dead spin

So today was the first day I met with my therapist. I tried to write a list of things I’d like to talk to her about down on a Google Document, but I got a bit distracted, as you can tell.

Let’s just say I didn’t use my notes during my session.

The dead spinning in their graves is a real thing and now used to generate electricity. Your job is to come up with the best ideas to piss off the deceased in order to maximize energy production.

Special Request

Once Daniel Sharman is done with killing zombies on Fear the Walking Dead can we get a spin off of what Isaac Lahey’s life was like once he moved to France? SINCE HE WASN’T BACK ON TEEN WOLF AND TEEN WOLF IS NOW OFFICIALLY OVER! Is that so hard to ask???

Like the hunters went to London what makes you think they couldn’t have gone to France. Did Isaac get effected during the war with Monroe? What happened in France? Did he find a pack or is he a lone wolf? What did he do after Argent went back to America and Beacon Hills? There’s so many questions I have and I want them answered in a spin off. Also I want to see his character development more. Okay my rant is over. But seriously who wouldn’t watch a tv show with this perfect person??

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