dead ship oh look at it

  • Me: *has 100.000 gay ships*
  • *none of them are even remotely canon by the end of the season*
  • *sees two guys look at each other*
  • Me: Oh My GOd thEY'Re SO In lOvE
When they don't finish the fic

Me: ahh I NEED TO READ A FIC! Oh this one looks good!

(5 hours and 34 chapters later)

Me: Oh my god this is AWES- it’s unfinished…when’s the next chap- NO

Last updated: January 2010

Me: oh just FUCK OFF! WHY WHY DID YOU DO THIS?! they didn’t kiss yet?! THEY DIDN’T EVEN KISS WHY I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THIS TRANSGRESSION AGAINST ME I HATE EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW WHATS HAPPENED! Never mind I will never read fanfic again! I swear ao3 you are dead to me.

(2 minutes later)

Me: oh this fic looks interesting…

Oh, Baby (Bucky x reader)

Word count:  1300

         “I was protecting you!” You shouted at Bucky, who was currently pacing the space of the jet. “You were surrounded by agents! What’d you expect me to do? Let you die?”

           “Yes Y/N!” He shouted back at you, turning towards you. “You were supposed to get back on this damn ship and save yourself! Now, look at you!” He pointed towards your bruised cheek.

           “I’d rather have a beat-up face than a dead boyfriend!”  You screamed back at him. Steve and Natasha were awkwardly sitting beside you, looking at each other. “You’re too proud, James. It’s not my fault that you needed help and were too pussy to admit it!”

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Things I need to see in the next MCGA book:

• Percy, Alex and Magnus hanging out and making jokes while Sam and Annabeth actually talk strategy and do useful things

• the floor 19 gang making fun of Magnus because he refuses to admit that he likes Alex “we’re just friends, she doesn’t see me like that anyway” “the world is gonna end soon, don’t we have other priorities?”

• TJ making a joke about how he’s the only one who’s single “But TJ, both Alex and I are single” *cue laughter from TJ, Mallory and Halfborn* *Magnus blushes and looks super uncomfortable* *Alex turns bright red and threatens to garrote someone*

• Alex meets Mr. alderman and nearly kills him before Hearth manages to stop her

• BLITZSTONE Magnus finally figures out they’re dating and he’s like “GUYS THEYRE DATING OMG ALEX SAM GUESS WHAT” and Alex and Sam are like “dude didn’t you know that??” And it turns out that literally everyone knows like all of floor 19 knows, Sam knows, Alex knows, Annabeth knows, Amir knows, Loki knows, Barry the flight instructor knows

• Alex asks Magnus out like at breakfast with all of floor 19 watching and he’s totally taken by surprise, the group is watching his reaction trying (and failing) not to laugh, Alex is trying SO hard not to scream from happiness

• Alex wearing dresses/skirts just because

• Fierrochase before they officially start dating

• The actual scene with Alex asking Magnus out and not the garbage thing he did with solangelo where it’s like “oh look they’re dating now! But you’ll never know how it happened”

• Alex and hearth friendship

watching hamilton with my mom

alexander hamilton

  • “wow”

aaron burr, sir

  • “who is that”
  • “who are they”
  • “What are they doing”

My Shot

  • “he’s not throwing it away so he’s not giving up?”

the story of tonight

  • “so they’re buddies”

the schuyler sisters

  • “hey i know this song”
  • “what are they saying”
  • “wow”

farmer refuted

  • she is very confused

You’ll Be Back:

  • “oh yeah i like him”
  • “look at his face!!!”
  • cackling 
  • “he’s good eh” 

right hand man: 

  • “that’s george washington?" 
  • "so they’re just basically getting organized now?" 


  • "so is this when alexander meets the youngest one?" 
  • at alexander’s happy dance she screamed 
  • laughing bc herc is the flower girl 


  • laughs at anthony’s "alright alright!!!" 
  • looking very confused at choreo 
  • "why? SHE’S in love with him???" 
  • "so they’d be together?? but he’s poor?" 
  • (at least i’ll keep his eyes in my life) "ooh" 
  • "wow" 
  • "that’s pretty cool" 

the story of tonight (reprise) 

  • "are they all drunk?" 
  • (oh shit) she is laughing 

wait for it 

  • "i like this song" 

stay alive 

  • "look at them!" 

ten duel commandments 

  • silence 

meet me inside 

  • "isn’t the bald guy in charge?" 

that would be enough 

  • "is that his wife? she’s pregnant" 
  • "oh that’s good eh?" 

guns and ships 

  • she’s just smiling so much 

history has its eyes on you 

  • "oh he’s giving him a battalion that’s good" 


  • "so they’re getting all pumped to fight?" 
  • me: they’re fighting 
  • "ok" 
  • "that’s awesome, eh?" 

what comes next 

  • laughing as soon as king george starts walking 
  • just 
  • laughing 

dear theodosia 

  • "he had a kid with the british officer’s wife?" 

laurens interlude 

  • "who is that?" 
  • "who’s dead?" 
  • im crying


  • "oh the war’s over right, the world turned upside down" 
  • "what" 
  • "he’s trying to build the constitution?" 
  • "was he a president?" 
  • "he still has that connection with angelica" 
  • me: yep
  • "so…he’s pretty brilliant" 
  • "he keeps leaving" 
  • "wow" 
  • "its really good" 

 what’d i miss 

  • "oh is that devanay or–" 
  • me: daveed 
  • "yeah" 

 cabinet battle #1 

  • *whispers* "slaves" 

 take a break 

  • "he’s writing a letter to angelica? what about his wife?" 
  • my mom really ships alexander and angelica omfg 
  • "so he loves angelica" 

 say no to this 

  • "she’s a hooker?" 
  • she’s mad at hammy

 the room where it happens 

  • "its so good" 

cabinet battle #2 

  • laughs 
  • "who’s daddy? 
  • “oh, washington." 

washington on your side 

  • "so they’re getting together against him" 
  • "oHHH they’re going to find the affair" 

one last time 

  • "wow” (same)

i know him 

  • “oh god" 
  • she loves him 

the adams administration 

  • what just happened 

we know 

  • “wow” 


  • she looked very confused and offended when i explained the reynolds pamphlet 

the reynolds pamphlet 

  • shaking her head in disbelief (same mom) 
  • my mom loVES KING GEORGE 


  • "poor girl" 

blow us all away 

  • "oh" 
  • "ooh" 
  • "shot him at seven that’s not fair" 

stay alive (reprise) 

  • im crying 
  • "wow" 

it’s quiet uptown 

  • me: isn’t that upsetting? 
  • "YES." 

your obedient servant 

  • “passive aggressive” 

best of wives and best of women 

  • "they’re back together?”

the world was wide enough 

  • me: she’s the bullet 
  • “oh" 

who lives, who dies, who tells your story 

  • again im crying 
  • "wow" 
  • "wow" 
  • "i was choked up" 
  • "that’s neat”
  • “yeah i really like the king. he’s funny. what did he say? ‘jesus christ that’ll be fun’?”

anonymous asked:

SniperScout isn't even a good ship, SniperSpy is obviously way better

Allow me to argument against those accusations in my humble blog.

In this scene from the comic The Insult That Made A “Jarate Master” Out Of Sniper, we can see clearly:

1.) RED Scout and RED Sniper enjoying a lovely picnic date on the Control Point C, being cruelly interrupted by the BLU Spy.
2.) RED Sniper goes in a defensive stance against the BLU Spy, protecting not only the control point c, but as well, his picnic partner, the RED Scout
3.) RED Scout calming RED Sniper down by continuing their date by eating Tacos.

*NOTE: Tacos, are a clear sign of gay. You can also see other gay indicators by the 3 bottles and the yellow umbrella. 

Continuing on the same comic, this last panel not only shows Scout making a joke about the Jarate, but also Sniper smiling at the joke.
I still need canonically proof of Spy making Sniper laugh or smile.

Moving on to another comic, specifically Blood Money, you see RED Scout and RED Sniper, once again, side by side. And doing what? Playing Poker. While the Spy is far away from them reading his silly book about DNA. Wait… Oh my God, it was there all along. 

Now, to my last argument towards those terribly rude accusations of SniperScout not being a good ship; this scene from the comic The Naked And The Dead.
Look. Look at this scene. The context you need is that Sniper and Spy thought Scout was dead. But when he comes back to live? BOOM. Another smile. Smiling at Scout being alive. Also Spy not trying to cry.

anonymous asked:

I know it's almost the end of fear friday, but I'm gonna prompt anyways. Also, awesome blog!!! post-CW Tony and Peter are together, and he has joined the Guardians in space. They have become his 2nd family. But he's waiting for them to leave him eventually cause he thought the Avengers were his family and look what happened there.

Thank you so much ! :)


“Tony i need your help.” says Peter when the monster comes directly towards him.

“Kinda busy myself Starlord.” replies Tony and flies around the monster. It looks like a octopus but its green and really slushy. Tony hates it.

Monster in space are even weirder than on earth.

“Tony for real…” begins Peter but then the monster buries him under one of his…tentacles and Peter is gone. Tony screams at that and the next moment the monster gets him, too.

It takes every one of Tonys weapons to kill it and then Tony sinks to the ground.

“Petey?” he asks worried but there is now answer.

“What the fuck happened?” says Rocket who lands next to him. Tony shrugs. He can’t speak.

“I am Groot.”

“Yeah i know i saw it but i don’t believe it.” says Rocket to Groot and Tony leaves his suit. He runs around, looking for Peter.

“Guys! I got him. He is here.” says Gamora and Tony sees how Drax help her to get the tentacle away from Peter.

Peters eyes are closed and Tonys heart stops. Oh god. This is his fault!

“We need to take him to the ship.” says Gamora and Drax carries Peter. Tony feels numb. He follows them but doesn’t say anything.

“Do you feel his pulse?” asks Drax when Gamora check it and she nods. But she looks still so worried.

Nobody speaks to Tony when they go back to their ship.

Tony knows why. He fucked up. Again.


Half an hour later Tony is in his room on the milano and packs his things. He is going to leave. It was his fault and even if Peter is not dead he is only hurt because of him.

Tony wanted to face the monster and shot it down. That why he didn’t help Peter. But thats a ridiculous excuse.

There is a knock on his door and Tony looks up as Yondu comes in.

“Hey son.” he says and then sits down on Tonys bed. Yondu is kinda Peters father and he will definitely beat Tony up for that stunt.

“Hi.” mumbles Tony back. Sometimes (only when he is alone and had a bad nightmare) Tony images that Yondu is like father for him, too. Well technically he is his father-in-law.

He is not sure how old Yondu is exactly but he always treats Tony really well. That is going to change now.

“So you wanna leave?” asks Yondu and points at Tonys suitcase.

Tony nods at that and Yondu sighs.

“Why?” asks Yondu and Tony can’t help but sniff at that. He doesn’t want to cry in front of Yondu.

“Look son. I know you feel bad about what happened to Peter. And believe me when i say that he will be okay. He is sleeping but you can go see him if you want.” says Yondu and Tony looks still at his suitcase.

“I…hurt him.” whispers Tony when the first tear falls on one of his shirts.

“No you didn’t. The monster did.” says Yondu and he sounds really carefully. Its almost strange.

“Why don’t you hate me?” says Tony then and Yondu laughs.

“Because your are my family.” says Yondu and shrugs.

Tony snorts.

“We are all family here. And sometimes bad things happen in a family, but that only makes us stronger you know? I know that Peter can’t talk about his feelings very well. He gets that from me. But i know that he isn’t angry at you. And he wouldn’t want you to leave.” says Yondu and Tony looks at him.

He is still crying and Yondu smiles sadly at him.

“I had a family once.” whispers Tony then. He is not talking about his parents, because that wasn’t a real family.

But the avengers. And he fucked that up. They left because of him.

“They didn’t deserve you. But Peter is much happier with you and i know that you are happy here, too. So don’t run away because of one mistake. God knows how many i made and Peter is still saving my ass on a daily basis.” laughs Yondu and he holds his arms out.

Its rare that Yondu does that. But Tony loves his hugs. He cuddles into him and breathes.

“Thank you.” he says and Yondu just laughs.

“Peter also gave me that for you.” says Yondu and holds up a paper. It just says ‘Yes i still love you, asshole’ with a smiley face. Tony laughs.

When they had their first fight as a couple Tony had said that he would only believe Peter if he wrote his ‘i love you’ down as proof. It was a silly thought but since then Peter does it every time.

“He still loves me.” says Tony and he pets the paper carefully. Then he puts it on his wall. Yondu laughs.

“I can’t believe i’m saying this but we all love you, you damn human idiot.” grins Yondu and Tony sticks his tongue out at him.

“And now get your ass over to Peter!” says Yondu and Tony runs out of his room.

Yondu shakes his head at the boy and starts packing his things back in the cupboard. What a mess.

the funniest thing ever is karamels saying they’re more popular than supercorp bc those videos of chris and melissa kissing have so many views. like surprise surprise a straight white couple kissing brings all the straighties out to have a look… but if SUPERCORP were to kiss? it would easily break the internet… not to mention we are legitimately the second most popular pairing on tumblr and THE most popular f/f ship… karamel isn’t mentioned because they are dead… anyone can look at ao3 too to be enlightened. melissa benoist herself shades karamel. imagine being ugly enough to keep pushing it at this point lol

The Superhero War #2
  • WinterIron shippers: Damnit I know we're not popular but get Steve out of the picture please
  • Stuckony shippers: One third hates the other two, and they hate him back. HAhaha oh my god are we on a submarine
  • People who don't ship any of them with each other: WILL YOU JERKS SHUT UP ABOUT THOSE THREE AND STOP ANTAGONIZING EACH OTHER
  • [This has been a PSA. Please let's just give each other a hug and agree that whoever they're with they deserve to be happy, okey? I'M LOOKING AT YOU MY IRL FRIENDS JFC]
Avoiding Physicals By Hacking [McCoy x Reader] [2]

Prompt: Hi, I was wondering if you could make a second part to your “Avoiding a physical by hacking”. If you would rather not that’s fine to. @ninetynineredballoonsgoby

Word Count: 1,030

A/N: I just squeaked out 1,000 words.  So proud of myself.  If there are grammar mistakes, tell me, please.

[Part 1] [Part 3]

You have given up on trying to get out of McCoy’s grip.  You sighed and went limp, hoping he would put you down because of your weight.  Of course that didn’t happen, McCoy was extremely strong and was able to carry you all the way to the Medbay.  He strolled over to an open biobed and dropped you down on it, holding your shoulders to keep you from running away.

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The Rescue.

Summary: You are MIA while the crew try desperately to get you back and try to avoid your boyfriend, Spock. 

Spock x Reader

TW: Some strong language. Injury mention.

A/N: This was hecking hard. To say there’s plot holes is an understatement but just enjoy it anyway. It’s nice.

Spock x Reader

Word Count: 3224

“Y/N NOW!” Jim shouted as he stretched out his arm to you as the shuttle in front of you began to fall forwards,

You reached out to grab his hand only managing to brush fingers before he disappeared, leaving you and a falling death trap together. Great.

You ran holding your side which had already been gashed in action, flipping open your comm you attempted to contact the transporter room.

The shuttle fell with a deafening crash quicker than expected.

Before you knew it, everything went black.

“And someone keep Spock off the bridge, the last thing I need right now is a pissed off Vulcan.” Jim said entering the lift to the bridge.

“Aye sir.” an officer barked back as the doors closed

“Has anyone got signal or transmissions of  Lieutenant Y/L/N yet?” Jim asked as he walked towards the captain’s chair to pick up his PADD.

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late 1x08 thoughts/overall season review

warning: me = pissed

(this is coming from a person who loved/stanned the show hardcore in the beginning)

- well folks, i finally realized what taboo is after all, as a show. it took me a while to grasp it, because i kept hoping it was smarter than it appeared to be. and y’know, some aspects of it were very well done, but the overarching purpose of this show was to serve as a ridiculous male escapist fantasy. that’s fucking it.

- i’d be fine with that if taboo had the guts to admit it. to bask in it, to glorify it, even. instead, it’s still trying to sell me on james delaney’s “damned” existence and his many trials and tribulations as an “underdog”. 


BITCH PLS. this is basically a choose-your-own-adventure where tom hardy is the smartest, coolest, bamfest dude in all of london, nay the world. he bamboozles everyone, he wins at everything, he’s the mastermind who can never be defeated and everyone bows down to his incredible talents. nothing, literally nothing, can stop him. superman is his side-hoe at this point. oh, he hears dead slaves singing to him? nah, don’t worry about it, the plot won’t ever explore that, it’s just there to give him surface nuance. see, our “damned” hero is not there just to chew scenery and look cool, he has baggage

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My emotions during the SVTFOE season finale

•Wait oh no its awkward
•Moon looks awesome!
•Oscar’s flirting with Star???
•Mango?!?!?!? XD
•Oh dang they got the Magic Council on the case
•Oh…oh this isn’t good
•*frantically searching for season 3’s release date*

nerdalay  asked:

OH My gosh, please write 12 for Spirk!

12. We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way

hoo boy

It was Jim who had the idea. The old man was sick, and dying slowly, Jim had said. It would be logical to give him some peace and act like he’s succeeded in getting us together, Jim had said. 

Spock had been inclined to agree; there was nothing his older self missed more than his Jim Kirk, Spock knew that. So, when they were invited to spend two weeks leave at Selek’s house, Jim had made the suggestion and Spock had, for some reason even he couldn’t name, agreed. It started out innocent enough, Jim told Selek to just give them one room instead of two and when they ate dinner together Jim sat closer than usual and bumped his knee against Spock’s. Selek had been overjoyed. 

A week into leave, Spock wished he had stayed on the ship.

Vulcan kisses, contrary to popular belief, were not so innocent. They were… well, they were personal, and special. Jim’s way of doing those was messy and warm and gave Spock a strange tingling sensation in his gut. Maybe those were what had done it, made him get addicted to Jim’s touch. 

He’d dreamed (dreamed, ugh) of Jim’s hands last night. 

This morning, as he sat in meditation with Selek, he had to work to keep his focus on himself. Jim was disrupting his meditation now. Great. 

“I must say,” Selek was saying “It pleases me to see that you are so comfortable around Jim at such a young age. He is- was- always illogical when it came to displays…” The old man smiled the tiniest bit “I always felt them unessesary, at least when we were young. You have become quite tempered to them however.”

“Jim is a very tactile person.” Spock muttered, and Selek made a noise not dissimilar to a chuckle. “Agreed.”

Selek was, at the end of the day, not a fool. Spock had a feeling he wasn’t as convinced as Jim thought. 

But Jim was happy. And Spock, for some reason, cared about Jim’s happiness perhaps more than his own dignity. So the first time Jim grabbed him by the collar and kissed him on the mouth, Spock kissed him back. 

Selek was pleased.

That evening, they went to their shared bedroom. Spock had offered to sleep on the floor, but Jim had insisted that they just share the bed. Jim was warm, Spock slept well, and no one suffered. 

well, Spock did. But Jim couldn’t know that. if he deveolpoed romantic feelings for his very straight very your a pointy eared bastard captain, it was none of Jim’s buisness. Mostly because Jim would probably have him court martialed. 

They left Vulcan, Spock got his bed back, and the feelings did not go away. Spock felt a little sick. he was dstracted, and afraid. he wished he could call Selek, but it would ruin their act if Spock called his counterpart and said we lied to you but now im not lying Jim makes me feel things help me. 

He manages to keep his work up to standard, despite the fact that Jim is right there feet away from him and Spock knows what his lips taste like now and he’s like an addict craving his second hit. 

Perhaps that’s why he requests to join the next landing party even though the planet is cold, because he just needs to be away from Jim for a while.

Three days in a jail cell, and he supposes he’s gotten his wish. the three other landing party members are dead, having been unable to survive the torture. They were being punished as invaders, and the aliens didn’t speak english. Through a haze of pain, he waits for the Enterprise to come for him or death to come for him. 

Another torture session, and Spock is back in his cell. His ears are ringing. 

He swears he hears engines, and phasers.

he’s probably dreaming when he feels those hands that he dreams about constantly now hoist him up. he knows he’s dreaming when he hears Spock Spock Spock please I need you to stay you have to stay please wake up you have to be okay Spock Spock please Bones help him-!

He’s on a shuttle, but it doesn’t look like one of the ones from his ship. It’s close but not exact.

“Oh good, your awake.” comes a voice, and Spock turns his head-

Jim Kirk has hazel eyes, and his uniform shirt is a different shade of yellow from the Jim he knows. He smiles a bit “How do you do, Mr. Spock?”


“Sh. don’t try to talk. Save your strength. you’ll need it when you wake up again. To answer your question; no, your not dead. Only mostly dead.”

Spock blinks, and Jim grins “The princess bride? No? fine. thanks for taking care of my husband, I was worried about him when he came to your universe.” He sighs then “that kid loves you, you know. your captain. You two have a shot, and you’ll get more years than me and my Spock got so…” His eyes were sad “Don’t waste it? please? and tell Spock- my Spock- that I said hello. And that i miss him. And that I’m waiting for him.” He grins again “Say there’s logic in the universe, He’ll get it.” 

Spock nodded once, closed his eyes, and he swore he felt Jim Kirk kiss his head before he

Jim was sitting next to him, chin on the edge of the bed. Spock blinked when he turned to look at him.

“you’ve been in a coma for 17 days and 3 hours.” Jim mumbled.”I counted them all. Don’t do that to me.”

“I think I might be in love with you” Is what Spock says “Since we pretended for Selek. Since you kissed me. I think I enjoyed it.”

“Oh. good.”


“… Can I do it again?”

“That and more, please.”

Jim grinned “It took you long enough.”

He vulcan kisses him in that messy, warm, scandlous way that would make his grandmother cringe, and Spock is content/

Despite being old and sick, Selek lives another few months. When Spock recives his things, there is a small note in the box.

I knew you two were lying. It says I appriciate the effort. I hope, more than anything, that you find true happiness with him. I will be in my true happiness, with Jim.

There is logic in the universe, young one.

Spock reads the note twice, closes the box, and goes to find his husband for Jim’s birthday party.

this got really out of hand sweet christ enjoy lissy

Not Alone (Saeyoung x MC) (Passengers AU)

Blinding light was the only thing you see. Everything was a blur of scorching brightness. It made you groan in annoyance and pain. You tried to force your hand up. You panic at your muscles’ heaviness; they were almost too heavy to lift. You felt faint until you heard an automated voice come from the holographic screen that projected above you, inches from your face.
“Good morning, (MC)!”
“Huh? Where am I?” You asked.
The automated voice continued, “It’s completely normal to feel confused. You’ve just spent 120 years in suspended animation.“ The female voice answered.
“What?” you questioned, exhaustedly.
“It’s okay, (MC), just breathe. Everything is okay.”
“But where am I?”
“You are on the starship Avalon, the Homestead Company’s premier interstellar starliner,” The screen lit up with company logos, and diagrams of the ship to further explain, “You have nearly just completed the voyage from Earth to your new home, the colony world of Homestead II. A new world, a fresh start, room to grow.”
You relaxed. “Oh yeah, I remember now,” you mumbled to yourself.
“For the next 4 months you will experience space travel at its most luxurious. Your I.D. band is your key to the wonders of the Avalon.”
You heard a dinging sound above you and you looked up in surprise.
“You are in perfect health (MC), let’s get you to your cabin so you can get some rest.”
As you walked through the hallway, the bright lights gave you a migraine, making you close your eyes shut from the pain. The automated voice came back.
“You may be experiencing post-hibernation sickness. It’s perfectly normal.”
You turned to the illuminated doorway, and entered your room.
“Welcome to your cabin, this will be your new home until we land on Homestead II.”
You yawned tiredly, not bothering to listen to the voice anymore. For someone who had just spent 120 years asleep, you were awfully tired. You laughed drily at your own thoughts as you stretched onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

After you woke up, you got dressed in the clothes that you had packed. You were relieved that they were there, but thinking about it a bit more deeply, it would be silly for them not to be. You walked out of your room to the commons room. You didn’t see any people in the hallways around or in the large room. Now that you thought about it, aside from the, seemingly normal, hum of the ship, it was dead silent. You wandered around the Avalon looking for anybody, a staff member, a passenger, someone, anyone! Were you the first one to wake up?
“Hello?” You called, “Anyone here? Hello?”
“Hello.” You heard a masculine voice answer.
You jumped, startled, but breathed out a sigh of relief.
“Oh, hello, I’m sorry, I’m not used to all of this,” you said, gesturing to the ship.
He smiled warmly at you.
“Lol, no worries, I’m Saeyoung by the way, or you could call me Luciel, 707, or Defender of Justice. Whichever you like.” He answered with a grin. You thought he was joking, but he seemed dead serious.
You shook his extended hand timidly and laughed at his goofiness. He had bright red hair, yellow and black glasses, reminding you of a caution sign. What really caught your attention, though, was his kind, yet awkward smile. He seemed to be around your age and was average height. You relaxed a little more seeing that he was just as awkward as you were. Maybe even a bit more.
“Um,” you continued, “where is everyone?”
His eyes visibly darkened and his expression saddened. He answered cautiously, “It’s just you and me.”
“What do you mean,” you questioned.
“I mean,” he paused looking at you with an expression of seriousness, “we’re the only ones awake on this ship.”
“I don’t understand, shouldn’t everyone be awake already, I mean we’re 4 months away from Homestead II right?”
He sighed and hunched a little, he was putting his hands in the pockets of his jacket nervously. He looked down at his feet and regretfully continued, “We woke up too early, not even the captains are awake yet.”
You couldn’t believe this. He was lying, you told yourself. This was just a practical joke they played on all of the people as they wake up, right? It had to be. You looked at him skeptically, “You’re lying.”
He closed his eyes shut, as if he was telling someone a loved one died, or someone you know was missing. Like someone got hurt; full of pain.
He took a few steps back and looked up at you. He waved you over to him, gesturing for you to follow him, “Come with me, I’ll show you.”
Hesitantly, you followed him. Your mind was racing, and not a single thought occupied your mind alone for more than a second. You rounded corners, entered hallways, and opened different doors in complete silence. It was eating you alive. It was like he knew these hallways by memory, by heart. Your hands were shaking. Thankfully, you finally reached the room he was looking for. Hopefully, you could finally get some answers.
You entered the room. White walls just like the rest of the ship. An automated voice, masculine, instead of the female one you spoke to when you woke up, spoke, “What can I show you?” It asked, politely.
Saeyoung turned to you, his facial features showed a grim expression.
“Show me Earth.” He asked. The hologram complied, wordlessly.
“Show me Homestead II.” Another point was added to the diagram.
He closed his eyes, “Show me the Avalon’s current progress towards its destination.”
You look at the progress the ship’s made and the stars surrounding you. You look back at Saeyoung, his face still holding the same expression as before.
“Now,” he continues,“ how many years until we reach our final destination?”
The voice spoke this time, “90 years until we arrive on Homestead II.”