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Code Geass characters! Suzaku and C.C. are dating! Your reactions?

As requested by anon

Gino: Woah, Suzaku? Dating again?! It’s a miracle!

Gino: Anya, get the streamers! This calls for celebration!

Anya: Woohoo.

Gino: See, even Anya is excited!

Kallen: C.C. is quite aways from Euphemia.

Kallen: That boy’s gonna have to learn to take a lot of snark. A lot.

Kallen: Although…if those two are dating then that means Lelouch is…

Kallen: Still an emotionally closed off workaholic. And dead. 

Kallen: [sigh]

Mao: Who is THIS?!

Dalton: Girls have always liked a man in uniform. A skintight knightmare spandex uniform, all the better!

Milly: Suzaku’s penchant for spinkicking must make for some wild antics…you know…upstairs.

Rivalz: Gee thanks Milly, now I’ll be puking for a week. AGAIN.

Charles: HMMMM…

Charles: Suzaku, do you think you could persuade our mutual friend to-

Suzaku: Your Majesty, I said no.

Charles: But you’re my knight!

Suzaku: I also tried to kill you! Face it Charles, the Ragnarok Connection just isn’t going to happen! You’re dead!

Charles: Hmph. Naysayers.

Lloyd: So the pilot 98% compatible knightmare pilot with a geass witch…

Lloyd: Oh, the experiments I could perform on their future child!

Cecile: …Lloyd…how many times do I have to remind you that human experimentation is BAD

Jeremiah: Amen to that.

Jeremiah: They must have bonded over their mutual loyalty to Master Lelouch! There is no stronger foundation for a relationship!

Lelouch: Oh, so you guys are dating.

Lelouch: That’s cool, I guess.

Suzaku: Oh? Than-

Lelouch: I mean it’s not like I feel left out or anything!

Lelouch: It’s just, you know, we’re the Zero Requiem trio. I don’t want to third wheel or anything, haha!

Suzaku: Lelouch, I don’t think you have to worry about that. You’re dead, remember?


C.C.: Shall we go, Suzaku?



“I felt dizzy, and my limbs feel soft, like I didn’t have any strength left. Today, even on beam my hand felt numb, and I can’t control it. I saw all my teammates perform so effortlessly, compared to my own situation, I am very anxious (to get better).”


“Well big sis Shang is a bit ill, (so her performance today is reasonable), so… she doesn’t feel well and can’t put out her full strength for her skills. However, she is the team captain, and I believe that when the time comes, she will pull it together, because she has a lot of international experience.”


Her old waist injury is acting up, but they are working hard on resting her as much as they could and rehabilitation.

“Well I did acupuncture, and yesterday I didn’t do anything but some physical training, so that maybe I could feel better today. I do feel better, but… still not at my best.”

Fan again:

“This is our first time getting used to the space and stuff, and we only had 20 minutes, so we were on a tight schedule. There’s no way for us to… go about it like our usual trainings, where we take our time warming up and getting used to the feel of the equipment, and then do our full routines.”

“Beam went pretty smooth, I felt like it’s a bit easier than the one over at the training facility.”


“I feel pretty good but not at my best.” (Doesn’t seem too worried.)


“The arena is pretty big, but I didn’t feel… um, intimidated? When I walked in, it felt like we were back at Nationals.”

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I have a sudden desire for they-get-back-together-after-Phil-lets-Clint-think-he’s-dead-but-before-MAoS-fic but Clint is just that little bit distant, just that tiny bit reserved. Phil tries to ignore it because he thinks Clint wants him to ignore it, but he subtly tries *so hard* that it hurts sometimes.

Like, Phil arranges a “spur-of-the-moment” dinner at their favourite restaurant and listens intently whenever Clint speaks and wakes up *immediately* if Clint’s having nightmares.

And Clint *appreciates* it, of course he does, he knows that Phil is trying. But it’s not enough. There’s a gulf there between them now, a lack of trust that there never was before, and that can’t be fixed by stunts.

So, eventually, Clint leaves. He tells Phil he can’t do this any more and he *knows* Phil can’t do this any more, but Phil would never walk away because he did that once (even by omission) and it backfired on him spectacularly and Phil Coulson is not the kind of man who makes the same mistake twice.

So Clint leaves, and Phil is devastated, but he can’t really blame him because *Phil* is the one who fucked things up, and he’s been trying but he hasn’t been able to fix this.

So Phil accepts his position on The Bus and MAoS happens and then CATWS happens and Phil is left, not quite alone and not quite unhappy but certainly not himself. He looks for Clint but he can’t find him, and he doesn’t know what that means.

Clint is *not* HYDRA, obviously, but he’s also no longer in love with Phil (also obviously), and Phil wants to go after him and he thinks he *would just* go after him, except he doesn’t know where he is.

And then Clint gets into trouble - he’s been Deep Cover for Nick Fury because he can’t trust the man but he does trust the Director and he finds The Twins. They’re scared and broken and they’re like Natasha and they’re like him but they’re worse and better at the same time.

So he gets them out, and they run, and they find SHIELD, which means they find Phil. Clint is so thankful to see him because even if he has no idea what he wants anymore, Clint knows that Phil always has a plan.

They stick together, the whole bunch of them, and Jemma and Skye help The Twins come out of their shells. The Twins in turn figure something out to help Leo - not a complete cure, but at least they get him out of his coma.

And the whole time Phil is watching Clint, trying to figure out what he can do, trying to assemble some kind of plan, because he IS Phil Coulson and he ALWAYS has a plan.

But every plan he’s made so far - keeping his recovery a secret, trying to get back together with Clint, trying to find Clint when SHIELD fell apart - has ended in disaster. He’s locked in a kind of stalemate.

And meanwhile, Clint is watching Phil. He’s studying Phil, trying to figure out what he feels. And he realizes that he doesn’t really *know* Phil. He knows the legend more than the man, he knows the image of Phil he built up inside his head.

*This* Phil is tired, his suits are crumpled, his jokes are bad, his hair is thinning - more than he ever thought it was, and how did he not *see* this? He’s *Hawkeye*??!

This Phil is human, incredibly human, and Clint is so in love with him it hurts.

So one totally random day, when they aren’t doing anything heroic in particular, when one of Phil’s plans has fallen apart and he’s spilt coffee grinds all over the cockpit, and Melinda is shooting him glares like she wants to roast him alive and Phil actually looks *afraid* of her, Clint kisses him.

He pushes Phil against the wall and kisses the DAYLIGHTS out of him, just kisses him and kisses and there’s tongue sucking and dirty wet porno noises that no one, ever, actually finds arousing.

It takes Phil a second to get with the program, but then he kisses Clint back. He grabs him by the shoulders and slips before rightening himself and it’s nothing like the hundred other (perfect) kisses Clint has gilded in his mind but it’s *real* and it’s *right* and he wants *this.*

And Phil, pulling back, looks dazed. He looks at Clint in wonder and he asks,”What did I do?”

“Nothing,” Clint says. “Everything. I don’t care. Let’s go to bed.”


That. Someone write me that *g*