Africans out of business), then I am guilty as charged. Don’t forget that the over 60 percent of Africans that are under the age of 24 need jobs not sympathy.” - Moyo, author of “Dead Aid”

The cynical answer is: because it distracts attention from the trade barriers they have erected in order to protect employment in the West. These trade barriers cost Africa an estimated 500 billion dollars every year. That’s ten times the amount Africa is given in development aid. And because they secretly don’t believe that Africa is ever going to pull it together, they feel sorry for the Africans. So they buy themselves a conscience.
—  Dambisa Moyo on why western countries keep giving if they know it doesn’t help.

anonymous asked:

So I know there was something floating around about the guardians being protective of tony and what if that's still true but also tony is protective of them and defends them? Like yes they saved bajillions of people BUT they were all also wanted criminals. Like I can only imagine team cap side eyeing and judging them but tony just accepting them and fitting in and yes tony understands Groot but rocket also understands the bots. Like just everything goes both ways for tony and the guardians

I love that post, but also these are great points. Tony would be fiercely protective of his new friends. 

The Guardian’s had first arrived months ago, bearing news of The Mad Titan, and his plan to destroy the earth. Tony had been forced to start lobbying for the Avengers to be reinstated and cleared of all crimes, because quite frankly, they needed the manpower. In that time he had befriended the Guardian’s and developed plans to keep the earth safe from intergalactic threat’s like Thanos. He was not prepared for the first meeting between his new friends and his ex-team.

“Hey Tones! What’s with all the garbage in your living room?” Rocket asks, eyeing Bucky’s new arm speculatively. Steve moves to stand between the modified racoon and his friend.

“Reinforcements.” Tony says, with a shrug, he exits the lab before Rocket can enter, he doesn’t want Team Rogers following him into his safe place.

“Who’s the lab rat?” Clint asks, jeering at Rocket who bristles at the attack. Before Groot can reach out to trip him Tony is speaking.

“His name is Rocket.” Tony enunciates as if talking to a five-year-old. “He is my guest, not to mention a person, and he will be treated with respect. Understood?” There’s a cold fire in his eyes that the Avengers have never seen before. Clint nods.

“Sorry Rocket.” He mumbles, and Tony smiles as if the incident were forgotten, turning his attention to Groot.

“Hey Groot, you’re growing quicker than I thought, is this normal for you, or is it being accelerated somehow?” Tony asks, cocking his head to the side curiously.

“I am Groot.” The small plant answers, and Steve frowns brow furrowing.

“Wait so a light beam can accelerate your growth? JARVIS order black lights.” Tony says, smiling at Groot. Rocket nods his approval.

“Tony. These people are fugitives.” Steve says, and Tony stills from where he was going to hug Drax and Gamora. There’s a moment of silence before Tony spins on his heel and stalks up to Captain America.

“Listen asshole, these people are my friends, and they broke the law in order to stop a Titan from destroying a planet.” Tony’s finger digs into his chest. “Why did you break the law again?” Tony asks, and he waits for a beat while the so-called Avengers refuse to meet his eyes. “Oh, yeah, because you’re a stubborn asshole, who wouldn’t know compromise if someone smacked you in the face with it.” Tony’s breath hisses between his teeth as he pulls himself back.

“We had to stop Zemo.” Steve defends, and the anger drops, replaced with scorn. This time Drax steps in.

“I have been told the tale of this Zemo. He could control your friend, and had five others like him at his disposal. How did you plan to defeat him alone?” Drax asks, pure curiosity on his face. “Were you simply too stupid to consider the possible outcomes of that fight?” Drax asks again, and Rocket smiles maliciously at the Avengers.

“I would have figured it out?” Steve grumbles, and Rocket laughs at the lack of foresight. “I’m not stupid.” Steve grumbles, and Drax looks confused when Gamora laughs.

“It is sad that he thinks himself intelligent when he would almost certainly be dead without Tony’s aide.” Drax says seriously. Peter nods his agreement, placing a hand on Drax’s shoulder while Steve splutters to form a response.

“I forgot to ask, why are you here?” Tony asks the Avengers, and they frown at him, confused.

“This is Avengers compound.” Sam says, a non-explanation if Tony ever heard one. He waits for one of them to continue, but they don’t.

“This is Stark property. You are not welcome on it.” Tony informs them, and then gestures toward the door. “You have ten minutes to vacate the premise before FRIDAY calls the cops.” He points towards the exit.

“Screw you Stark, I don’t wanna stay in your stupid compound anyways.” Clint throws over his shoulder. Peter laughs at that.

“I am Groot.” Groot says, amusement clear in his tone.

“Right?” Rocket agrees, lifting Groot onto his shoulders. “There’s four labs, and the robots. Why wouldn’t I want to stay here?” Tony smiles.

“The bots missed you and Groot. They keep expecting other people to understand them now, and it’s a little heartbreaking watching how Dum-e droops whenever Pepper doesn’t follow his beeping.” Tony explains, waving to Peter as he leads Rocket towards the lab.

“See Groot Dum-e knows we’re the best, way better than those idiots.” Rocket says, and Tony grins.

“Hell yeah you are, now let’s go blow things up.” Tony opens the door to the lab and steps back to let Rocket through.

“I thought you’d never ask. Also do you think we can get that guys arm? I think it might be incredibly useful to the plan.” Rocket explains and Groot gives him an unimpressed look.

“I  actually have his old one in a safe.” Tony replies, a little smug.