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Ten jumping stuff in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.


Alles Gute Zum Jubiläum | Erik Durm

“that’s the one.”

Erik spoke with confidence as he pointed at his selection through the glass display case; he couldn’t believe his luck. He barely had to look around before it caught his eye.Confirming the feeling he felt From the moment he walked through the door of the famed  jewelry store. Somehow he just knew the two hour drive it took to get there would be well worth it. 

“Excellent choice, Mr. Durm,” the jeweler nodded in approval as she used a thr key she pulled from her blazer pocket, to unlock then slid open the glass.  With much delicacy she  carefully removed Erik’s choice  from itss tray and placed it into its proper  pillar  box.  Just by looking at him, she could tell the young man before her was deeply in love. He had to be, no one with common sense would spend the thousands he was getting ready to for just anybody—even if they were on a footballer’s salary.

 ”I’m sure she will love what you’ve picked out for her.” Erik looked up from staring at his soon to be purchase to see the jeweler smiling warmly at him.

“I hope so,” he couldnt help but smile at the thought of the woman he loved, his beautiful girlfriend, Y/n Y/l/n and her reaction when she saweverything. In a few days time their year anniversary would be here and Erik couldn’t be more ready.   he was working hard to make it special and had been for months; this was a important milestone in their relationship and he wasn’t going to treat it as anything less. Y/n deserved the world and Erik was very intent on giving it to her. It may take awhile but he was going to give her all she deserves. 

 After all this was the same woman who had dropped everything to go to Brazil with him that summer and happily cheer him  and germany nt on in the renouned tournament that brought the world together every four years. Despite only being German by nationality (both her parents were African American army veterans who retired shortly after she was born in Frankfort ) she held it to her heart dearly. 

 She  wore her germany nt jersey with absolute pride and  was by far the most unruly of the wags uninhibitedly expressing her excitement every match all with the exception of the Brazil one. As happy as she was that her boys were going to the finals,it was such a sad way to see the host team go out. When Erik spoke to her about it later she admitted the score made her want to cry but she was proud of him. She unconditionally supported him; not only through Germany’s  eventual World Cup triumph but also during Borussia Dortmund’s  current not so stellar  2014/15 season. Win or lose she made sure Erik , his club and national team knew she believed in them whole heartedly.  

 He was constantly in awe with her ability to balance  university, work study and supporting him so seamlessly—none ever getting in the way of the other. Even when she couldn’t be at every match she made sure to watch and live tweet with fans.  She sacrificed so much for him—-her time, her privacy—all without second thought…it was only right he made this anniversary an appreciation that was equivalent to that. Or at the least get really close.    After finalizing his purchase and signing his name on the receipt,Erik took the light blue bag, one that almost every woman would recognize and walked out feeling accomplished. 

A few more days


Y/n was beyond upset. No she was mad,no she was furious. She couldn’t believe that of all days he would pick today to piss her off. 

Did she deserve it?

She didn’t think so, she’d like to think she was a good person. Supportive, loving and understanding, putting others before herself without second thought. 

Even when she was dead exhausted from her own commitments to her schooling and work Y/n still found it in herself to do for others. 

And what did she ask for in return? To be loved and supported right back. That wasn’t too much to ask was it? Apparently for her so called boyfriend it was. 

Today was supposed to be a joyous one, it marked her and Erik’s one year anniversary. Not only that but it was coincidentally the first day in awhile that they were both off from their usual commitments of school and football. Y/n foolishly thought that because of this they would be spending the whole day together. 


She was currently sitting on her bed, alone in her apartment,and Erik hadnt come around once. At first she didn’t think anything of it—maybe he had some last minutes things he had to get done.But l it was going on 15:00  and Y/n hadn’t even heard from him. Aside from the ritual morning text they always sent to each other, nothing.

But it wasn’t like she had been just sitting around waiting. she was proactive,If Erik wasn’t contacting her, she could contact him. He would answer once he saw she was trying to talk to him,right?

Again, wrong.

Her messages went unread and her calls went straight to voicemail. To add insult to injury, when Y/n called his mom—none of his friends bothered to answer—Mrs. Durm effectively told her Erik was with friends.

With friends.

With. Friends. Her boyfriend was with friends on their fucking anniversary. What the fuck. If Y/n wasn’t angry before she sure was now. 

In what universe was that okay? In what universe do you dodge your girlfriend like the plague and hang with your friends on your anniversary? Was Erik insane? He had to be. 

…Or maybe he was mad at her?maybe he didn’t want to be bothered with her because he was upset? She quickly racked her brain trying to think—-had she done something to him?

No. Y/n shook away those thoughts as soon as they came; fuck the insecure crap. Even if she had done something, she didn’t deserve to be ignored. At the very least she deserved to know what she did. But no her boyfriend was apparently a petty asshole. Fuck him. 

She grabbed her phone and just as she was about to write him a long and profanity laced text, she got a text from her best friend Marissa.

Get ready we’re hanging out today.

Y/n sighed; she might as well, Erik was spending time with his friends. She quickly texted Marissa okay before hopping off her bed.she made her way to her closet to find something to wear.

Happy anniversary.


Erik felt awful.

Every time she called or texted him he felt even worse. He didn’t want to ignore Y/n but for everything to go smoothly it was necessary. He made sure his friends ignored her as well because knowing them they’d ruin everything just so Y/n wouldn’t be upset. They all adored her and Erik wouldn’t put it past them to betray him for her sake. 

It was the same reason he hadn’t allowed his father to pick up as well. He saw Y/n as a daughter and any sign of sadness or hurt and he’d ruin Erik’s plans as well. The only person he allowed to pick up was his mom because she knew at the end Y/n would be happy. Once she told Y/n he was ‘with friends’ She texted Erik who texted Marissa. 

Marissa was the last piece of the puzzle before it all began. 

‘Shopping trip’ officially started.

She texted and Erik felt a wave of nervousness;in a little over four hours time he was going to see everything he planned for come to life. He hoped it was perfect.


Y/n couldn’t believe it was 20:00—he had really spent over four hours  shopping? Well, Marissa did most of the shopping while Y/n explained a million and one times why she wouldn’t be putting the black card—Erik had given her on her birthday—to use. It was the only gift he gave her that day that she had flat out refused. She didn’t want to spend his money. Even after she begrudgingly took it after an hour argument—she never used it. It just felt wrong. 

Marissa tried to egg her on by reminding Y/n that he forgot their anniversary. Y/n refused to give in,the little she did spend was with her own money. 

“Um, Rissa what are we doing here?“Y/n raised an eyebrow when she realized that her best friend had pulled up to her least favorite person at the moment’s house. How had she failed to notice until now?

"Go."Marissa commanded gently. Y/n was really confused now; through out the entire trip Marissa had made it a point to call Erik every profane name she could think of. She ranted on and off about how Erik didn’t deserve someone as amazing as Y/n. 

…now she wanted her to go into his house?

"I don’t think—”

Go Y/n,”Marissa cut in more firmly,”I’ll drop you bags  at your apartment for you.”

“Seriously Mar? He’s probably not home he’s with his friends! Why are you doing this? Take me home."Y/n demanded, she was starting to get angry. Marissa had some nerve..what kind of friend was she?

"Take me home Marissa.”

“I already did.”

Y/n’s jaw dropped as her friend smirked at her. She couldn’t be serious. 

“I’m not gonna leave with you so you might as well get out."Marissa shrugged. 

"Fuck you,"Y/n huffed before swinging open the car door and hopping out, making sure to slam it shut before stomping up to the front door of the house. She had half a mind to ring the door just because she knew it annoyed Erik when she didn’t use her key. She wasn’t in the mood to wait though so she pulled out her Borussia Dortmund   lanyard and quickly flipped to the right key before opening the door and stepping inside. 

The first thing she notice was that it was dark, she would’ve thought he really wasn’t home if it wasn’t for the glow of a big candle placed on the lone table in the foyer. Erik would never leave the house knowing there was a candle burning somewhere. He’d be too afraid that the house was somehow catch on fire,the thought almost made Y/n laugh. No, you’re  mad at him.

She walked over to the table, noticing an empty vase was there as well. She opened her mouth ready to call his name when her phone vibrated in her pocket. She fished it out only to narrow her eyes at the message that illuminated the screen. 

Erik😍😘💏💑 : read the note

Y/n wanted to strangle him. Now he wanted to talk to her? How did he know where she even is? and what was this  ’read the note’ crap, what note?

She looked at the vase and upon close inspection she saw it wasn’t empty after all. There was a piece of paper in it. The note. She took it out and unfolded it and read it.

I love you and I will always do my best to give you what you deserve. Follow the flower petals. And bring the vase. -Erik

What the hell? Y/n looked around half thinking, Erik would pop up somewhere. He didn’t, but sure enough there was a path of what looked like rose petals leading further into the house. She hadn’t even noticed before. She just stood there confused and shocked until her phone buzzed again.

Erik😍😘💏💑 : move Y/n

She snapped out of her daze, blinking at the simple command. She wanted to send him not so nice command about where he could ‘move’ to. Instead, she slipped her phone back in her pocket. She grabbed the vase and began slowly following the path. As she turned the corner, she saw a single red rose that had been by placed right below a picture frame.

 The frame contained a picture that was taken a couple of days after they’d first gotten together. Y/n was looking dead at the camera with a big smile, while Erik was more interested in staring at her. 

 She couldn’t help the smile that took over her lips if she tried. When she finally pulled her eyes away from the captured moment, she noticed that the rose had a note tied to the stem.

The pictures represent special times in our relationship that I’ll never forget. Glücklicher Jahrestag, schön.

Y/n’s smile grew when she realized what the vase was for. She picked up the lone rose and placed it in the vase and continued to follow the path. A path that  took her around the entire house, stopping at each picture frame station to pick up the rose and gaze over everything that Erik  had left for her.

The pictures, twenty-four in all, were pictures they had taken together throughout the course of their relationship. There was a picture from the day they told their friends about their relationship, one from their one-month anniversary, one from their three-month anniversary, her birthday, his birthday, the day she introduced him to her parents. It was all there, like a visual timeline of their relationship. 

Y/n was in awe, appreciating all the thought Erik  had put into this…and here she was thinking he forgot. 

The petals stopped outside of his rarely used home office, where the last picture frame and the last rose were sitting on a small table, with a note attached to the stem of the rose again. 

Y/n picked up the final rose abut was confused when she picked up the empty  picture frame—there was no picture. She opened the note tied to the stem.

This frame is for tonight. Look up.

She slowly looked up to find the door to the office had open unbeknownst to her, and there was Erik. He stood smiling warmly at her, with a dozen more roses in hand. Y/n gasped as her eyes immediately watered, she set her vase full of flowers down before throwing her arms around his neck and burying her face in his chest. He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist before leaning  down and kissing her ear.

"Surprise."he whispered before pulling away just enough so he could see her face,"did you like it?”

“I loved it,thank you so much. I’m so sorry I ever even thought you forgot—”

He cut her off with a soft kiss on her lips,”don’t be sorry,come on.”he took her by the hand and lead her inside his office and to her surprise there was a picnic set up in there with candles and flowers all around. 

“Wow."she breathed,"Erik this is just amazing.”

Erik  smiled wider as he  gave her the bouquet of flowers, she held onto them as he told her to sit. He sat with her and they are and had a good time just talking and laughing about any and everything. 

Once they had finished,Erik stood up, she looked at him in strangely. He didn’t say anything reached for the box had on his desk.  Another  thing Y/n failed to notice; she blinked  as he held  the  light blue Tiffany & Co. jewelry box in front of her.

Y/n’s eyes widened as she let out another gasp as Erik opened the box to reveal what was inside. Sitting in the box was a gorgeous Tiffany Enchant heart pendant link necklace. It was the most gorgeous necklace she’d ever seen, simple yet it made a statement. “Erik, its beautiful!”Y/n could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks,” You shouldn’t though, you already did more then enough. this is way too much.”

“Nothing is too much,"he countered. he put the box down and carefully lifted the necklace out then he moved  behind her so he could put it around her neck. Once he got it on, Erik  sat in front of her, softly grabbed her hands. He gently squeezed them and, sending her another smile that was reserved for only her, softly said, "I was looking for the right present for months. I needed something that would say how unconditional I love you but still embody the simplicity that you love…needless to say it was hard."he smirked and she giggled rolling her eyes. 

He was always teasing her about how she was so low maintenance that it made buying her gifts more impossible. 

"I even got your moms help and your dad. They’re  the reason I actually kept clear of rings."he noted, which made Y/n feel warm inside. He really did go out of his way to make this special.

"I don’t really like them."she  made a face.Rings weren’t her thing,she didn’t really know why but they always felt weird on her fingers. 

"So I’ve heard…but one day you’re gonna have to suck it up and deal because I’m not proposing with a necklace."Erik said half jokingly. Y/n laughed but her heart skipped a beat at his words…like purposing was a definite in his mind.

"Maybe you could get me a bracelet."she joked laughing when he gave her an unamused look.

anyway,” he continued with his explanation,”when I saw this necklace, I knew it was perfect. It was perfect because it was the only one I saw that was anywhere close to being as perfect as you.the perfect embodiment of beauty and simplicity. This year has been the best year of my life and I just wanted you to know that you mean the world to me.”

More tears slid down Y/n’s face as she began to try to speak, but wiping the tear away with his thumb, he leaned over to whisper in her ear before passionately kissing her words away. “Alles Gute zum Jubiläum, Liebe, Happy Anniversary,Love.”

Y/n smiled before pulling his lips back to hers; Happy anniversary was right. 


So this is long as hell and I don’t even care lol I wrote this Erik Durm(my german bby ) imagine/one shot for myself, so the girl(though she isnt actually me cuz I feel weird putting my name in story I wrote lol) is black. Normally I try to keep the girl as racially ambiguous as possible just so it could fit anyone. But Sometimes I’ll be specific. anywayy I hope y’all liked this one!(if you even bothered reading it I know it’s long lmfao excuse any typos)ANYWAY Happy new years! have a blessed day.😘

BTS as things my sister says
  • Seokjin: "What do you mean I can't get more than 3 toppings on my sandwich?"
  • Yoongi: "Sleeping is like being dead without the commitment."
  • Namjoon: "I swear I didn't drop it, gravity was just being a bitch."
  • Jimin: "Where the hell did you put the jam, my toast is naked!"
  • Taehyung: "Do you think whales poop out of their blowholes?"
  • Jungkook: "You think this is funny? Do you ACTUALLY THINK THIS IS A GAME?"

this is one of those “it gets better” posts

there was a time in my life where sleep was my best asset, my greatest ally, and my dirty little secret. I wanted to be dead, and sleep was the closest thing without all the commitment, like a time-share on death. I could sleep in any place at any time in any position on any surface. I took catnaps throughout the day, each nap interrupted only by the bell as I gathered up my things and trudged to the next class. Afternoons were spent sleeping on my best friend’s couch or her bed or even her floor as she played dance dance revolution and watched toonami.

there was a time in my life when sleep was a nuisance and a chore, a need I only fulfilled when commanded to or when, in that weird space between early morning infomercials and the painfully-cheerful morning news there was literally nothing but white noise on tv. I avoided it in favor of numbing myself with fantasy worlds, immersed myself in sitcoms and books and MMORPG’s, and was chronically late to work because I couldn’t figure out my three hour sleep schedule.

there was a time in my life when sleep was the enemy. If I was sleeping I wasn’t being productive, and if I wasn’t being productive I didn’t deserve anything nice like food or bubble baths. Plagued with terror, I drank copious amounts of caffeine and wore new makeup on top of old makeup to cover the dark circles and anxiety symptoms.  I was so tired I couldn’t get anything done, but I couldn’t sleep until I had gotten Everything Done. I worked full time, had school full time, and maintained a full social schedule, sleeping in spurts and waking at the slightest noise or light or shift in temperature.

Now is a time in my life when sleep is a joy and a pleasure, a blessed self-care ritual. Taking off my makeup, brushing my teeth and hair, making the bed and curling into it, safe and happy and worthy, I welcome dreams. I know exactly how many hours of sleep I need a night to wake refreshed and positive and I schedule it religiously.

It gets better.

This past weekend, the SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Studio set up a tent at Coachella. Concertgoers dropped by to touch up their looks and charge their phones between bands and sandstorms because hey, nobody likes a beauty blunder—especially at a music festival. With proper planning and action, we learned it’s easy to rock a Coachella-ready look without any last-minute worries. Below, we list the most popular beauty mishaps that lead people inside the studio—and easy solves from Annie Mercer, Sephora PRO Artist. Who’s ready for Weekend 2? KELLEY HOFFMAN

PROBLEM:  I’m dripping with sweat. Help!
PRO TIP: “SEPHORA COLLECTION Express Cleansing Wipes are great. We’ve had some people using them on their body as well. They’re perfect for refreshing throughout the day—which proves they’re more than just makeup removers.

PROBLEM: I’ve been really good about keeping my face sun safe—but now it contrasts with the rest of my body, which has gotten more tan.  
PRO TIP: “If you want something that’s a little bit more sun kissed, as opposed to more sculpted and contoured, you can use a bigger brush and just put the SEPHORA COLLECTION MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio bronzer on the highest points of your face, where the sun would naturally hit you: the balls of the cheek, the tip of your nose, your brow bone, and your chin. If you look in the mirror and turn your head back, wherever you can see your bone structure show through, that’s where you want the bronzer to go.”

PROBLEM: My makeup just melted off my face in the heat.
PRO TIP: “For a long-lasting flawless face, apply SEPHORA COLLECTION Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation. This formula is longwearing and helps protect from environmental aggressors! To apply, spray a small amount of foundation at a time into the palm of your hand using the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Large Domed Stippling Brush #41. By gradually layering coverage, you’ll get longer wear and a more natural, perfected look.”

PROBLEM:  I think I’m this close to getting the worst sunburn of my life.
PRO TIP: “What I’ve been recommending is that after everyone touches up, they spritz SEPHORA COLLECTION SPF 30 Sunscreen Body Mist over their face. It’s super easy and doesn’t disturb the makeup. It doubles as a setting spray and gives you extra sun protection. You can use it all over your body too, of course!”

PROBLEM: My look doesn’t stand out enough. I want a fun effect that’s quick and easy.
PRO TIP: “Use the SEPHORA COLLECTION Pastel Hair Chalk—it washes right out. You can do one simple streak, or some girls are just having rainbow hair. They have a lot of flexibility for the look you want to create but without commitment.”

PROBLEM: My phone is dead, but I want to take a selfie!
PRO TIP: “While your phone is charging at the SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Studio, you can beautify yourself and touch up, and then you can take a selfie [at our photo station]. It has an awesome filter where it takes away all your pores and wrinkles and makes you look like a supermodel. It’s like a free little souvenir you can take home. And, it also automatically goes into the Beauty Board.”


Coming for Weekend 2? Visit the SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Studio near the Mojave stage.


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SEPHORA COLLECTION / Express Cleansing Wipes

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SEPHORA COLLECTION / MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio

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SEPHORA COLLECTION / Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

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SEPHORA COLLECTION / Pro Large Domed Stippling Brush #41