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DEAD PRESS! - Interview with All Time Low (21/01/2012)

‘I wouldn’t say this is a concept album where a story begins with the first song and and the last song ends the story. I describe him as a guy I met in a different dimension. This is going to sound really dramatic, but that’s the way it is: He represents everything I’m insecure about.
     Here’s what I know: Human beings are very self-aware creatures. We all pretty much know we’re insecure about ourselves. Where our self-awareness starts to be less clear is how those insecurities affect the way we live our lives and how we compensate for that insecurity. For me, there are a lot of different areas I know I’m insecure about, but I need to work on how to react [to those things]. It helps me to give my insecurities a name and a seat at the table I can look across and address. He’s not a good guy, but he’s a guy I intend on conquering. He’s a guy I have to beat every day. The idea of creating something, making a song and having the courage to show someone that song is a form of defeating that insecurity. It helps me focus on areas in my life I don’t like.
     Believe me, I know that Josh and I seem very confident when we get up onstage. And we emit this idea of a couple of guys who don’t care about what anyone thinks and we're so confident. But there are so many times where I get up onstage and I feel the world about to pressurize me into nothing. There have been times where all I want to do  is walk offstage. “I can’t do this. I’m not good enough.” It can crush you. So I started to try to win. This suffocating feeling whenever I get in front of people or show someone songs, I want to win. I want to conquer this thing. I want to conquer this person. So I started naming him.
     A few things I’m insecure about include: what I’m doing onstage is horrible and this is just a karaoke show on steroids, all the way down to what Josh and I do onstage. If you’re a musician snob and see us onstage, you’ll say, “Oh, that’s stupid.” I say that to myself sometimes! For me, I’ve had to overcome a lot. Going back to the first question you asked about what I have learned in the last two years, as much as it’s been a blessing and a success and we’ve gotten a lot of traction, I’ve learned where I fail. I learned where I don’t have that confidence where I thought I did. I learned a lot about my limits. So when I take the stage, I feel like I am under attack and by the end of the show, I hope I come out on top.
     Maybe I’ve revealed too much; I hope it doesn’t come across that it’s a drama to entertain people, as much as it is truly something I hope to do for myself every night I play this album in front of people.
—  Tyler Joesph about BLURRYFACE
Tonight Alive é eleita Melhor Banda Internacional de 2014 pela Dead Press; Confira

Em meio a listas de Melhores do Ano de 2014, Tonight Alive apareceu em mais uma. Dessa vez foi da Dead Press, divulgada no início do ano. Confira as categorias que a banda aparece:

Melhor Banda Internacional de 2014

  1. Tonight Alive
  2. A Day To Remember
  3. Green Day
  4. All Time Low
  5. Parkway Drive

Melhor Videoclipe de 2014

  1. Slipknot – “The Devil In I”
  2. Bring Me The Horizon – “Drown”
  3. PVRIS – My House"
  4. Tonight Alive – “The Edge”
  5. The Defiled – ‘5 Minutes"

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Having the opening spot at any festival is never an easy job, but Baby Godzilla rise to the challenge and start the festival by giving it a mighty kick up the ass. Bursting with energy, guitarists Matt and Jonny spend most of their set time in the pit, either crowd surfing or playing guitar anywhere but on the actual stage. Sounding like early Every Time I Die, their sound is the right level of aggression to break the ice and get everyone blood pumping, ready to start this hectic day of metal and hardcore the Stealth room is to endure. [AR]

We’ve been listed as one of Dead Press’ bands to watch out for in 2013 along side a load of other incredible bands like Bastions, Bleed From Within, Martyr Defiled, Vales, Don Broco and a shit tonne more.

Here’s what they had to say about us:

“With a self-titled EP and their ‘Trials’ EP under their belts alongside countless shows and tours, South Wales’ metallic hardcore band Continents are showing their worth as a promising rising young new band. Forming in 2010, as previously mentioned, the band have released two EPs and played many shows to establish themselves within the UK music scene. However, a suprise annoucement in 2012 that they had signed to Victory Records caught many by suprise and saw them shot down as just “another hype band” and “heard it all before”.

However, it’s clear to see that they’re a lot more than that. Continents are a hard working band that provide an unique sound within the metallic hardcore genre. They’re different and they are an exciting band. With the eagerly awaited release of debut album‘Idle Hands’ (out January 22nd), a supporting UK tour and the band already looking for further shows in the UK/Europe, Continents will show in 2013 that are worth all that hype and will be one of the forerunners in the UK music scene.”