dead scientist

levels 1-30 of sonic adventure 2: go fast shoot stuff find gems

final level of sonic adventure 2: as the result of a failsafe left by a long-dead scientist intended to exterminate humanity in the event of his execution, you have awoken a colossal bionic salamander from deep stasis, an abomination of ungodly science and alien DNA, spawned from the pursuit of immortality. it has engulfed the hull of a long-deserted orbital space colony within its pulsating, hungry flesh, and assumed direct control of its propulsion systems, causing it to fall from orbit. you must share the ancient power of the colony’s chaos shrine with your nemesis to go super saiyan and fly out into space, dodging the eggs it’s constantly releasing into its own orbit as you repeatedly impact the dying kaiju’s sickly buboes to kill it so you can use your combined power to teleport the space station back into deep orbit before you are burned to death by atmospheric friction as the three of you hurtle towards the planet’s surface.

postgame: weird lil pudding babies



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Hi Mr ENTJ welcome back to tumblr! I wanted to know if you know your IQ or have you ever tested for it? Also how your intelligence has helped you in your journey in life towards success? Tips to increase IQ? Thank you again for your time!

Hey there, thanks. Yes I do, my IQ’s above average but it’s irrelevant to your question because intelligence has had a small impact on where I am in life today.

Here’s the thing. Most MBTI types, especially thinkers (NTs– I’m looking at you) have an unhealthy obsession with intelligence as if there’s a treasure chest of knowledge hidden somewhere in the universe that’ll unlock the pearly gates of success for them. Newsflash: there’s not. The reality is (barring developmental, cognitive, genetic disorders) the majority of people on this planet already have all the intelligence they need to succeed. There’s nothing dead philosophers, dead poets, and dead scientists can teach you that you don’t already know or can’t Google in .02 seconds. You guys are already smarter than the majority of the population– it’s the intangible qualities you need to work on.

“We should take care not to make intellect our God; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.”

Albert Einstein

I instead credit my success to 2 qualities I’ve mastered over the years:

1. Mental Fortitude: Results in discipline, focus, and grit (resilience).

  • Discipline: The ability to harness my actions and control my behaviors towards completing tasks and achieving goals aka “Get Shit Done” mode.
  • Focus: The ability to concentrate for extended periods of time with minimal interruption; the ability to be immune to distractions aka not acting like that dog from Pixar’s Up! (”Squirrel!”)
  • Resilience: The ability to bounce back from failure, disappointment, and rejection and keep on keepin’ on because if you whine– you can’t win.

2. Emotional Self-Regulation: Results in collaboration, teamwork, stress management, anger management, and above all– prevention against turning into a giant asshole. I’m calm under stress, I’m not quick to anger, I’m immune to drama, I’m immune to bullshit, I’m immune to guilt trips, I’m impervious against verbal abuse/attacks, and I absolutely can’t be baited. This allows me to navigate difficult, and sometimes disastrous situations in life, with mental clarity so I don’t make errors in judgment.

#2 is more important than #1 and this is why:

Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them.


Go watch some YouTube videos of the top athletes in the world (who are 1000x more disciplined, focused, and resilient than 99% of humans in this world) with poor emotional self-regulation and watch them completely lose their shit during a competition and jeopardize the entire game. It’s like watching a beautiful, polished, powerful Ferrari being driven by a crazy person right off a cliff. If your skin is thin, water will get in. Toughen up.

Mental fortitude is the ship, emotional self-regulation is the captain.

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whats the "im not dead yet" experiment?

Scientists wanted to know how ants decided when to put a dead ant in the trash pile. So they isolated different chemicals that start showing up when an ant body is breaking down, ant it turns out it’s oleic acid.

If you put oleic acid on a live ant, all the other ants think she’s dead, and they will pick her up and carry her to the trash pile. Again and again, despite her attempts to not be in the trash pile. She will not be allowed to exit the trash pile and return to her sisters until she has managed to sufficiently groom the “I am dead” smell off.

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Got any information on killer cone snails

Oh boy, do I got some info for you:

  • They have the prettiest shells, in my opinion. 
  • They might be the most dangerous animal you can pick up, not knowing in what hell you might have gotten yourself into. One sting of this animal could get you into the hospital or just kill you right there on the spot. I might have picked up a live Conus, thinking it was a hermit crab
  • Most Conus shells use a venomous spear to impale fish, but some have evolved to produce insulin in order to stun fishes. Once fully paralyzed, the Conus can scoop up the dead fish. Scientists are now busy figuring out how people can use this kind of insulin, which appears to be more potent. 
  • They appear to be the best-known marine snail genus in terms of taxonomy, so if you want to work on that, make sure you want to untangle some cryptic species.


Vulture Culture Problems:

When literally the only government site describing the legal stuff about collecting dead animals is aimed towards professionals (despite it now being legal for everybody) and it’s nigh impossible to find anything (and also a bunch of information is just flat out missing). I literally can’t find anything about purchasing dead animals except that you’re not allowed to sell endangered ones. Can I buy skulls from outside the country? WHO KNOWS?            

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tesla was asexual? that picture of him just chilling and reading though. *swoon*

he never self-identified as such (asexuality as a term didn’t come into use until after his time), but it’s pretty easy to infer as much.

  • he was a lifelong virgin who, when asked why he hadn’t married or had romantic relationships, said he was far too busy and was too devoted to science to “waste time or energy” on matters of the libido/heart.
  • to him, sex was a non-issue and didn’t interest him in the slightest
  • he also considered women to be the superior gender and saw himself as “unworthy” re: pursuing relationships with ladies.

there’s also a lot of evidence supporting the hypothesis that he was either autistic or had asperger’s. he also had severe OCD when it came to his food; he had to cut each bite a certain way and spend time examining and studying his meal before he could eat it. he also had to have his utensils and napkins a certain way. ALSO he very rarely ever committed a machine or invention on paper – almost everything he ever invented came to him in a “burst of insight” where he would see every part distinct from the whole, then how it all fitted together, and he would go straight to his workbench and craft the machines in one go. the dude never wasted time on blueprints: he just fucking made the shit.


I feel like people who still intrepret Keisha from Alice Isn’t Dead as being white are like those Night Vale fans who say they pictured or picture Carlos and Tamika as white. Like despite the fact they are played by actors of color and their names are ethnic names they still want to interpret them as white either because they themselves are white, and they’re very use to having every character look like them, or they’re just so use to defaulting to white they can’t picture a character being anything other.