dead worms

This is the heart worm infested heart of a pitbull who had been living on the street for some time. The dog was humanely euthanized because of the severity of the infestation.

This heart was donated with the lungs to our 4H group to teach us the importance of getting heart worm preventives, about how the parasite lives and grows and the effect it has on the dog’s health. The heart and worms are on display with a few loose worms at the vet clinic belonging to our leader to teach others.


The soul that is within me no man can degrade. - Frederick Douglass

This look KILLED me during the show and I can now say that I fully ship these two, hands down. I love their blossoming affection and I can’t wait to see them not get killed :D *smile of denial*

And it’s really no wonder 

why I ship

men who look at their ladies

with more awe

than when 

they’re stargazing

That is all.

Apple Curse Box 🍎

If you need to rain misfortune and folly down on your sniveling enemies, an apple curse box will work quite nicely.

Items needed:

- One red apple
- A knife
- A taglock representing your enemy
- Something to hollow out the core of the Apple (melon baller, spoon)
- Mortar and Pestle
- Dirt, for nastiness
- Cayenne Pepper, for a sting
- Pins and needles, for a prick
- Optional: Worms (fake worms, gummy worms, dead worms, or alive worms if you have something against worms)
- One Black Candle


Light the black candle first, so you have more than enough wax to seal the apple; you will need it.

Cut the apple in half with anger and violence (BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL so you don’t end up adding your finger to the curse box). Hollow out a decent-sized space in the apple to contain your spell ingredients, but leave enough flesh for sealing the box with wax.

Grind together the cayenne peppers and the taglock in the mortar and pestle and infuse it with the firey rage of a thousand suns. If you’re comfortable doing so, you might also grind the pepper with the dirt while envisioning all of the nasty deeds to be cast upon your enemy.

Before adding the foul concoction of dirt and cayenne pepper–that has smothered and bruised the taglock–to the empty apple core, take your pins and needles and stick them into the flesh of the apple, symbolically representing the physical hurt to be inflicted upon the poor soul who had done you wrong.

Add the dirt, cayenne pepper, taglock, and worms into the apple core. Drip wax onto the remaining flesh of the apple and quickly press the two halves together. Seal the seam with copious amounts of wax to ensure the box doesn’t fall apart.

Carve an evil, laughing face into the apple.

The apple must be present in your enemy’s space: toss it in their yard, in their car, in their house, in their garden, on their roof, in their office, whatever works.

The curse will end once the apple has rotted, decomposed, and returned to the earth.

‘FROOT’ Lyric References


Froot - “Like fruit

Better Than That – Like poisoned fruit




Froot – “Like an apple you forgot”

Girls – “My apple pie”

Better Than That – “She’s the apple of everybody’s eye”




Froot – Birds and worms”

Living Dead – Bird’s eye view”

I’m a Ruin – Bird in flight”




Froot – “Bloody rose

E.V.O.L. – “Milk and roses”




Froot – Bloody rose”

Hubba – “All bloody and torn”




Froot – “Summer snow

Rootless – “Roots through the snow

Plastic Rainbow – “Face of white snow




I’m a Ruin – “I am afraid I’ll fall

Oh No! – “If I fail, I’ll fall apart”




I’m a Ruin – “Like a flower

Bad Kidz – “If you gave us a flower

Froot – “I’m your carnal flower

Solitaire – “I see flowers so tall”

Immortal – “I wanna be a silk flower

Weeds – “All the flowers”




I’m a Ruin – “But I wanna be free

Happy – “Like I was free

Lies – “She’ll set you free

Gold – “I am free

Daddy Was a Sailor – “I was free




Blue – “I said goodbye

I’m a Ruin – “It’s difficult to say goodbye




Blue – “Now I regret it”

Forget – “Ain’t no time for regret




Blue – “But I can’t forget it”

Forget – Forget about it”




Forget – “Counting every win

Mowgli’s Road – “Will that guarantee you a win?”

Blindfold Me – “Don’t wanna win




Forget – “Counting every win and fail

Oh No! – “If I fail




Forget – “I’ve been dancing with the devil

Hermit the Frog – “I can’t help the devil

Better Than That – Devil in disguise”




Forget – “I believe everything was worth the fight

Lies – “To believe it’s all been worth the fight

I’m a Ruin – “An easy fight

Hermit the Frog – “Hard to fight the feeling”




Gold – “Palm of your hands”

Troubled Mind – “Need to fill these hands”

Radioactive – “Reach for my hand



Can’t Pin Me Down – “I can be your clown

Hermit the Frog – “Crown of clowns”




Can’t Pin Me Down – “You can’t call my bluff

Mowgli’s Road – “King of the jungle calls my bluff




Can’t Pin Me Down – “In the 21stcentury

Teen Idle – “A 21stcentury whore”




Solitaire – “Like a diamond

Primadonna – “Buy a big diamond ring”

The Family Jewels – “Coal to diamonds”




Solitaire – “Like coal

The Family Jewels – Coal to diamonds”

Daddy Was a Sailor – “Covered in coal dust”




Solitaire – Black like coal”

Living Dead – “Into a black balloon”

Are You Satisfied? – Black, white”




Solitaire – “Cheap shimmer and glitter

Living Dead – Glittering mist”

Troubled Mind – “Hate the glitter




Solitaire – White like a diamond”

Plastic Rainbow – “Face of white snow”

Are You Satisfied? – “Black, white

Troubled Mind – “Wipe the white golden dust”




Solitaire – “And all the fakes”

How to Be a Heartbreaker – “It’s better to be fake

Radioactive – “On a fake beach”

Teen Idle – “A real fake

Blindfold Me – “I’ll fake it”




Solitaire – “Covered in the dirt

Plastic Rainbow – “Down in the dirt




Solitaire – “Like a beautiful garden

Weeds – “Could’ve filled a garden




Better Than That – “It’s a power

Power & Control – Power and control”




Better Than That – “She’s got low self-esteem

Blue – “Good self-esteem

Troubled Mind – “Kids who have low self-esteem




Better Than That – “Another dream come true”

Blue – “Gimme dreams”

Troubled Mind – “Murdered the dream

Are You Satisfied? – “Marina’s a dreamer”




Better Than That – “Looking like the cat who got the cream

Are You Satisfied? – “The cat who got the cream




Weeds – “The problem with history

Sex Yeah – “If history could”

Immortal – “In history




Weeds – “Cut him at the root

Rootless – “For a root



Weeds – “And God knows”

Immortal – “Like a God

Savages – “I’m not afraid of God

Teen Idle – “Oh, God!”

Hollywood – “Oh, my God!”




Savages – “In the human race

Immortal – “Part of the human race




Savages – “Shoot a gun

I’m a Ruin – “A flower in a gun

The Outsider – “I can work a gun




Savages – Murder lives forever”

Troubled Mind – Murdered the dream”

E.V.O.L. – “A murdered afternoon”




Immortal – “Everybody dies”

Are You Satisfied? – “And feel I want to die

Teen Idle – “Oh God, I’m gonna die alone”




Immortal – “From the end to the start

Living Dead – “Waiting for my life to start

Electra Heart – “Go back to the start