dead storage

No, No, No, No, let me ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said “Dead Pegasus Storage”?

I watched Pulp Fiction with the gf a few nights ago and totally loved it. It inspired this Sweetie right here, which will be going on some mugs that I’ll be selling at conventions in the future. Which conventions bobdude? Well that’d be Babscon, Everfree Northwest, and Bronycon, so be sure to stop by and grab one if you’re around for any of those.

Sorry about the art silence fam, I’ve been completely bogged down by school and convention prep. I’ll be pumping out some new stuff here very shortly though, spring break is here and I have a lot of art to get done for those conventions up there, so stay tuned.


Smile/Silence in the Library parallels

  • *JD and Veronica have brought Heather Chandler's corpse to Heather Duke's house to figure out what to do*
  • Heather D: I don't need you to tell me how fucking good my coffee is, okay? I'm the one who buys it, I know how good it is. When Bonnie goes shopping, she buys shit! I buy the gourmet expensive stuff because I want to taste it. But you know what's on my mind right now? It AIN'T the coffee in my kitchen! It's the dead Heather in my garage!
  • Veronica: Oh, Heather you don't--
  • Heather D: I don't want to think about anything, I wanna ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you notice a sign on the front of my house that said "Dead Heather Storage"?
  • Veronica: Heather, you know I didn't see shit--
  • Veronica: .....No, I didn't.
  • Heather D: Do you know why you didn't see that sign?
  • Veronica: Why?

So this is the haunted Wolfe Manor mansion in Clovis, California. I pass this place all the time and did some research about it to learned a crazy amount of stuff. It turns out it used to be one of the most beautiful mansions in the area back in the 1900’s. An Italian immigrant couple built this home in 1922, however the wife pressured her husband into making it the most extravagant home around and unfortunately lost it to bankruptcy. The mansion had murals on the ceilings, a ballroom, and even a swimming pool in the basement.
In 1935 the mansion became the Hazelwood Sanitarium which housed large amounts of people suffering terminal illnesses (most commonly tuberculosis) in hopes of recovering promptly, since this was a popular but unreliable method to cure tuberculosis in the 1900’s.
In 1950 the sanitarium became a mental hospital where unfortunately the patients where awfully mistreated. The hospital was over crowded, mass amounts of people died and the basement even became a place to storage dead bodies.
The mental hospital finally closed in 1992 and was basically abandoned until Todd Wolfe purchased the hospital and made it a haunted attraction. Countless amounts of paranormal activity has occurred that it is now known to be one of the most haunted places in the western part of the country.
The mansion was featured on various paranormal television shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.
In current day the mansion is being repaired to become a haunted hotel for the public.
It’s crazy to think I and so much people pass this 92 year old building all the time without knowing the history behind it.

  • [Tim, Jason and Roy are drinking coffee in Tim’s kitchen]
  • Jason Todd: Mmmm! Goddamn, Tim! This is some serious gourmet shit! Usually, me and Harper would be happy with some freeze-dried Taster’s Choice right, but he springs this serious GOURMET shit on us! What flavor is this?
  • Tim Drake: Knock it off, Jason.
  • Jason Todd: [pause] What?
  • Tim Drake: I don’t need you to tell me how fucking good my coffee is, okay? I’m the one who buys it. I know how good it is. When Alfred goes shopping he buys SHIT. I buy the gourmet expensive stuff because when I drink it I want to taste it. But you know what’s on my mind right now? It AIN’T the coffee in my kitchen, it’s the dead drug dealer in the garage.
  • Jason Todd: Oh, Timmy, don’t even worry about that…
  • Tim Drake: [interupting] No, No, No, No, let me ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said “Dead Drug Dealers Storage”?
  • Jason Todd: Tim, you know I ain’t seen no…
  • Tim Drake: [cutting him off again; getting angry] Did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said “Dead Drug Dealers Storage”?
  • Jason Todd: [pause] No. I didn’t.
  • Tim Drake: You know WHY you didn’t see that sign?
  • Jason Todd: Why?
  • Tim Drake: ‘Cause it ain’t there, 'cause storing dead drug dealers ain’t my fucking business, that’s why!

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IMAGINE Bucky doing some grand romantic gesture for Steve, that the other Avengers just don't get. Steve does and it chokes him up.

Steve spends the evening of July 4 with family and food and a downright embarrassment of presents. Tony had wheeled out a cake with 90-odd candles on it, the fucker, and Steve had taken one look at it and co-opted the rest of the Avengers to help him blow them out – he’s Captain America, not Superman.

He’s surrounded by what feels like piles of lurid wrapping paper when Bucky slips him a flat, brown-paper, string-bound present. The minute shifting inside the package tells him what it is before he opens it, but he still sighs with pleasure: high-quality pencils in a rainbow of colors, and a sketchpad.

“Are you going to pose for him, Barnes?” Tony’s grinning.

“Hah,” Bucky shoots back. “Let’s just say you’re not invited.” Tony staggers, miming injury.

Steve lifts the cover on luxuriously thick, textured pages. In the bottom right corner of the first sheet is a note in Bucky’s handwriting.

You, me

He stares at it, and closes the cover wordlessly.

Hours later, when Bucky makes their apologies and tugs Steve away, they’re followed by good-natured whistling. “Happy drawing!” Nat shouts after them.

They leave the sketchpad on the nightstand and crawl into bed together.

“Happy 29th,” Bucky whispers into Steve’s neck, and Steve kisses him, carefully. They’re still feeling their way through this – piecing together Bucky’s memories, untangling the horrors of the war from the horrors of Hydra, and celebrating any resurfacing of Brooklyn or the Howling Commandos, no matter how bittersweet.

They don’t draw that night – euphemistically or otherwise; they sleep, Bucky nestled on Steve’s shoulder.

Bucky slips out of bed at 0630, and Steve feigns unconsciousness. At 0650, he gets up and dresses, gathers the sketchpad and pencils, and goes searching for 1502. He’s not spent much time on this level. It seems to be offices, or storage. It’s dead quiet, but the door to 1502 opens under his tentative knock.

The floor is carpet, not wooden boards. There is a window at the far end, but the room is wider than their apartment had been. The furniture – bed under the window, chair, table – is all metal. But Bucky is in the narrow bed, naked, sheets tangled like he really has slept there, and the light coming through the window, spilling over him…

“Bucky,” Steve whispers.

“Shut up, Stevie, I’m tryin’ to sleep here.” Bucky keeps his eyes closed, and Steve is immeasurably grateful, because for whole seconds he can’t speak, can’t see for the tears that are overwhelming him.

The light is the same. The light is early morning, summer Brooklyn. Saturday, Steve thinks. A hundred lazy Saturday mornings with his sketchpad in his lap, coffee by his elbow, and he has to sit down, hard, in the chair that Bucky has positioned just so.

Bucky cracks an eye open: a quick, nervous check in the silence.

“’S perfect,” Steve manages thickly. His hands are trembling ever so slightly as he opens the box and selects his first pencil. They’ve both changed so much – the pencil feels shockingly delicate in his grip, and there’s the multitude of new lines and angles of Bucky’s prosthesis to learn – but Bucky’s bought a lot of paper. They’ve got all the time in the world to get this right.

Survey #101 : This or That (very long)

Pepsi or Coke : Pepsi

Myspace or Facebook : Facebook

Chicken or Beef : Chicken

Magazine or Book : Magazine

Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs : Cocoa Puffs

Napkin or Paper Towel : Paper Towel

Chinese or Italian : Italian

Sandals or Shoes : Sandals

Truck or Car : Truck

Alaska or Florida : Florida

Snail Mail or Email : E-mail

Jerry Springer or Steve Wilkos : Neither

Teen Mom or 19 Kids and Counting : 19 Kids and Counting

Xbox 360 or Playstation : Playstation

Birthday or Christmas : Christmas

New York or Las Vegas : New York

Burger King or McDonalds : McDonald’s

Disneyland or Six Flags : Disneyland

Root Beer or Cream Soda : Root Beer

Beer or Wine : Wine

Water or Lemonade : Lemonade

Snow or Rain : Rain

Advil or Tylenol : Advil

Dora the Explorer or Bob the Builder : Bob the Builder

Tennessee or Missouri : Tennessee

France or Italy : Italy

Gift card or a gift set : Gift card

Pen or Pencil : Pen

Folder or Binder : Folder

Desktop Computer or Laptop : Laptop

Dog or cat : Dog

Fish or Bird : Fish

Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate

M&M’s or Hershey’s Kisses : M&M’s

Sweet or Sour : Sweet

Hot Dog or Polish sausage Dog : Hot Dog

Soft or hard pretzel : Soft

JC Penny or Sears : JCPenney 

Football or Basketball : Football

Bowling or Tennis : Bowling

Apple or Grape : Grape

Gun or Knife : Knife

iPod or MP3 Player : iPod

Red or Black : Red

Ford or Chevy : Ford

Toyota or Dodge : Dodge

Wal-Mart or Target : Target

Nike or Adidas : Nike

Married or Single : Single

Schoolwork or Homework : Schoolwork

Lethal Virus or Nuclear Explosion : Literally can’t pick

Hamster or Gerbil : Hamster

Spiders or Snakes : Ewewewewew. Snake if I had to pick.

Boat or Plane : Plane

Fishing or Shrimping : Fishing

Walk or Run : Walk

Dentist or Doctor : Dentist

Coffee or Cappuccino : Cappuccino

Vampire or Werewolf : Werewolf

Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia : Harry Potter

Star Wars or Star Trek : Star Wars

Spiderman or Batman : Batman

Elmo or Cookie Monster : Cookie Monster

Disney Princess or Disney Villain : Disney Princess

Valentine’s Day or Halloween : Valentine’s Day

Freddy or Jason : Neither

Jetsons or the Flintstones : Jetsons

Comedy or Drama : Comedy

Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee : Idc

Noise or Silence : Noise

Train or Bus : Bus

Blind or Deaf : Deaf

The Walking Dead or Hell on Wheels : The Walking Dead

Storage Wars or Pawn Stars : Pawn Stars

Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook : Jack Sparrow

Yoga or Pilates : Yoga

Zumba or Just Dance : Zumba

Light or Dark : Light

Crab or Lobster : Lobster

Spaghetti or Lasagna : Spaghetti

Milk or Orange Juice : Milk


Shaken or Stirred : Shaken

Cake or Pie : Cake

Jello or Pudding : Pudding

Danielle Steel or Nicholas Sparks : Nicholas Sparks

Ann Rice or Stephen King : Neither

Ice Cream or Sherbet : Ice Cream

Swimming Pool or Lake : Swimming Pool

Cabin or Hotel : Hotel

Snow Globe or Music Box : Snow Globe

Piano or Guitar : Piano

Ice Skating or Roller skating : Ice Skating

Fantasy or Reality : Reality

Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck : Mickey Mouse

Couch or Recliner : Couch

Call or Text : Text

State Fair or Circus : State Fair

Peanuts or Popcorn : Peanuts

Chocolate Milk or Hot Chocolate : Chocolate milk

Pancakes or Waffles : Waffles

All or Nothing : All?

MTV or VH1 : MTV

Madonna or Michael Jackson : Madonna

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones The Beatles

Mother or Father : Both

Sister or Brother : Well I’m a sister?

Grandma or Grandpa : Both

Baked or Fried : Fried

Turkey or Ham : Turkey

Aquarium or The Zoo : Aquarium

State Capitol or The Nation’s Capital : The Nation’s Capital

Taco or Burrito : Taco

N*SYNC or the Backstreet Boys : N*SYNC

Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer : Neither

Water or Land : Land

Math or Science : Math

History or English : English

China or Japan : China

Did Mona Vanderwaal fake her death? - Theory

So I haven’t posted something in the last few days. That’s just because I was rewatching a lot of episodes and collecting stuff to make this theory as convincing as possible.

As you may have read, in this theory I want to show that Mona probably did fake her death.

First of all Janel Parrish and also Marlene King said that Mona won’t disappear totally out of the show. Although they confirmed she would appear in flashbacks I have a strong feeling she will also appear regular because she isn’t dead at all.

Secondly Mona was incredibly sure that she would be the next to get killed. 

It wasn’t just foreshadowing like it’s sometimes in Pll. You could clearly see that Mona tried to mention everytime she was with the Liars that she believed in her death coming up soon. She also tried to lead them into thinking that Alison would be the person they should be afraid of the most.

Let’s also not forget that Mona recorded a secret video: Is that also a hint showing that she planned her death a while ago?

Another hint is that Mona was really sneeky in the last few episodes she was in. For example she was hiding behind the walls to listen what her mom and Hanna were talking about. Hanna, who was closest to Mona, was already influenced by her “Alison is the bad guy” theory so she could also convince Mona’s mother, which lead to her speaking with Mr. Hackett. Although it looked like Mona wasn’t responsable for Hanna talking to her mother and her mom going to the principal, she’s actually the person who’s holding the threads and the liars are her marionettes.

Some of you may now wondering how it could have been possible for Mona to fake her death? Here are my answers:

1. Blood: As you know, when the liars finally made it to Mona’s house it was blured with blood, which obviously belonged to Mona. The police officer announced that she couldn’t have survived because of the amount of blood which was found. However you may remember the time, Mona was in Radley and when she began to hurt herself with Hanna’s eyebrow tweezers?! I believe that’s when she began collecting her blood.

There was also recently a scene in which Mona passed out in choir lesson. Maybe it was because she had drawn too much of her own blood. An evidence to this is the bandaid she was having on her crook of the arm.

2. A: Almost everybody believes that A has killed Mona, but there are some kind of contrasts with regard to the “normal” behaviour of A and Mona’s killer. First of all, you can’t see the knife, the murder weapon in any scene, while Mona’s killer was in her house. Even if you rewatch the scene and look closley. First the murder pulls out his hair/wig with both hands, while going upstairs to Mona’s room, which makes no sense because  normally the knife would’ve been in the kitchen which is downstairs. Secondly in the next scene, in which he/she goes into Mona’s room you also can’t see that there’s anything in his/her hands.

Which is unusal for A too is the fact, that Mona’s house was destroyed after the murder. Normally A is very careful and tries to become almost invisible for everybody else. So why would he/she make such a mess?

Another thing that doesn’t fit in, is the question why A would take Mona’s body. Through out the season’s, A never put one of his/her victims into his/her car. The bodies were always placed in public locations. I’m not really sure if it was anyway Mona in the trunk. Maybe it was just some kind of full size doll. You may remember Hector, the guy who made the masks. Maybe he also helped Mona.

3. Confirmation through Marlene King: On the picture below you can see Marlene King’s tweet as well as the scene, in which A/Mona’s Killer was putting the Mona doll into the crib and was consequently replacing the Jesus doll, which ended up next to Mona’s body. Maybe the tweet and this scene is an allusion to (Mona’s) “resurrection”.

Another thing you can see in the second photo is a strand of dark/brown hair. This could mean that Mona herself did place the doll into the crib. 

The next important confirmation, Marlene King did, was this one:

“This death (Mona’s death) has been in the works for more than a year — it’s been a very well-thought plan.” - Marlene King

This statement would fit pretty well with my thought, that Mona already began drawing her blood when she was still in Radley.

4. The car: A lot of people recently hinted out that Paige is having a blue car and that’s why they’re thinking she’s the one, who killed Mona. However actually Mona herself is also having a blue car. 

Things you should keep in mind: It wouldn’t be the first time for Mona to fake a death. Remember Alison and Toby. Mona helped them both and made sure that nobody would become suspicious

Some of you also wondered why Mona was calling Aria and not Hanna to tell her that she knew Alison was A. That’s what I think:

- maybe Hanna knows that Mona isn’t dead. She was the first one to go upstairs in Mona room and screamed immediately, although she couldn’t know if Mona was dead. The storage is also rented in her name. In the beginning we thought that A wanted to blame the murder of Mona on her, but maybe Mona herself rented the storage, not to tease Hanna but just to get her stuff in there. I could also imagine that she catched that Hanna got in trouble with the police and that’s why she removed the stuff, just to protect her best friend. She maybe also had somehow access to Alison’s blood and that’s why she placed some of it in the storage to make it look like it was actually Alison.

I’m also pretty convinced that Mike also knows that Mona’s alive. Rightnow he seems to meet a lot with Alison, but maybe just to get some information for Mona. That could be the reason too, why they had an argument. I can really imagine that Mike wasn’t really pleased with the idea to get closer to Alison, after all she had done to him. (For example; made fun of him and Hanna when they where dating.)

So what are you’re thoughts on this theory? Please post it below, xo

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I saw Quentin Tarantino at a bar in San Francisco. He was hanging out with and playing patty cake with three young Asian girls. I was absolutely trashed and my friends had to restrain me from going up to him and saying "IS THERE A SIGN ON THIS BAR THAT SAYS DEAD QUENTIN STORAGE."

you know how quentin always manages to feel like he’s a massive creep but never actually does anything to confirm it, it’s just kinda off putting? ‘Playing patty cake with three Asian girls’ seems exactly like that kinda weird shit he would do

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Quentin Tarantino

Love: The fact that he has such douchey stans and so many shitty little freshman film students and bartenders with rich parents make poor imitations of his work tends to distract from the fact that he is actually an excellent filmmaker. Sure, his writing can be a little up-its-own-ass at times, and sure, it can verge on pastiche, but at the end of the day, he’s an excellent writer with an excellent visual sense who gets excellent performances and has an excellent grasp of structure and pacing. And he’s good at “killing his darlings.” His scripts tend to be overlong everything-up-to-and-including-the-kitchen-sink works, but he has no problem cutting what doesn’t work, even if that thing is something he loves, and as a filmmaker, I can tell you that’s one of the hardest things to do (and is one of the biggest reasons my Haiti script is still not done after all these years).

Hate: I’ve mentioned this before in posts about Django Unchained and Tarantino in general: Tarantino’s anti-racism makes him too comfortable and loops his films around into territory that requires too much outside knowledge to not come off actually racist (and, because of his primary audience, who doesn’t know the things that he knows, perpetuate racism). He, like Scorsese, likes to use the n-word as a signifier that someone is shady or not to be trusted, but it often doesn’t work, especially when used in a quotable scene like the infamous “dead nigger storage” scene in Pulp Fiction.

And the best example, IMO, of where Tarantino’s attempts at anti-racism go wrong is in Django Unchained. Some of the anti-racist rhetoric is obvious–the scene with the proto-Klan struggling with their hoods, for example. Other bits are not. Like when Leonardo DiCaprio’s Monsieur Candie has the skull at the dinner table and is explaining the (current to the movie’s setting but since discredited) pseudoscience of phrenology. Tarantino uses that moment to subtly point out flaws in racist ideology, but in a way that only makes sense if you both know the history of racism and have engaged in arguments with neo-Nazis in the modern day. Candie uses the skull and points to the dimples that supposedly indicate the black race’s inherent loyalty, subservience, and docile nature, which was the stereotype from the antebellum period to the collapse of Reconstruction. This was supposed to illustrate that the stereotype completely reversed after the war and show how little sense any of it made to begin with. But most people don’t know that history, don’t know that neo-Nazis still believe in phrenology to this day, and likely didn’t engage with the scene enough to notice the message he was attempting to deliver through it. Thus to most people, the scene was just Leo’s character getting progressively angrier at being tricked and losing his shit and saying the n-word a bunch.

The critical reactions to Samuel L. Jackson’s character Stephen from that film also illustrates how easily Tarantino’s point was missed. The character was intended to demonstrate how some black people, when treated with relative kindness by racist whites, are willing to betray their own for that seat at the foot of the table, how being born into that system can brainwash intelligent people into betraying their own self-interest. It was taken instead, even by critics who are generally intelligent and progressive on many issues, as “anyone can be racist.” They viewed him as more evil than Candie rather than as a pathetic, brainwashed pawn. And that was in large part because Tarantino didn’t plan for an audience with a different perspective than his. In the end, it helped no one.

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  • njittie: musick for simulation world > Gman//HJYUGTF2 > April 1992 > Music for True Romanve Vol 1. > Hannover Cloud > Merzphysics > Last Of The Analog Sessions > Mechanization Takes Command > Stacy Q, Hi Fi Sweet Leaf > Noisembryo - Psycho-Analytic Study of Coital Noise Posture > Neward Hellfire > Metalvelodrome: Exposition of Electro-Vivisecion > Pinkream > Magnesio Nova > Scene > Akasha Gulva > Vratya Southward > Crocidura Dsi Nezuma > 抜刀隊 With Memorial Gadgets > Rainbow Electronics > Space Metalizer > Noizhead > Live in Geneva > Dying Mapa Tape 1 > Dutch Tour 1989 > Green Wheels > 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 13: Chabo > I'm Proud by Rank of the Workers: Live in Khabarovsk CCCP > Hybrid Noisebloom > Pornoise/1 kg Vol. 1 > Metal Mad Man > Spiral Honey > Dust of Dreams > New Takamagahara > Psychorazer > Ikebukuro Dada > Flare Gun > Decomposition 001 > Decomposition 002 > Door Open at 8 AM > Tunehunter > Somei... > The Lampinak > Antimonument > 24 Hours - A Day Of Seals > Untitled Nov 1989 > Great American Nude / Crash for Hi-Fi > Live Magnetism > Oersted > Expanded Music > SCSI Duck > Dission Dialogue > Music For Bondage Performance 2 > Mercurated > Dharma > Metamorphism > Hanover Interruption > Vibractance > Tautomachine > Cycle > Enclosure > Electric Salad > Frog: Remixed and Revisited > F.I.D. > Sha Mo 3000 > Rainbow Electronics II > Amlux > Cloud Cock OO Grand > Bariken > Pornoise Extra > Venereology > Tentacle > Animal Magnetism > Houjoue > Don't Steal My Coat > Collapse 12 Floors > Backbone Part 5 > Dead Zone > Pornoise > Storage > Senmaida > 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 12: Tsubame > Aqua Necromancer > Blues MAggots > Turmeric > Solonoise > Merzbuddha > Arifigoku > Offering > Merzbow Loves Emil Beaulieua > Sphere > 13 Japanese Birds Vol 11.: Shirasagi > Music For Bondage Performance > Paradise Pachinko > Merzbient > Ecobondage > Kibbutz > Hole > Anicca > 12 Japanese Birds Vol. 2: Fukuto > Fantail > Material Action for 2 Mictophones > Merzzow > 1930 > Hodosan > Collection Era > Nil Vagina Mail Action > Dead Leaves > Merzbear > Mort aux caches: Locomotive Breath > Jigokuhen > Paradoxa Paradoza > 9888A > Collaborative > Normal Music ? Marmo > Age of 369 > A Taste Of... > Eucalypse > Metarial Action 2 > 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 1: Suzume > Merzbird > Bloody Sea > Yantra Material Action > Agni Hotra > Ouroboros > Frog > Lop Lop > Flesh Metal Orgasm > Project Frequency > Yaho-Niwa > Le Cuisinier > Pornoise/1kg Vol. 4 > Recycled Music > Surabhi > Merzbuddha Variations > Coma Berenices > 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 7: Kujakubato > Puroland > Hiranya > 13 Japanese Birds VOl. 5: Uzura > 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 8 : Kokuchou > Graft > Pulse Demon > Tombo > Higanbana > Here > 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 9: Hiyodori > Camouflage > Maschinenstil > Hard Lovin' Man > Merzbeat > E-Study > Dying Mapa Tape 2 > Dying Mapa 1 > Peace for Animals > 13 Japanese Birds Vil. 10: Niwatori > Microkosmos Volume 1 > Remblandt Assemblage > Pornoise/1kg Vol. 3 > Lowest Music 2 > Pornoise/1kg Vol. 2 > 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 4: Karasu > Metal Acoustic Music > Chant 2 > 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 3: Yukiramome > Solonoise 2 > Rattus Rattus > Lowest Music 2 > Sadomasochismo > Variations for Electric Fan > Aka Meme > Kamadhenu > Dadarottenvator > 13 Japanese Birds Vol. 6: Kamo > KIR Transformation > OM Electrique > Collection 001 > Nil Vagina Tape Loops > Zophorus > Ushi-Tra > Minazo Vol. 1 > Minazo Vol. 2 > Dying Mana Tape 3 > Protean World > Collection 008 > Expanded Music 2 > Lowest Music > Tridal Production > Escape Mask > Musick for Screen > Yahatahachiman > Dadavida > Merzbow/Secrets > Pornoise/1kg Vol. 5 > Chant > Dolphin Sonar > Merzbuta > Tamago > Fuckexercise > Le Compt > Erotograph > Sexplan Project > Worker Machine > Regelade > Collection 002 > Collection 003
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My Thoughts on "The Bin of Sin"

Honesty I thought this was a pretty blah episode..SOOOO that means it was prob chock full of clues that I missed..which is why I thank God that I have all of you!

Nonetheless, here goes….

If Hanna is A what smarter move than renting the storage unit in her own name to convince everyone A is framing her..hmm

Aria is literally never around but still knew about Hanna visiting Ali before the other girls (and still is the only one to know about Jason and Ashley). I gotta admit she’s good that A(ria).

Emily doesn’t wanna tamper w evidence. HAHAHAHAHA. Wanting to plant Ali’s hair in Mona’s house ring any bells home girl? I pointed out in a different post how when the evidence points to the Liars they claim “framed!” But when it points to anyone else then obviously it must be legit. Pick a lane Emily.

Bakery girl is totally tying to see if Emily’s into girls.

At first I thought Tanner was feeling Toby out to see what he knows but then she got annoyed and defensive. She either knows Holbrook is working with Ali or is in serious denial about her police force.

Is Ezra really busy w his new business or is he still spying on the girls and that’s all just a cover up story?

Very shady scene w Caleb and Hanna. Hanna thought through so much in a very A like way (damn you theorists who got it in my head that she could be A). How’d she know what kind of drill was needed to break a lock that she’d never even seen?

Shock of the century that Ezra isn’t mad at Aria. It didn’t even occur to him she could’ve actually meant all of that stuff, wth! He totally doesn’t want her getting into any colleges (without his help anyway) and she will suffer from her claustrophobia if she has to stay in Rosewood. Here’s a wild and crazy idea: if college doesn’t work out you could always move together somewhere far away and Aria could get a job. Problem. Solved.

At least this time Caleb wore gloves.

Aria has other things to worry about besides Ezra? Hahaha that’s so funny. And a lie.

Ezra are you FINALLY getting it? Sorry to all the Ezria shippers, I’m not even anti-Ezria per say, but if the parts were played by real age actors I think you’d get where I’m coming from here.

Why WOULDN’T Caleb help Hanna, his GF? No one questioned him helping Spencer last week in situations that were equally as dumb.

#onestepbehind had me rolling. Write that on my PLL tombstone bc this show kills me sometimes.

Why would A clear out the room and leave the barrel (is that even the original barrel or a decoy?) Could A be setting them up?

These girls keep flashlight companies in business. Aria whyyyy would you suggest that you all split up?! In a dark, abandoned, scary as hell building. And these Einsteins agree it’s a good idea!

Toby and Hanna look like they could be related. Honestly this show is gonna be one of those towns filled w people who unwittingly adopted kids who are all related. Like I can’t even, everyone is either A, red coat, black widow, a twin…..or dead.

Wouldn’t the storage unit camera have taped them before they cut off the feed?

Can someone please explain to me the significance of the freeze dried almonds?


Spencer wedged the wrench in the door so she could get back out of the room, which I took to mean that there was no other way in or out. So how the hell did Aria magically appear inside next to Spencer without coming in the door after her? That room wasn’t that big and how did she not make a bee line for the lap top if she got there first? She totally planted it there. The girls banging on the door for A to let them out made me laugh (I have issues and probably belong in Radley, I know), A didn’t happen to not see you in there and this is all a misunderstanding and they’re gonna let you out.

What a change of pace having Hanna off w her bf (even though it was doing A related stuff) while Aria was with the girls. BOOM, it hit me why she’s always been my least favorite liar and the most believable A candidate (for me): she’s never around or involved. I actually liked her being part of the action. But at this point are the writers just making bad things happen to her bc they know everyone says that nothing ever does?

Omg, they’re opening the barrel.
Rookie cops see a lot of action in Rosewood. Who knew they were qualified to do a detectives job. No wonder all the detectives suck. Seriously, they can’t even show us what’s in the barrel??? THROW US A FREAKIN BONE HERE! There’s a drop of blood right next to it though bc A is so smart and crafty. And this is totally a set up.

I hope this Jason/Ashely business is important and not filler bc honesty, it’s boring me.

Emily go close up Ezra’s business while he eats take out with Aria so that we can lay the foundation for your next relationship bc God forbid you were single for a hot minute. End rant.

Ezra gave Aria a RED book 😂. Side note: I just realized I have the same initials as Aria and idk how I feel about that haha!

Is Ezra doing the right thing? Are Pigtunia’s flying?!?

If A’s plan was to pit the girls against one another, it worked.

It should be nice knowing the girls have an honest cop on their side but considering half the stuff they do is illegal or can be easily misconstrued it’s not proving to be as helpful as one might have hoped.

What was the whole “do over”promo/commercial? And what was so significant about that Ali/Mona moment??

Emily PLEASE stay single for a minute. Older person whose name I can’t remember for some reason, PLEASE date someone your own age for a minute.

Haleb FOREVER. When the going gets tough, he stays and risks jail time.

My poor spencer. Toby might actually be doing the right thing in the long run.

A seems to be built like a man imo (Toby? Ezra?). And now they have fingerprints where they relocated all the stuff from the storage shed (those prints did belong to the liars right?!) But Hanna’s in the clear bc she wasn’t there. Neither was Caleb. So COULD Hanna be A? Sweet baby Jesus please no.

One of my favorite parts of this show are the funny one liners but this show didn’t really have any so I’m kinda bummed. I guess my sense of humor and I will go mourn the lack of laughs like Aria mourned her lack of extracurricular activities. LOL. Thanks for reading, I love and appreciate you for it. 😘