dead's original concept

So, Another preview type thing, Sadly since the scanner still wont work there are many white spots where there should be bright yellows and pinks and greens and oranges and reds and whatnot. Still it didn’t come out too badly, and I want to keep this blog with some content, so for now this will do. Until I can get better quality with full colour later. This should be a much more vibrant skull then.

Made with ColorFactory Water Based Acrylic Paints and Studio Medium Point Black Pen.

So, a few days ago I asked for some inspiration for something to paint. And my friend gave me the song Calendar Girl by Stars. And listening to it this one line “One day I’ll be sand on a beach by a sea” Just stood out to me the most so I ended up attempting to paint a beach…. The sky came out well but the crashing waves water and sand sucks ass… But yea… I dun tried.
This is a really bad webcam picture it’s still wet so I can’t scan it yet. And my scanner is broken, so it might take some time for a high res version to get put up.

Made with Loew Cornell Water Colors 6 cc. Tubes