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even mORE alycia cuteness at paley

some specifics about the show/shooting the show:

  • she talked about how her character is really looking for connection, has never really had that in her family and doesn’t have it at all now, having lost her boyfriend, and she starts to look outside of the situation…..hmm
  • she and lorenzo were asked about the scene where they go into the neighbor’s house and smash all their stuff. alycia said they told her she couldn’t smash as much stuff as lorenzo’s character and she was really disappointed and kept trying to get them to let her smash more things. “just get me some plates.”
  • she said they wanted her to be playing piano in that scene instead, and frank asked if she played piano and she said “not really!” and that it was thematic or whatever but she just wanted to smash things
  • she also talked about how it was fun to dress up in that scene and how their characters realize they might never get to do anything like this again.
  • the moderator asked her and lorenzo about alycia and chris’s relationship and while it was probably meant to be an innocent question, it got weird quick because lorenzo was like, well, he sees her really as a stepsister and….um….and it was weird and everyone laughed.
  • she talked about the woman who played susan, their neighbor, and how she totally underestimated her strength when she attacks alicia and pulls her hair through the fencing, apparently she pulled way harder than she realized, ahahaha. the stunt person kept asking alicia “are you okay?” and alycia was like, “it’s fine, don’t tell her.” hahaha.
  • she said there is a really good zombie kill in the first episode of season 2
  • they have only shot half of season 2 as of right now

So… recapitulation:

  • The knee-touching [x]
  • The Wardrobe Conspiracy [x,x,x]
  • Mackie singing ‘Summer Loving’ at Chris and Seb [x]
  • And Seb teasing him right back for it
  • And then giving him the cutest ‘but I love you though!’ hug
  • The left boob grab (and their matching laughter) [x]
  • The hand porn [x]
  • Why does Chris talk when he shouldn’t’ [x]
  • Chris starting to ramble a bit and Seb trying to help [x]
  • And then Chris teasing Seb for interrupting him
  • He chooses Bucky’ [x,x]
  • Sebastian totally not thinking about kissing Chris [x]
  • The head tilts and gestures and just Seb and Chris being generally in sync [x,x]
  • And basically adorable together [x,x]

Bonus: Everybody wants a piece of Seb: [x] [x] [x]

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