dead man stalking

Alternative Verse ~ Guardian of the Necromongers

Name: Siberius Vaako
Timeline: Post!Riddick: Dead Man Stalking
Type: Alternative
Tag: Unspecified


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Vaako always knew that Riddick would grow tired and bored of being their Lord Marshal, sooner or later. The first commander never saw himself fit for the throne, however, it’s still his greatest duty and desire to keep Necropolis and its population safe, so he’d actually do everything to ensure their safety, even claiming the throne.

In the end it was not only Riddick who found himself betrayed by his own people but also Vaako whose order, to bring Riddick back home, Furya, was ignored.

Krone returned and tried to claim the throne himself, but failed to proceed. Knowing very well that Riddick would return for Furya’s coordination, probably even to kill Vaako for his assumed betrayal, the Commander General decided to wait for him.

Since he didn’t keep his own words towards Riddick, Vaako doesn’t see anyone else but Riddick as their Lord Marshal, deciding that he’d only guard the throne and Necropolis until their Lord Marshal’s return. No matter the consequences.

Additional Comment

You may notice that this Verse is my very own interpretation about the events after the very brief scene with Vaako in Dead Man Stalking. To me and my personalisation of Vaako, the assumption that Vaako betrayed Riddick intentionally would fit at all. Even though it’s rather unknown who exactly betrayed Riddick, I assume it has been Krone who left Riddick to (almost) certain Death.


First official teaser for the upcoming Riddick Sequel (working title “Dead Man Stalking”).

Vin Diesel. Aliens. There’s nothing more to say.