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Pirates of the Caribbean (2003 - 2017)
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T  I  A   D  A  L  M  A / C  A  L  Y  P  S  O
“would you sail to the ends of the earth?”
Tia Dalma uses her gifts to help the earth and the people on the earth. Her inner strength shows that women can rule the world!
Modern Princesses learn from Tia Dalma:
Rule your destiny, rock on P R I N C E S S !

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This absolute gem of a photo is not seen enough on Tumblr, so I present to you once again, drunk Sebastian Stan aka the fluffiest drunk person you will ever see.


“By the sweat of our brows, and the strength of our backs, and the courage of our hearts.”

My final Pirates of the Caribbean DVD mock ups for my 400 level Advanced Character Design class! I wanted to have them showing Elizabeth’s journey because I feel like she has the most character development through the three films. I also included The Black Pearl as a background element since it changes a lot too!