dead palestinian children


Israel’s 2008/2009 attack on Gaza still feels like it happened yesterday. The Zionist regime attacked UN schools and hospitals, taking the lives of 1,600 Palestinians in the space of three weeks.

This video will help you further understand what Palestinians are up against, in particular the part where Israeli soldiers ate chocolate while shooting dead Palestinian children.

Tragedy after tragedy with no end in sight

My thoughts on this recent tragedy in Dallas are these…and please don’t judge me harshly:
All loss of life is messed up. We have protested, marched, yelled, written thousands of articles, millions of tweets and posts, and some even rioted for years and nothing changed. What did they think was going to happen? Did they think that people are going to just do the same thing over and over and expect different results? No – so a man who may be mentally disturbed or traumatized took action into his own hands.

I say traumatized because who wouldn’t be traumatized after watching these videos of black bodies being executed by police? If I were him, I would wake up and watch it and it would be the first thing I saw and my blood would be boiling all day. I’m Palestinian. When I see dead Palestinian children, I see people that look like my family, and I’m not ashamed to say that I always bust down crying. So I know exactly how a black man or woman feels when they see people that resemble their family members getting executed by police in cold blood.

In my dreams I’ve been hearing Alton Sterling’s child sobbing, or Phillando Castille’s wife or girlfriend hollering in grief over her beloved’s murder. So police and police sympathizers, you now know how it feels to lose loved ones in cold blood. You now fear for your safety like we fear for our safety from you every day.

When I walk out the door in the morning, I’m not worried about a gangster robbing me. I’m worried about the police throwing me in a cage, or worse, hurting me on a constant basis. I don’t do nothing illegal but I’m still scared. Millions of people of color are in a constant state of fear because our skin is illegal. You can say you’re not racist at all, but if you’re scared of a big black man for no reason, then you are racist. Even if you don’t think of it that way, it is a subconscious racism, a racism that’s been wired into you since childbirth.
The media and mainstream television always portray all people of color in a sinister fashion, so subconscious racism is rampant. There is no reason to fear big black men. They bleed red, they hurt like us, they are human like us. Do not fall for the bullshit: we pay the police from our tax money to protect and serve us and they don’t protect and serve everyone, and they certainly don’t protect and serve people of color.

The rest of this is a message directed to every police officer. You must be the ones who end this cycle of killing, violence, and racism within your departments. If you’re a good cop, then it’s your duty to weed out the bad ones. If you have intelligence, then you know who in your department is a coward or liar – and a coward and a liar with a gun and a badge is a recipe for disaster.
You as police officers should know who of your comrades are racist or in it for the thrill. All of these qualities are not qualities that police officers should have whatsoever. These types of people have no business being police officers.
Give us a reason to respect the police and we will, but right now you are ruling by fear and intimidation. The last time Americans were ruled by fear and intimidation was a little bit before 1776 and our nation was born out of a revolution. Is that what you want? A civil war? Millions will die. Cocky police officers may like, “Come on, let’s go to war”…but I bet you they’ve never seen war before. I have seen it firsthand and it’s utterly horrible, and it’s the last thing we as a nation need.
But if you don’t change your ways, the second American Revolution will happen and the people will win like we always will win. Do you think the army and marines care about the police or a corrupt government? No, the army will come to the side of the people. So don’t make the people do this: fix your departments, work with your communities, get rid of the bad elements, and do what you have to do to prevent this. Because if you don’t, it’s inevitable.
I am not making a threat, only an observation. I want us to come together: police and community working together to fix the problems in our communities. This “us verse them” shit is costing us too much blood on both sides.

A soldier told be this earlier and it’s basically the quote is nothing but truth United we live, divided, we die! - Quote by: Sarah Cox