dead man calling

I know we all have sweet and even angsty ideas about what Shiro and Keith’s reunion in future would be like but… what if

Keith’s not going to take anymore of Shiro’s disappearing crap…

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Hail The Pirate King, Elizabeth Swann

I went to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales”…and first, let’s talk about my big crush with Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), which is weird I think, but omg… I don’t know why but each time he talked with the mix of English/Spanish 😍😂❤ What a great movie! I still feel excited and I can’t wait to watch it again, and even better, to watch the next one!!

Awesome cast, great story and introduction of new characters, beautiful and creepy-great visuals, exciting soundtrack, the heartbroken/heartwarming scenes, the comedy, super handsome Captain Salazar (ahemm)…. And apart, the amazing super special reunion of Elizabeth and Will ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I just can’t! What am even writing!? Anyway, the thing is that I LOVEEEED the movie. Oh yes!

Hanging Tree | Byun Baekhyun

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genre: smut/angst/miner!au

Part: ½

warnings: caste system/smut

authors note: Inspired by Hanging Tree from the Hunger Games, though. No Hunger Games in this au,

Are you, Are you? Coming to the tree.Where dead man called out, for his love to flee.Strange things have happened hereNo stranger would it beIf we met, at midnight in the hanging tree.

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The Soldier heaves in a breath, lets it out in a rush of exasperation and honesty.

“He keeps touching me,” he says, and Clint cocks his head to one side. The Soldier glowers at the metal fist his arm has made apparently involuntarily. “He keeps acting like I’m -”

“Bucky,” Clint says, and the Soldier’s scowl deepens.

“I’m not Bucky,” he says, and Clint shrugs.

“Well sure,” he says. “Bucky died.”

“I don’t want people to touch me,” the Soldier says, and then moves his hand quickly, outstretched, palm down, hovering close. “But I don’t want you to leave.” He makes it sound… begrudging. He doesn’t mean to make it sound desperate, but it does.

“Okay,” Clint says. “So Mario Kart.”

They go through three freaking Wiis before the Soldier gets the hang of it. Another six once they unlock Rainbow Road. It’s fine, Tony can afford it, and Clint is enjoying himself immensely. Also learning more Russian swearwords - and, more recently, ‘30s slang - than he will likely ever need.

Bucky always plays as Luigi (”He’s the sidekick, right?”) where Clint’s a fan of Princess Peach. Thor joined them once and played as Toad, and all that could be heard was Toad’s wobbly shrieking as one or other of them ran him off the road. ‘cos against each other they’re a storm of swearing and - eventually, slowly, carefully introduced - shoving, but working together they’re a freaking force of nature.

And Clint refuses to read into that. He can’t.

The Soldier is attending therapy sessions, obviously, and that’s maybe the only time he leaves the sanctity of the Avengers’ living quarters, and Clint kinda hates those times because he has slightly forgotten how to talk to anyone else. But there’s progress there, at least; the Soldier edits his Mii one evening, giving it shorter hair and carefully typing in ‘James’.

“Your old you ain’t better,” Clint says, not meaning to be discouraging but needing to say - “just different.”

“And Bucky is dead,” the Soldier says, and there’s no anger, no pain, no loss, just consideration. “I think James could be real, though.”

It makes sense. It’s a part of him but not one that ever really grew into a personality; it’s a name he can take but common enough not to be taking it from a dead man.

“Can I call you James?” Clint asks, navigating carefully around the falling stones of the castle and keeping his eyes determinedly on the screen.

“I’d like that,” James says, a little soft, a little uncertain, and it’s worth crashing into lava to catch a sideways look at the smile on his face.

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How would Abe Sapien be with a smol s/o who's had a rough day at work? 💙

- You had a pretty hard day at the BPRD
• Some goblins were trying to get through to Canada, but could not understand why they couldn’t just go through customs
• A mother squid and her baby were found and unfortunately separated, causing the main floor to be covered in her slime and many an agent (not dead ones lol)
• And, Manning called you into his office to discuss plans to relocate, even though said plans had been turned down repeatedly

- You walked into the room you shared with Abe, who was reading a book you suggested to him, resting on a comfy couch
• As you walked in, he looked up to see you fall onto the couch beside him, rubbing your temples
* “Hard day?” He asked as he put down the book and slid over to face you.
* You groaned. “Just peachy…”
• He chuckled a bit and took your hand, rubbing his thumb over your knuckles and noting how small your hand was compared to his
* You looked at his fascination, scoffing “What?”
* “I never noticed how small your hands are compared to mine.”
* “I have people say that all the time and now you are too?”
* “I was only noticing it, not insulting you, (y/n)”
* “I know…” You smiled and kissed his forehead.
• You began to complain about your day, Abe gently massaging your arms and shoulders as you did
* When you finished he had graduated to massaging your back and hips, giving you light kisses on your neck
* You hummed and quickly rolled on top of him, causing him to lose his breath for a moment
* “Even though you are tiny, ” he paused. “You can still manage to pin me down.”
* You smiled and leaned down to hug him, falling asleep after you finally managed to laughing
Hi anon! I hope you liked these!

- Becky 💕


Clinton Road is a notorious haunted stretch of land in West Milford New Jersey. The road is known to have many hauntings and urban legends surrounding it. One legend is of a ghost boy who haunts a bridge. The boy supposedly will throw a coin back up to you if you throw it into the river. He can also be heard crying. Other legends include a phantom girl, and reports of kkk meetings. Clinton Road’s most famous landmark is the Druidic Temple. The temple is supposedly where local Druids come to worship at a small stone structure. Another landmark is Cross Castle, a 20th century building where visitors feel ill and experience eerie feelings. The road is also known for a ghost truck who chases drivers off the road, as well as a stretch called Dead Mans Curve, where many car accidents are said to have happened. Reports of hellhounds, satanic symbols, and other odd phenomena are associated with the road.

Turn a Blind Eye (pt 1)

Summary: After managing to escape Ian in a Jamaican airport, Ruben’s been on the run ever since. He knew returning to America had its risks, but he never could have imagined the benefits that came with those dangers. And when Ian reappears in his life, Ruben finds himself surrounded by people who are actually willing to help, rather than turn a blind eye. 

Word count: 1627

Warnings: None really? I guess you could go with death threats?

A/N: Happy really belated birthday to @thisstableground (I’m so so sorry this is late!). Also special thanks to @hamilficsfordays for helping me outline this puppy and putting up with my stupid problems (you’re an absolute doll). Pt 2 will have the promised ot3 stuff in it, I just…went a little overboard. 

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She’d been watching the two men the entire flight, unable to help herself. She was surprised none of the other attendants had noticed, to be perfectly honest. The smaller man looked on the verge of tears, visibly trembling when she walked past. She’d tried speaking to him, but the man sitting next to him had spoken over him. The man seemed charming enough but there was something she felt was just…off about their whole dynamic.

“Hey, Steph…you see those guys over there?” She hummed, catching the arm of one of her fellow attendants and pointing over to the two.

“The guy who looks like he’s about to piss himself and the blondie sitting next to him? Yeah…why?”

“Something seems weird about them.”

“Oh come on, I think you’re overthinking it. I’m sure the little one’s just scared of flying. Relax.” And with that she was alone again, standing at the front of the plane with a small frown. She watched the two men for several more moments, tilting her head as the blond man leaned in close to the other, who then appeared to lose all of his colour and looked on the verge of passing out. No, she certainly didn’t believe she was overthinking anything.

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