dead men do tell tales


Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End got out on May of 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tells No Tales comes out on May of 2017.

PotC DMTNT will have Will Turner.

The curse on will says that he is to be back once every 10 years.

PotC 3 came out on May 25 2007 and POTC5 comes out on May 26 2017


Lauren isn’t expecting much from her twenty second birthday. All the important milestones had already passed, all of them leaving her empty handed. No Hogwarts letter had arrived on her eleventh birthday, no mermaid tail had appeared on her thirteenth. The enormously prophetic sixteenth year – the year famously known for having destinies foretold, for being kidnapped by gods, for falling into a ridiculous love triangle – had come and gone with nothing of note. The most magical part of her twenty first birthday had been that’d she’d manage to consume that amount of alcohol without dying

No grand epics begin on the day of someone’s twenty second birthday.

This is because of those unlucky enough to be chosen at this tender age – most don’t ever make it back.

Dead men tell no tales, after all.


(Dead women do. The bones and bubbling corpses of hundreds of daring, unfortunate women are screaming warnings and fury at the next girl to join their ranks of the lost and forgotten.

But no one listens to a woman’s screaming.

No one will listen to your screaming either.

Sorry, dear. )


She wakes up and goes to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

This is a hasty decision, of course, although she does not know it at the time.

This may be her last morning. If she’d known, maybe she would have savored it. Snuggled into her warm sheets, pressed her face into the softness of her pillow, pulled the comforter about her bare shoulders, the most instinctual and simple of comforts.

But then again. Maybe not.

There is also an instinctual, twisted pleasure in ripping off the bandaid.

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Whenever your self-esteem flags or fails, you can reflect that you are walking around with several thousand dollars’ worth of bones encased within you, and that your skeleton is getting more valuable every year.
—  Forensic anthropologist William Maples explaining the cost of using authentic skeletons for anatomical training in his book Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Death has no power to freeze my heart, jangle my nerves or sway my reason. Death to me is no terror of the night but a daylit companion, a familiar condition, a process obedient to scientific laws and answerable to scientific inquiry. For me, every day is Halloween.
—  W.R. Maples, Dead Men Do Tell Tales.
Carbon is the element of life and death. We share it with diamonds and dandelions, with kerosene and kelp. While we may wrinkle our noses at some of its manifestations, we ought also to remember that this element comes to us from the stars, which wheel over us forever in silent, glittering array, pure fires obeying celestial laws.
—  William R. Maples, Dead Men Do Tell Tales