dead people should be dead tho

The FAHC aren’t good people. They’re criminals, they’re the bad guys, they’re the monsters that parents tell their children to be wary of, and for a good reason, too.

They aren’t good people, but they will fight tooth and nail to be that way.

The “good people”, those are the ones they hate. The perfect politician with a plastic face and even more fake promises. Promises of making things better when they don’t even know how bad it is. The big name CEOs who dip their toes in donation money so they can fish some out for themselves, even though they have enough golden bars and diamond rings at home to fill a swimming pool. Government officials who make laws only for their personal gain, to put more $100 bills in their wallets so they can throw them at abused strippers later.

The Fake AH Crew hates them. Hates them with a passion because they were the ones who forced them into this life in the first place.

They’re the one’s who took away Geoff’s will to live as soon as he finished servicing, not giving him a cent to his name and making him live on the streets. Lucky for him, he was used to it from his rough childhood, so he knew how to climb the system and make a name of himself in the criminal ring so he wouldn’t be eaten alive.

They’re the ones who stripped Jack of her humanity, reducing her to her genitalia. The one’s who took away her rights and stopped her to the ground, leaving her to die on the side of the road where no one would care or even know her name. Lucky for her, Geoff helped her to her feet, or else she’d be rotting and another misgendered name in the obituaries.

They’re the ones who made Ryan believe he was insane. The ones who told him he was “crazy” and “dangerous” because his brain worked differently. He had no where to go without being miserable, forcing him to rob banks just so he could afford his medication, just so he could feel like a person. Forced him to rob the wrong house, where he found a strange man and woman who offered him shelter and food and Ryan felt like crying.

They’re the ones who fucked Michael over, keeping him in a corrupt system all because of a stupid mistake he made as a teen. He had to live the prison life for five years, and when he got out, he wasn’t a citizen anymore and he had no where to go except a man named Geoff who took him in when he saw a poor 25 year old on the side of the road, starving to death because all the soup kitchens ran out of funds years ago.

They’re the ones who made Gavin prostitute himself. Made him into an object for rich men and women to abuse just so he could eat that night. He hated how dirty he felt, but how else was he supposed to survive? Until a man offered family instead of sex, offered a safe haven so Gavin wouldn’t have to sell his body just to live.

They’re the ones who kept Jeremy from moving up. Kept him poor and barely surviving off minimum wage. They didn’t help the addiction that ran in his family and spit at him when he developed it, too. He didn’t remember the last time he ate because he spent his entire paycheck on meth and booze. If he didn’t, he would feel itchy and and paranoid, and eventually, he was evicted. Geoff found him on the side of the road, almost dead from an overdose.

So, of course they hate the “good guys”. The ones who fuck them over, all the while saying they’re for the people. That’s why, when a “good person” is found dead, a bullet hole in their head, a little fuck you note is stapled to their chest, sincerely from the FAHC.

So I was thinking and I came to consultion; “fuck it, maybe people are right and I should post it.” 

Shoutout(?) to @rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts too, because you find there great imagine and fics.
//Thanks for the encouragment too, mate. Appreciated.  😌 💜


“What am I doing with my life? I’m so pale. I should get out more. I should eat better. My posture is terrible. I should stand up straighter. People would respect me more if I stood up straighter. What’s wrong with me? I just want to connect. Why can’t I connect with people? Oh, right, it’s because I’m dead. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I mean, we’re all dead. This girl is dead. That guy is dead. That guy in the corner is definitely dead. Jesus these guys look awful.” - R, “Warm Bodies” (2013)

  • someone: i think kai has a gf bc he alwas on his phone and has driving license and also personal vehicles, and he doesn't like being followed by fans when he's outing with one of his close friends
  • people: OMG YES IT MAKES SENSE OFC HE HAS A GF OPPA HAS GF WHY /cry han river, sobbing endlessly
  • kaisoo: /whispering so close, lips almost touching the other's ear
  • kaisoo: /throwing not-so-secret glances with a kicked puppy expression if one of them plays with other members
  • kaisoo: /mentions the other's name even tho the interviewer doesn't ask about that person
  • kaisoo: /trying to catch each other attention by doing silly things - like dancing, or laughing while "accidentally" falling to the side to the other's body
  • kaisoo: /constantly touching each other - like trying to brush the other's hair but stopped bc fans screamed
  • kaisoo: /almost all the time have their bodies glued together
  • people: lol kaisoo is dead
  • someone: also remember kai said "cute person could wear cute outfit", i bet it's a sign that he has a gf
  • kaisoo: /accidentally blurted out the other is cute and ended up getting judging stare from byun baek
  • someone: oh btw exo is ungrateful to their fans and kai has ugly skin he should bleach it
  • kaisoo shippers: guys calm down, kaisoo is still alive and kai's skin is beauti-
OK but think of this

In 100 years, Magnus and Tessa will still be alive but of course neither Alec nor Jem will. They would still love them, though, so they would spend some days together thinking of the good old days.
Tessa is always the one who is hurting more , while Magnus seems just melancholic. Tessa never gets why until one of those throwback-days she arrives earlier, enters Magnus’s house because the door is open and hears some voices from the bedroom. In that period Magnus has no lover so she reaches the slightly open door to see who’s with him (because she’s afraid he has forgotten their habit and she would feel a bit betrayed).
At first she sees Magnus crying and murmuring something like:“I know this is a way to still see each other but I miss you” and gets worried – but then she sees a pentagram and a figure in it. She’s shocked when she realizes Magnus is not crying in front of a demon – there’s Alec in that pentagram.

(Turns out Magnus knows how to summon dead people and knows it’s illegal, but couldn’t stand to live without Alec)


Is that true, what you said about us not having our guns? It is. These people aren’t ready. I think we should have them but we’re new, we’ll get there. Right now it’s their rules, not ours. 

Deleted scene from The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 ‘Forget’

a-burning-consuming-fire  asked:

I agree with your last post. Another reason I don't ship BE. Enzo is way too passive as a bf. He doesn't challenge Bonnie or stop her from falling into this unhealthy mindset; if anything he enables it. Yea, he cares about her. But so far, he's failed to do anything actually significant or helpful besides cuddle and play the guitar. Damon, for all his flaws, has been one of the few people to force Bonnie out her comfort zone in a good way. They challenge each other, that's why Bamon works.

I agree that Bamon works because they challenge each other.  And right not BE is too much like Beremy. Like when Jeremy just settled on Bonnie keeping her death a secret because that was what she claimed that she wanted him to do, even tho he should know that Bonnie staying dead was more harm than good for her and her acting like she was okay with being dead is emotionally and mentally harmful to her.

Enzo can say that he respects Bonnie’s decisions and is just doing what he wanted. But, Nope because if the decision is a person harming themselves, not caring about themselves, not valuing themselves, or putting themselves in danger in some way, then when it comes to that a person’s decisions should not be “respected” and anyone who loves them should fight and make sure that the person doesn’t fall into that unhealthy mindset. 

I love Bamon because they challenge each other where other people won’t.  Bonnie doesn’t coddle Damon when he does wrong and calls him out on his shit and  Damon doesn’t accept and enable Bonnie’s unhealthy attitude about dying and Bonnie needs someone like that in her life.

Not someone who will coddle and enable her while she devalues her life.  So, Enzo can shut his mouth because he rather have Bonnie dead and dying by enabling her, over her being pissed at him because he stood up to her.

Damon has the courage to do that and is selfless and is willing to let Bonnie hate him to keep her alive.  And Bonnie needs to stop being stubborn and have a prolonged value her in life, like she told Damon that she was going to do in Season 6.

Fuck. I need a moment. That last scene was so heavy. Fucking Hodor and his “origin” story just smashed my heart into a million fucking pieces and I can’t stop crying. I can’t stop fucking crying.

Summer is dead and Bloodraven is dead (that Voldemort death scene tho) and Leaf is dead and idk how I feel about that because she created the first White Walker and it sucks to suck but then again she had no choice but to create the White Walkers because humans were killing her people.

I hate the Night’s King and I hate that nothing is fair I am feeling so many feels right now and I don’t even know if I should be more angry or sad or I don’t know. I just know I need help and I need help right now.