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Women of Color in Thriller/Mystery/Fantasy TV Shows!

Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow
Meagan Tandy as Braeden on Teen Wolf
Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney on Gotham
Angela Bassett as Romana Royale on American Horror Story Hotel
Kat Graham as Bonnie Bennett on The Vampire Diaries
KeKe Palmer as Zayday on Scream Queens
Jill Marie Jones as Amanda Fisher on Ash Vs. Evil Dead
Danai Gurira as Michonne on The Walking Dead
Viola Davis as Annalise Keating on How to Get Away With Murder
Kelita Smith as Warren on Z Nation

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Okay, so I just noticed a slight parrallel between Ichigo and Rukia and Ichigo's parents. For all intense purposes, Ichigo is a human and Masaki was a human. Isshin and Rukia both died and turned into shinigami. If only Rukia left the Social Society sort of like Isshin to live in the human world and eventually marry the human they got involved with. Do you think this parallel is a coincidence?

Considering the fact that nearly everything about Ichigo’s parents parallels the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia, this one is definitely far from being a coincidence. 

From Isshin and Masaki’s character design (specifically their hair colour), to their meeting, as well as the infamous Hero Hold, and also the bit that both males were more than determined to save the women who saved them in the first place (to the extent where they’d literally sacrifice themselves for this person that they had just met)… well, then :^)

The difference, however, would be that Rukia would not have left Soul Society to become human— that’s where the two couples would have differed. Rather, Ichigo would have left the world of the living in order to become a soul reaper— he’s stated it before that he prefers being a shinigami, after all.

Really, the school alarm goes off, you walk outside in a crowd and before you can blink an eye the gunman shoots off a hundred rounds, people are dead, people are running, screaming, and there is total panic. What do you do? Do you stand up to pull your gun and look to see where the bullets are coming from? Wait, you see 10 people with guns, WHO do you shoot? Oh I almost forgot, you better be dead-eyed dick with your weapon, any misses and more people die, and then the police get there and see 10 people with guns shooting, yes this is going to be really easy to figure out, I could go on with this but you either agree with this or you don’t.

“Do you...?”

So, due to #the encuttening, for the past 6 months I’ve had to have 2 professional carers come in and hoist me in and out of bed twice daily, morning and evening, They’re a lovely bunch mostly.

We live in a ground floor, two bed apartment, and for various reasons we have had to store the hoist in the library/temple space/2nd bedroom which contains cow, sheep, and goat skulls.

Oh, and my altar: a concrete slab raised on bricks, then covered with deer-skin, on which sits a ceramic painted skull with an Ægishjálmr betwixt its brows (because that’s where it goes damnit - fight me) a statue of Odin, one of Mahakala, a Tibetan Phurba, my ritual knife (used to be a steak knife, but I needed teeth, so a day or so’s consecration and I have my hungry little pal to hold in my red right hand) a pair of red pillar candles, my maternal Grandfather’s jewelry box he got from Java when he was out there. Oh, and the jug and whisky glass full of cool water for the Dead

Behind there  are shelves of comics, SF/F novels, graphic novels, philosophy texts, anthropology texts, books on systems theory, literary criticism; also a Masai throwing spear my paternal Grandpa was given by tribesfolk when he was in Kenya contributing to the destruction of their traditional ways

(Sorry, sorry, doing missionary work for the Gideons. He was given the spear in exchange for a bible, in ceremonial fashion. I like to hope the ancestors of the Masai are happy it’s now in the hands of someone who doesn’t hold the Bible to be the only Way. But I haven’t asked. I know they’re not pissed about it though. The irony of being one of the Spear-god’s is not lost on me)

Then, amongst others there’s most of Scarlet Imprint’s output, as well as Theion Publishing’s, the Betz Greek Magical Papyri, Baker’s Cunning Man’s Handbook, Crowley stuff, Agrippa, Barrett’s Magus, the Voudon Gnostic Workbook, a sharpened sickle, a bunch of tarot decks Deren’s Divine Horsemen, two copies of Metraux’s Voodoo in Haiti, and my Granny’s personal bible which I used to keep on the altar but the cover started to show signs of water damage even though there was no water spilt near it, so I cleaned it, took it as a sign and removed it to a shelf.

Oh, and in between the red pillar candles is the repeatedly bloodied deer-skull with its proud antlers. I used to keep it covered when folk slept in there. It gave Mum ‘nightmares’ (her words) but never seemed to bother Dad, the priest. If you look at my icon, done by @unknownbinaries, you might be able to suss what that’s for - I’ve  mentioned it before, but the specifics of the pact aren’t public. Suffice to say I’ve been plugged into #deerkult for a decade or so, consciously at least. Unconsciously? At least 25 years in some fashion, I reckon.

All of which is to set the scene and point out that I’ve been waiting for months for someone to crack and ask. It finally happened last night:

Them: We’ve been meaning to ask..Do you…do Voodoo?

Me: Oh, no. I’m Heathen…

Them: *blank look*


Me: A kind of pagan.

*vague look of understanding*

*gives up, because I am knackered* Yeah, it’s like Voodoo. Except, for White People.

Ohhh. Right.

(I know, I know: It is perfectly possible for anybody to be properly initiated into the ADRs, if (and only if) the community and spirits agree and the proper rites are performed - skin colour is not a factor. But explaining that was not on the cards last night.)

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hey everyone it's August 15th so expect some dead people outside your door, screaming children and some snek dude welcoming you to chillies today



Pt.2 of vidcon! I met the absolutely adorable Duncan and mimei, saw @markiplier (who said my name yes I’m dead), got to talk with @evanedinger where we has to do an awkward dance cause we went for different ways to say hi but it’s alright cause he’s my fave, got a hug with beautiful Brittany J smith, and got to do an amazing with @thehillywoodshow and @hillyhindi and @hannahhindi were so sweet and I cannot express how much I love them plus they put up with my poses!!

Me: I love all the characters on MTV scream! 

Will Belmont, Seth Branson, Mayor Maddox, Miguel Acosta, Kevin Duval, and Nina Patterson all in unison: Wow thank you so mu- 


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Hey, if you got the time could you please write a Sanvers fic where Alex risks her life for Kara because we all know Alex, that hoe takes bullets for her BULLETPROOF sister, and maybe gets hurt and Maggie gets mad and scared? (Bonus Points if Maggie finds out this way that Kara is Supergirl)

Perhaps this is obvious from the prompt, but be aware that this gets violent (but of course our babies will be fine and in love and safe, my name isn’t Jason Rothenberg).

IF YOU CAN’T READ PAST THE “Keep Reading” LINE FOR SOME REASON, READ THE WHOLE THING HERE, because it does NOT end with Kara yelling!!!!

Kara doesn’t see the Kryptonite-based, diamond-tipped bullets speeding toward her.

So she doesn’t understand, at first, why Maggie is breaking formation; why Maggie is screaming her sister’s name; why Maggie is sprinting across the warehouse, across the warehouse whose walls are shattering from the barrage of machine gun fire she is blazing through.

She doesn’t understand, until she hears a sickening ripping open of flesh.

Doesn’t understand until she looks down to see Maggie get there just in time to catch Alex as her limp body falls; until she sees Maggie cradle Alex’s bleeding form with one arm and unloading five rounds rapid of bullets into the chests of the two Cadmus lackeys who’d shot at Kara.

Who’d hit Alex. Because Kara didn’t see, because Alex dove.

And Alex’s blood is pouring out of her shredded torso, flooding onto Maggie’s hands, soaking into Maggie’s clothes, and Maggie’s gun is firing and Maggie is not missing a single target.

Kara sees only red and Kara seees only her sister and Kara has sworn never to kill but Alex is pale and Alex is starting to seize and suddenly Kara is realizing that there is no one left to rage at; no one left to even consider killing, consider maiming, consider hating – except herself, because Alex, Alex, Alex – no one left because Maggie has left no one standing.

So now there is only the eerie silence that accompanies the aftermath of Maggie’s loaded gun; now there is only J’onn sprinting and Kara flying and Alex’s third-in-command shouting orders for an immediate medical evac and Maggie ripping at her shirt and using it to stem Alex’s bleeding – to try to stem Alex’s bleeding – her hands the color of a Halloween prank gone wrong; her hands the color of war.

Kara lands and Kara yells and Kara convulses and J’onn’s arms try to contain her and she knows nothing else.

(continues below the keep reading line and here).

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Could you write the "I literally took a bullet for you and now you owe me big time" prompt for percabeth???

hell yeah I can, anon. title is from Sorry by Justin Bieber bc it’s my new fav song

I hope I don’t run out of time

They’re standing in line at the bank, waiting to get a deposit from Annabeth’s savings account so she can buy some Christmas presents this year. The line is ridiculously long, probably because it’s Friday and everyone just got off work, but Annabeth doesn’t actually mind that they are at the back because Percy is standing close enough that she can feel his chest brushing her back, and he keeps leaning forward to whisper lame jokes into her ear when he thinks of them, smiling when she laughs too loudly.

It’s a normal day, and Annabeth can’t wait to get out of here so they can go get dinner and go back to her apartment and watch movies for the rest of the night. Any time she can cuddle with Percy is great, especially when she can “accidentally” fall asleep on the couch with him so then she gets to wake up on top of his chest in the morning.

She may have some very intense feelings for her best friend. She doesn’t exactly mind.

She met Percy in her freshman year of college, and they’ve been friends ever since. She met him through another friend, and when said friend started dating Percy’s-then-best-friend, they started seeing each other more. After Jason and Piper started seriously dating, Percy and Annabeth drifted closer together, and she didn’t realize it when Percy had become her best friend.

Annabeth may be sort-of-not-really in love with Percy, but she’s sure as hell not saying anything because she doesn’t think she can ever lose him.

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