dead right now tbh

So one of my old supervisors has just put me in touch with a young woman who is thinking of getting her second degree in English Lit. Because apparently in the year I worked with her, I made a huge impression on her as a creative writer, and she wants me to mentor this young person who is thinking of switching her focus from Psych to Lit because she’s wants to pursue her childhood dream of being an author. And I’m over here going ‘ummm….I write fanfic on the internet…”

I love that I may be in on the ground floor of the journey of an emerging writing talent from home though. 

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she means:</b>I just find it infuriating that the producers of The Walking Dead chose to give the vaguest fucking death scene in the history of vaguest fucking death scenes for Glenn with many questionable ends, then the following week decide to make the episode all about Morgan like we give a fuck right now.<p/></p><p/></p>

Okay but the way Maggie’s hands slide down to cup Alex’s elbows kills me

Like, it’s so soft, and she knows that this moment is big for Alex - and that she is attracted to her, too - so it’s just… she has that one moment to hold on and kiss back before she needs to face the reality - that Alex is only just figuring herself out, that she just got out of a somewhat serious relationship, that this wouldn’t work right now.

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The SC is so fucked right now

What´s the situation now for the SC? Lets take a look. The three vet squads fighting the small titans are dead. Three squads of experiened, titan killing soldiers, in one strike. Thats a pretty big loss of combat power. Squad Hanji, another vet squad, is either dead or incapaciated. The 104th squad is stuck against the colossal titan, with limited battle supplies. Eren has proven ineffective and was kicked on top of the wall, and is likely unconscious. The colossal titan is slowly burning the inside of shiganshina down, and prepares to do the same with The recruits, horses, Levi and Erwin. Those are thus stuck between the bombardment of Zeke, his titans, and the colossal approching from behind. They have nowhere to run. The armored titan isnt dead either. It looks really fucking bad right now tbh.

What options are left?

1- Levi´s titan serum. It would turn any soldier into a mindless titan, presumably attacking both humans or shifters. His size, power and abilities are unknown. Not a reliable method, but used correctly it could defeat Zeke or his titans.

2- Reiner turning good. His soldier persona might take over for a while and he might attack the colossal. It´s unlikely that his titan would be any more effective than Eren on the ground, but he could definitely distract Bert.

3- The coordinate. Eren deus ex machinas all the enemys to oblivion?

Mane Six Series! My practice in drawing ponies other than Twilight! ‘Cuz honestly, the only ones I can really draw right now are Twilight, RD, and Flutters, but the other three? Yeah, no.

I’m not putting a background on these as it’s easier to draw and the ponies themselves are my focus right now. Plus, no backgrounds = shorter intervals of posting artwork! My tumblr feels dead right now tbh which is why I’m doing this. I’ll do complicated pieces in between the Mane Six Series thing I’m doing.