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Where's my South park's "Heathers: Musical" AU?

Seriously, I’m in love with the South Park Heathers: the musical AU idea, it’s great, the songs are beautiful and both the show and the musical is strange, bizarre and comical. Also the songs give that beautiful touch. There are gay guys … I think. They remind me of Creek in a more stupid version; No one thought of Thomas and Richard during the song My dead gay son? It was so funny that they have the song. Based on the colors of the Heathers, Cartman remains as the perfect bitch Heather C. (Red Heather), Kyle would be the green Heather Duke who read Mobby Dick, and Kenny would be perfect for Heather McNakara, because she has that very real side and human questioning about his life and the problems in her. I also love that in the end Heather Mc. She will end up as close friend of Veronica after her psychic support (and I have a love for Kenny being close to the Dip * CofcofKennDipcofcofpolyloveplz * Also, I love the image of Pip being Veronica, because the boy is just a marginal who only wants a great year, does not have many friends and wants to be accepted despite being mistreated by the group of “friends.” And Damien is perfect for JD, because it is mysterious, somewhat twisted, dark and certainly I think they look pretty good in appearance. I imagine it in the style of “Mean to be yours” and even “Our love is god” Is not it funny? Because Damien is technically a demigod. Hahaha

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Blessing y'all for the 5TH time with sexy J-Hope

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waywardwondersmith  asked:

Have you ever heard of the band The Dead South? Their genre is kinda hard to describe (like alternative bluegrass but also folk-rock and whatever the heck genre you'd put the mandolin in) but in a bunch of their songs they've got that Southern Gothic-y vibe you seem to like, kinda like Delta Rae but they don't have any female vocalists (which is kinda funny and weird because they are in fact from Saskatchewan, not the South, but ehh, details, they sound good)

I’ve not heard of them before, but thanks for telling me about them! I’m not sure yet whether I like their vocals, but I’m digging the general sound.