dead porcupine


Polaroid OneStep Closeup 600 & SX-70 with ND filter. Expired Polaroid 600 film (08/09), Western Canada. 

I have spent the last month traversing Western Canada  looking particularly at rural communities with a corporate population of <1000. Through this project I’ve run-up the statistic of traveling over 7500km creating a misshaped, quarter turned, figure eight across the Canadian Prairies and Cordillera. I’ve come across many different roads and road systems and began to document the creatures who faired worse than me for venturing onto these various transport veins. The first Polaroid I took resulted from an act of swerving to avoid one of these creatures above, sadly the animal had the same counter-reaction and this mirroring of creature and car inadvertently ended its life prematurely. I then began to document other ‘unfortunates’ and by the end of the month I was once again the unfortunate force behind another force ending another of these creatures lives. 

This is just a sample of the animals which I documented along the road, fittingly with a Polaroid camera and expired film, a film no longer produced, a film and camera system quite very much dead in itself (arguable from IP enthusiasts). Furthermore, this sample is just a larger sample as I did not photograph all the 'unfortunates’ along the roads, perhaps   I only photographed 1/5th of what I witnessed. 

Have fun and try to pick out the two of the ten I am responsible for!

anonymous asked:

Do you know the name of all Melanie's unreleased songs? If so can you tell me? Pls and thank u

Bones are blue
Wicked words
million men
Dead porcupine
You love i
Curly cue
Birthing addicts
Where do babies come from
A thousand words
Alone (?)
Bombs on Monday
Can’t shake you
Dressed in mistakes
Gold diggin love
Heart at the door
High and dry
I think I’m crazy
Jump rope
Night mime
Outa time
Psycho lover
Rough love
Stay for love
The one
Time flies
Until sunrise
Use extreme caution

Most of these are rumored songs that didn’t make it onto the album/EP