dead sea creatures

Sometimes, you just want
something so hard you have to lie about it,
so you can hold it in your mouth for a minute,
how real hunger has a real taste. Someone once
told me gannets, those voracious sea birds
of the North Atlantic chill, go blind from the height
and speed of their dives. But that, too, is a lie.
Gannets never go blind and they certainly never die.

Ada Limon, from “Lies about Sea Creatures,” Bright Dead Things (Milkweed Editions, 2015)

I keep on seeing that post about the “mysterious dead sea creature” that washed up on the coast of an Indonesian island and I’m here to let you all know that it is, in fact, me. Let me rest.

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Yo I was wondering if you have some David headcanons? Your headcanons are the best and I love them and I would love this, but you don't have to or anything. Anyway, I hope you have a great day!

sorry for answering this late!! and omg??? thank you, i’m glad you like my hcs! and i hope you have a nice day as well. anyways, here’s some bonafide Davey Camp Camp Headcanons:

-he came from a super religious family and that kinda fucked up his perception of the world until he came up with his own ideology which had the main basis of “kindness is the best policy”

-i hc that he didn’t have the best home life??? like this isn’t even me projecting, i literally headcanon him as having Not Nice parents, which eventually led into why he’s so caring

-like seriously i enjoy the headcanon that he had a shitty upbringing because i like the idea that he’s seen the absolute WORST in the world and chooses to see the good in it still, even if it’s hard to see

-(i also feel as though this is somewhat a coping mechanism….like he forces the positive attitude out so much he’s able to repress all the bad memories. which isn’t exactly healthy, but it works.)

-“waving through a window” from dear evan hansen describes his teenage years perfectly, especially the lines of “if you’re falling in a forest / and nobody’s around / do you ever really crash / or even make a sound? / did i even make a sound? / will i ever make a sound?”

-he used to smoke when he was Young and Misguided, but stopped when he reached his twenties. he’ll still smoke occasionally (think once a month) but only when he’s alone and if it’d been a really stressful day.

-he’s bisexual. like, look me in the eyes and tell me that man is straight. he’s not. he wears a neckerchief for hell’s sake. (and this is coming from a bi dude btw)

-he has a lot of random scars from all of his hiking adventures, especially on his legs from when he’s tripped

-he writes really bad poetry about nature and whoever his current crush is (bonquisha received many of these)

-he has a degree in environmental science and dendrology (study of trees), and he either wants to become an enviro educator or a tour-guide park ranger (but still work during the summers at camp campbell)

-if he had a fursona it would probably be cool cat from cool cat saves the kids

-he’ll like. pick up dead bugs/shells of sea creatures all the time to look at them and doesn’t understand when people get grossed out by it

-he doesn’t understand social media too well but somehow has like 5000 followers on twitter because everyone thinks he’s just a positivity/nature aesthetic account

-he can speak several languages, but they’re all european ones

-his favorite movies are animated kids ones

Fathoms Below

Seafarers have been telling each other stories of monsters of the deep for as long as humanity has been crossing the waves.

Many of these tales can be written off as simply the wondrous work of the human imagination, failing that they could be the eyes of a tired sailor deceiving him or her, perhaps still just mistaken identity. Lord knows humans have coined some truly odd creatures due to mis-remembering appearance in the days before cameras.

Some, however, are true.

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The Montauk Monster

On July 12 2008 what looked like a monster washed up on Ditch Plains beach near Montauk, New York.  Found by a group of people who gathered around the creature, the “monster” was said to be about the size of a house cat and the article that ran about the creature stated theories that it could have been a raccoon or even a discarded experimental creature from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center.  By the time of the press coverage, the body had decomposed to a skeleton and when searched for, it was found to have been taken and disposed of.

After the internet got a hold of the photograph, theories abounded about the source of the cryptid and what exactly the cryptid was.  Several notable animal experts identifed the creature as a raccoon that had been exposed to the ocean elements for a while including Jeff Corwin and cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.

In 2011 a college student claimed to find something that resembled the Montauk Monster in Northville, New York and in 2012 something dubbed the “East River Monster” was found in Brooklyn and despite similarities to the Montauk, it was described by experts as being more similar to a small dog.


@kaidraman Gravity just works under different physical laws than ours. It is a fantasy universe because not all of its mechanics are actually possible.

@shacky87 @inglenook-corvidae I am actually considering making it a finite looping column! There would be a zero-G anchor point for the land and marine snow a few hundred kilometers down under sea level, and after that purified fresh water starts to vaporize into clouds and stuff. Not sure how the sun works yet, i have several good ideas but hmmmm gotta pick one

@lazerkitty96 Hypothetically they could swim below the zero G point and fall. Some of the dead sea creatures they find may have fallen out of the sky during rainstorms.

@salticid I’m debating this… either I can have a fog barrier, or I could make the universe a hexagon shape and you can just? See hexagon mirror tiles of the world stretching off into infinity? That would be pretty freaky

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What sort of offerings do you like to give to Manannán mac Lír? What would you suggest for somebody who doesn't live close to the ocean? By the way, your e-shrine is stunning!

Thanks, Nonny!

I’m actually not near the ocean at the moment either. It sucks, but I try to feel his presence in other ways. For example, our blood is chemically pretty similar to seawater. Life started out in the ocean. Our entire biosphere relies on it, even inland. So in that sense, you could say the ocean is with us wherever we go.

And, of course, Manannán isn’t just literally about the ocean. He’s about all the things the ocean represents: change and travel and liminality, peace and passion, sustenance and secrets, life and death. 

The best attested offering is, of course, the Manx tradition of paying the rent at Midsummer with bundles of rushes and, in some sources, yellow flowers. This ties into the legend of Manannán being the island’s first king. Instead of the typical share of the crops and whatnot that feudal lords typically demanded, he asked only for rushes in exchange for his protection.

Another tradition was to take grain and offer it to the ocean, and, in turn, take some seaweed (which was a food source for both humans and livestock) to their homes and fields in an exchange of land and sea. Obviously, this is impossible for those who are landlocked and not farmers, but I make a nod the the tradition by offering oatmeal. In my experience, he seems to really like it, although part of that might be that it’s a cheap comfort food for me and he just likes being worked into my everyday life.

Apples and apple blossoms are are another option. He’s lord of Emhain Abhlach, the Plain of Apples, after all. Apples have a bunch of symbolism tied to eternity and fertility, so it fits. And interestingly, one story says that “And all the food he would use [while he was out among humanity trolling people] would be a vessel of sour milk and a few crab-apples.“

But back home, Manannán has a magical pig that resurrects every day after being slaughtered. So pork is also an option.

While I don’t think it’s actually attested anywhere specifically in relation to Manannán, bees and honey have a lot of symbolism tied to cthonic gods, knowledge, the underworld, and the afterlife in Indo-European tradition. Also, honey was a traditional offering to the fae in a lot of places. So personally, I’m pretty big on honey as an offering.

I know a lot of people like to offer seafood to sea gods (or, depending on their views, abstain from seafood in their name.) I live in a region where I can’t get decent seafood because of the geography and the culinary traditions of the immigrants who settled here, so it’s kind of a moot point for me.

And while this probably seems weird and pathetic, I’ve also been known to offer my tears. They were part of the ocean at one point and will get back there eventually. You could say it’s a way of communing with him. This is UPG obviously, but I don’t think it’s possible to do the whole psychopomp thing without a whole lot of empathy and a whole lot of grief. I’ve also thought about offering blood, as I’ve done for other deities, but I’ve gotten pretty intense “no” vibes regarding that for some reason. YMMV.

In terms of less temporary things, items from the beach are an obvious choice. Shells, sand, driftwood, etc. Shells in particular are symbolic because they’re the bones of dead sea creatures, which works in Manannán’s necromancy aspect. Just be mindful of the fact that a lot of the stuff from tourist shops and craft stores isn’t ethically sourced, and even tourists gathering shells from the beach on their own has been found to have a negative ecological impact. Buy from thrift stores or environmentally responsible sources when you can, and, on vacation at the beach, don’t get greedy.

Sorry if that went on longer than you were expecting. I don’t get as many excuses to ramble about my favorite Irish sea god as I’d like. Hopefully it gave you some ideas!

  • Conservative: Solar power is a scam.
  • Conservative: Like, I know that the Earth is literally orbiting an enormous nuclear fusion reactor that fuses billions of tons of hydrogen each second,
  • Conservative: But the idea that this can ever actually be satisfactorily harnessed is silly.
  • Conservative: Obviously, the only source of energy that human civilization will ever be able to harness is the tiny amount that's locked up in the molecular bonds of long dead sea creatures.
  • Conservative: Rationalist. Pro-Logic.

Swamp zombie. I totally like the idea that zombies can creep up on you from underwater. Given enough of them, they might even be able to make it from one coast to the next, spreading their infection world wide despite any attempt at quarantine. Imagine sea creatures attempting to pick them a part as they cross the ocean floors, infecting the marine life with their ravenous disease causing all types of bloody fish-havoc beneath the blackest depths of the oceans. 

Of course, the water pressure would probably crush their fucking skulls like snail-shells under a boot, but, hey… The idea was fun while it lasted. =P 



@Max Shuster is a photographer from Baltimore, MD, USA.

I am interested in constructing worlds of grotesque absurdity using dead sea creatures, found objects, and sometimes even playful sources. These creations remain temporary, as the dead animals fall further into putrefaction while the overall fabrication slips into a state of decay. There is a small window of time when I artificially light each work and produce a permanent photograph.

For more check out his website or Flickr stream.

The Adoption!Verse vacation special continues, gets even shippier

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Adopted son verse Belle wants to look extra nice for dinner with Gold, and she isn’t quite sure why.

tri-sarah-topsaurus said:

They get raw oysters at a restaurant by the beach and she reacts… strangely. She takes a hot bath in the large hotel tub, falls asleep, and wakes up… well, wet.

endangeredslug said:

Prompt: belle dreams that instead of Bae, gold is there for her. Sexy stuff happens.

Anonymous said:

Adoption!verse: Belle dreams of Gold.

Thanks everyone who indulged me by prompting for Belle having a sex dream!  Hope I didn’t disappoint!  Anyway, bit of a ratings increase over previous chapters.  We’re going from E to T.

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