dead sled

I want an au with Iwaizumi being the leader of a husky sled and Oikawa as a scientist who has to do some research in this icy and snowy land and needs a scout to help him out. This is how he and Iwaizumi meet.

Night Sledding

“I wanna go sledding,” Dean said, sounding hopeful.

Cas opened his eyes and saw Dean peering back at him, dead serious. “Sledding… right now?” he said slowly. “You do know it’s the middle of the night?”

Dean has a lot of spur-of-the-moment ideas, and though Cas is reluctant at first, he can’t bring himself to mind this one. (1.6k)


Castiel was woken up late at night by a series of soft kisses: one to his forehead, one to his eyelids, then to his nose and finally, mouth. “Dean?” he mumbled, feeling around blindly until his fingers touched the face above him. He held his boyfriend’s head in his hands and felt his cheeks move when the other boy smiled.

“Hey, Cas,” Dean whispered, pecking him on the lips again.

“Why’re you up?” Cas murmured, eyes still closed.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Dean responded, running a hand through Cas’ dark, messy hair. “I feel like doing something.”

“What do you want to do?” Cas answered with a yawn, humoring him.

“I wanna go sledding,” Dean said, sounding hopeful.

Cas opened his eyes and saw Dean peering back at him, dead serious. “Sledding… right now?” he said slowly. “You do know it’s the middle of the night?”

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Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack (in order of appearance)
  • 1. Speed of Sound: Chris Bell
  • 2. Lover: Devandra Banhart
  • 3. William Tell Overture: Traditional
  • 4. Screw the Man: The Jerk Offs
  • 5. Twilight: The Raveonettes
  • 6. You Don't Have To Love Me (io che non vivo senza te): Dusty Springfield
  • 7. Xavier: The Submarines
  • 8. Middle Management: Bishop Allen
  • 9. Fever: Takka Takka
  • 10. Sonido Total: The Pinker Tones
  • 11. Our Swords: Band of Horses
  • 12. Snoopy: The Playboys
  • 13. Go Deep: Silas Hite and Mark Mothersbaugh
  • 14. Boys Don't Cry: John Enroth
  • 15. All the Wine: The National
  • 16. Insistor: Tapes 'N Tapes
  • 17. Just the Way You Are: Billy Joel
  • 18. Wannabe: Spice Girls
  • 19. After Hours: We Are Scientists
  • 20. Kennedy: Ratatat
  • 21. Negative: Project Jenny, Project Jan
  • 22. Very Loud: Shout Out Louds
  • 23. Where There's A Will There's a Whalebone: Islands
  • 24. Why: Colin Kiddy
  • 25. Slight of Hand: Army Navy
  • 26. Trust your Stomach: Marching Band
  • 27. 12 Gays of Christmas: John Cantwell
  • 28. Baby You're my Light: Richard Hawley
  • 29. Karate: Kennedy
  • 30. Little Motel: Modest Mouse
  • 31. You Sexy Thing: Hot Chocolate
  • 32. Riot Radio: The Dead 60s
  • 33. Silvery Sleds: Army Navy
  • 34. How to Say Goodbye: Paul Tiernan
  • 35. Last Words: The Real Tuesday Weld
  • 36. Ottoman: Vampire Weekend
  • 37. Electro Socket Blues: Rogue Wave

anonymous asked:

are there any bands you wish people listened to more?

i honestly have no idea what people listen to for the most part, but here are some acts that are close to me and that i think are doing great things:

ephemerus, shelby sifers, red sled choir, s. ayton / mood swings, slobber, jordan o’jordan, loone, mama shogun / transient in barcelona, crywank, a stick and a stone, entire cities, gregory mckillop / speaker for the dead, clara engel, guilt mountain / go ogres, bum tickins / the bloodwashed band, holy haunted head, kit wilson-yang, adult mom, subpixel, lower dens, baby dee, orion rigel dommisse, purrbot, real live tigers, richard laviolette, klessa, catholic gaydar, diane cluck, holiday rambler, evening hymns, bruce peninsula, pretty swans, hooded fang, nicole dollanganger, mogli, hop along, cold specks, edgar cayce, liv carrow, car seat headrest, little teeth, the weather station, L CON

The Dragon's Price


The bloody red sunset hung over the battlefield, mirroring the ground caked in the blood of humans, horses, and hounds alike. Cries for mercy had died out as the mercymen and healers made their rounds, taking care of every individual they could find. Part of the field was on fire. Burned bodies still glowing like charcoal. The victorious army cheered as they backed up to go home! After a year of bloody battle, some would be able to see their families. Others would be given two gold coins for their father’s or son’s employment.

Prince Dylan wandered out of the small encampment. There was a smaller celebration currently but a larger one would be held in the capital. With a dead goat on a sled, he dragged the carcass over to something most sane people would have run in fear for their lives.

A dragon.

More than that, a wild untamed dragon.

Dragons were brilliant creatures, filled with magic and breathtakingly beautiful. The Prince had made a friend out of the dragon, helping heal the dragon’s wounds. In payment of their contract, the great dragon would help fight the battle. Approaching the dragon, Prince Dylan bowed his head and presented the goat. “I have two more on its way for your meal.”


Brett Caller on the dead sled by Christiansen Surfboards


A clip I have done of my friend Brett Calller sliding down one of his favourite point breaks.