dead poultry

Your Eyes ~ Hoshi

Word count: 4.4k
Genre: Fluff, Gangster!au (not really)
A/N: Just tried a different genre from the usual.

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“It’s what you do that made me..not like you.”

Gossips. You’re sick of hearing them. Not even a single word of positivism. What do you gain in such conversations? Nothing. For all you know it’s more of backstabbing people you barely know and never feel a pierce of guilt.

“Hey it’s him.”
“Man I really can’t stand his presence.”
“Don’t tell me he’ll be with us this semester.”
“Sigh, even if he is, no one will notice him.”
“Everyone fears him because of his looks.”

You’re a type of person who’d stay away from trouble and all those drama. Don’t entertain it Y/N. It’s not worth listening.

You stared at him as he enters the classroom. I guess he does look a bit scary and his aura seems to outstand amongst others.

“Sigh, I just checked our class’ attendance list. Apparently he’ll be with us this semester.” Jaein whispered as she sat beside you.

You didn’t respond for a minute and just shrugged it off. “I don’t understand why people can give criticism to someone so easily.” You slid your fists under your chin while flicking your pen repeatedly.

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