dead zombies

Zombie Apocalypse: Are you prepared?

It’s that time everyone’s being anticipating for years. Through the city living dead beings drag themselves in search of fresh living brains, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse, are you prepared? Next I’ll give you ten tips/advices on how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, use them wisely!

1. Put together a 72 hour disaster survival kit.

2. Make sure to stock on non perishable food items. In case you had no time to stock on food the only option is to go out and forage for some safe to eat mushrooms and non poisonous berries. A small book identifying the different mushrooms, berries and edible plants is a must that everyone should own.

3. Water, water, water!

4. Stock on your medication (prescription and non-prescription meds)

5. Stick to rooftops!

6. Keep your important documents with you ( driver’s license, passport or birth certificate )

7. Hygiene! Make sure you have bleach, soap, towels, the world as you know may be ending but these things can always be useful.

8. Batteries! Make sure to stock heavily on them. You need those for flashlights, lanterns, walkie talkies or other comunication devices.

9. Guns! Keep a knife, an axe, a chainsaw and a gun, you will for sure need some of them at one point.

10. Plan your evactuation! You won’t survive in that rooftop much longer, soon the living dead will get to you and it won’t be pretty, make sure to plan your evacuation carefully and leave as soon as possible.

Good luck, you’ll need it!