dead ryseing


We are gamers not because we don’t have a life, but because we choose to have many.

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Ryse woke up early this morning, ready for a new day. After her typical routine, she left her house for a morning jog. She passed through the suburbs and into the city, glancing at the shops as they pass by her.

The, she saw something up ahead that made her heart skip a beat or two. Was that… Frisk? Impossible, she was dead! Ryse stripped off her shades and rubbed at her eyes repeatedly, but the vision wouldn’t fade away. It seemed they really were standing there, waiting for the bus.

She had a few moments of internal struggle, but eventually worked up the courage to walk up to them and stand near. Oh god what does she even say now? First thing that pops into your head!

“So, you like cats?” Seriously? That’s the best she had? She ignores the heat rising in her cheeks.