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Magical Realism Fic Rec

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burning bright (oikuro)- M, 43k

The tale of how Kuroo Tetsurou invades and subsequently ruins Oikawa Tooru’s life with his larger-than-life fire magic and his terrible hair.

i put my hand out, unfolded, into the sunlight (bokuaka) - G, 3.k

In which Bokuto Kotarou is woefully inept at conveying his feelings, and Akaashi Keiji has a sort-of superpower. Sort of.

hang out and fall in love (matsuhana) - T, 5.6k

In which Hanamaki’s humble medical practice is threatened by an intractable asshole a witch doctor who’s just moved into the shop down the street. Medical/Witchcraft AU.

And flowers bloom in his wake (kurodai) - G, 10k

Magical gifts AU. The first thing Kuroo notices about Sawamura Daichi is that wherever he goes, there are flowers. 

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Who’s ready to hear the best joke ever? Ok *clears throat*

A rich snail goes into a car shop, picks out a super fast car, and says “I want a big S painted on the right side, the left side, the front, the back, I want big S’s everywhere.” And the car painter asks “Why?” And the snail says “Because when I pass people on the road I want them to point at me and say ‘Wow! Look at that escargot!”

howdoistormspirit  asked:

Woah. Chill. I didn't ask to see your soul. I'm TRYING to be nice and helpful. But if you're going to keep being so antagonistic, I WILL leave you to Shadow and the nastier anons.

“I’m sorry that I’ve been antagonistic, ok? I’m not used to a world where the monsters I’m talking to aren’t swearing right back at me! I’m sorry that maybe being flung into wherever the FUCK I am is making me angry and scared out of my wits, because I’m talking to people I can’t even defend myself from and then one of you bastards asks to see my soul EVEN THOUGH THAT’S APPARENTLY NOT WHAT YOU EVEN WANTED FROM ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!? How am I supposed to know what the fuck is going on or who to trust, huh?!”


Возвращаясь к старым письмам
Ты помнишь, как всё начиналось? - чёрные буквы, кривые строчки, попытки не говорить стихами.
Ты помнишь, как мы мечтали и грустили, но никогда не сдавались? - тем временем, наше детство кануло в Лету. И я не знаю, проливаешь ли ты слёзы над моими наивными письмами, над мёртвыми цветами, котороые теперь можно положить на могилу наших грёз, наших отношений, нашей невозможной любви. Я будто бы знала, чем всё это для меня закончится - эта очередная зависимость от ожидания нового письма, от больших неоправдвнных надежд перед незнакомым человеком. Я будто бы знала и отправляла мёртвые цветы, уснувшие вечным сном между страниц с моими заметками. Но я не могу оставить тебя в прошлом, я продолжаю ждать от тебя писем и продолжаю тебе писать, вот только, я  больше не отправлю тебе ни строчки. Все мои слова остаются умирать рядом со мной, мучая меня бессоницей, заставляя перечитывать вновь и вновь то, что ты никогда не прочитаешь.
Нас свела вместе отчаянная меланхолия, и она же нас рассоеденила. Я влюбилась в то, чего нет. Я не хочу, чтоб ты, мой ветер, узнал о том, что я чувствую на самом деле. Но…
Ты же помнишь мёртвые цветы, ты же их помнишь?

anonymous asked:

Is there a good tank mate for my really non aggressive male betta? He's in a heated, filtered, and well planted and decorated 10 galleon. I considered a snail but they kind of scare me because of how easily they breed, even if you only buy one you could accidentally buy them pregnant, and I'm sort of worried I wouldn't be able to tell if the snail was ill or dead.

In a 10 snails ate really you best bet. With that said nerite snails don’t breed in freshwater so you won’t have to worry about that. As for other creatures… Maybe some amano shrimp.

Some random animals from Hannibal:

Kevin, Peter Bernardone's cute mouse

Pavlov-I-Hate-My-Life-Verger, Mason’s pig

The sheep that left everyone dying with envy

The true hero of the third season

The bird that comes out from the heart of a woman thaaat cames out from inside of that dead horse. You know, the usual.

Snails with better sex life than yours.