dead worms

This is the heart worm infested heart of a pitbull who had been living on the street for some time. The dog was humanely euthanized because of the severity of the infestation.

This heart was donated with the lungs to our 4H group to teach us the importance of getting heart worm preventives, about how the parasite lives and grows and the effect it has on the dog’s health. The heart and worms are on display with a few loose worms at the vet clinic belonging to our leader to teach others.

A sacrifice had to be made.
They all knew it, the only way to close the worm hole was from the inside, but there was no way of knowing where or if they came out again. Shiro as the leader insisted he should be the one to go, while Allura argued it should be her only for Coran to say she was the only one who wasn’t needed to fight the Glara. Hunk and Pidge had also thrown their hat into the ring.
Everyone was talking over eachother. Everyone but Lance.
While others were arguing about who should go, Lance was already heading into the worm hole.
It wasn’t until the group looked around and noticed the lack of blue did someone say something.
“Where’s Lance?” Shiro asked over the coms.
“Someone had to do it. Let’s face it I’m the most replaceable.” Lance’s voice crackled the line filled with static. “Tell my mama I love her-”
The line went dead as the worm hole closed taking the blue paladin with it.
Of course they looked for him. But with a war still going on eventually Allura had to take over as the blue paladin.
As the years passed they started to believe that Lance had died the day in the worm hole and that they would never see him again.
Until the day after Pidge’s 35th birthday, when the sensors told them a worm hole had opened up nearby.
They had dropped everything to investigate not wanting another incident like they had twenty years ago.
Keith went ahead in red while the others followed in the Castle ship.
Keith had stopped suddenly jetting out of reds cockpit causing Shiro to yell “Keith what are you doing!”
However when they got close they found exactly why.

He was in the healing pod for almost a week, the worm hole had caused more damage then would of been expected. They didn’t leave the whole time he was in there.
He was so still. So painfully young looking that it really it them that he hadn’t aged.
When Lance finally came falling out of the pod and into the waiting arms of Hunk, he just looked around seeing his friends so different to how he knew them to be.
He looked at Allura wearing the blue paladin armour and couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.
He had been fine to die for his team. Why did he have to come back.
Hunk rubbed soothing circles on Lance’s back trying to comfort him in some way.
After a few minutes Lance looked up with only one question.
“Did you tell my mama?

——————————————-part 2:

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I wish I could be like that one tennis anime, but I'm just leaping gracelessly after the ball and landing on the dead bodies of poor worms

rip worms (which anime tho)

Apple Curse Box 🍎

If you need to rain misfortune and folly down on your sniveling enemies, an apple curse box will work quite nicely.

Items needed:

- One red apple
- A knife
- A taglock representing your enemy
- Something to hollow out the core of the Apple (melon baller, spoon)
- Mortar and Pestle
- Dirt, for nastiness
- Cayenne Pepper, for a sting
- Pins and needles, for a prick
- Optional: Worms (fake worms, gummy worms, dead worms, or alive worms if you have something against worms)
- One Black Candle


Light the black candle first, so you have more than enough wax to seal the apple; you will need it.

Cut the apple in half with anger and violence (BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL so you don’t end up adding your finger to the curse box). Hollow out a decent-sized space in the apple to contain your spell ingredients, but leave enough flesh for sealing the box with wax.

Grind together the cayenne peppers and the taglock in the mortar and pestle and infuse it with the firey rage of a thousand suns. If you’re comfortable doing so, you might also grind the pepper with the dirt while envisioning all of the nasty deeds to be cast upon your enemy.

Before adding the foul concoction of dirt and cayenne pepper–that has smothered and bruised the taglock–to the empty apple core, take your pins and needles and stick them into the flesh of the apple, symbolically representing the physical hurt to be inflicted upon the poor soul who had done you wrong.

Add the dirt, cayenne pepper, taglock, and worms into the apple core. Drip wax onto the remaining flesh of the apple and quickly press the two halves together. Seal the seam with copious amounts of wax to ensure the box doesn’t fall apart.

Carve an evil, laughing face into the apple.

The apple must be present in your enemy’s space: toss it in their yard, in their car, in their house, in their garden, on their roof, in their office, whatever works.

The curse will end once the apple has rotted, decomposed, and returned to the earth.