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Collecting Hearts and Lobster Coats Part 2

“Just make me forget.” He kissed you. Immediately his tongue melded with yours, sweetened honey mixing with the soft surface of flan drizzled with sweet syrup.

Request: @anna1012131

Summary: The Reader and Negan’s budding relationship puts her loyalty to her family to the test.

Characters: The Reader, Negan

POV: Second Person

Warnings: smut, but nothing too heavy

Collecting Hearts and Lobster Coats 2

Negan’s trucks pulled away from Alexandria, your eyes closed and you sighed happily. Marijuana. It was like you were high when he was around. His eyes, dark and longing were like special brownies made just for you to devour. He made you forget, he took you to a brilliant world, beyond walkers and death and the monster that was life. Negan found a way to make you smile, even though he was the one who caused you pain. He just made you forget that. As soon as you remembered that your father would be looking for you, you sat up, abruptly. There was a knock at your door and panic swept across your face.

“Ca-c’mon in.” The door opened and there stood a very angry Rick Grimes.

“Y/N Grimes. I am so ashamed of you.” Eyes bulging out of your head you sat in surprise. “I walk up here to ask you to take care of Judith and I find my daughter in bed with Negan.” You stuttered, trying to make an excuse for what you had done. Make an excuse for the way you betrayed him and everyone you loved.


“How could you fucking do that? How could you fucking do that to your family? What the hell were you thinking?” His words started to burn holes in your brain, causing tears to ripple down your cheeks.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered.

“That’s not good enough. Answer me! Now, right now I want to know why you’re fucking around as his whore.” You gasped. He had never said anything like that to you before.

“I am not a whore!” You spat at him and ran out the door.

“Y/N, y/n. That’s not what I meant.” You turned around and pushed him away.

“No, that is what you meant!” Running down the stairs you grabbed your jacket and a hand grabbed your arm.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.”

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” You yanked your arm away from his grasp and ran out the door, straight for the wall. You knew from the house it just looked like you were going to stay with Rosita, as you always did when you were upset, but you were leaving for good. You were going to take Negan up on his offer. Sure you were going to miss everyone, but you couldn’t live with a man who called his own daughter a whore. Using your usual strategy, you climbed the wall, not caring if anyone saw you or knew what happened with your dad. As soon as you hurdled the wall you ran as fast as you could, only stopping to kill a walker or two before you knew you were close to the Sanctuary. After Carl got into the Sanctuary he was able to give you all a detailed summary of the directions.

Soon the sun was falling and you could taste your own sweat trickling into the corners of your mouth. Smoke danced high above the ferocious walkers, clawing for the salty dirt covered skin on your aching, tired bones.

“Who’s there?” You froze and put your arms in the air.

“I’m here to see Negan.” The man who spotted you smirked, his long walrus mustache peaking on the right side of his face.

“Alzando, go tell Negan we have him a very special visitor.”

Simon escorted you to Negan’s room and left you alone at his door with nothing to say, no good reason why you were at his door and not Rosita’s. You heard yourself knock gently on his door anyway. As soon as it opened you were greeted by a very cocky Negan.

“Kitty, I knew you couldn’t pass up my offer.” Before you could think you broke down, sobbing.

“I-my-my dad-” Your words came out hysterical and he brought you to his chest, pulling you into his room.

“Alright kitty, calm down. What happened?” You vigorously wiped your tears from your eyes.

“I-I-I-da-Ne-ne-negan-” Negan tightened his hold on you, picking you up off the floor and putting you on the bed. The whole way he was muttering curse words, saying that he’d kill the person who made you sad. He kneeled down in front of you, grabbing your hands and stroking your palms with his thumbs.

“Kitty, I can’t understand you. I need you to stop fucking hyperventilating and tell me who did this to you. I need to know so Lucille can bash the fucking life out of the motherfucking pussy.” You tried to slow your breathing, but failed.

“Ne-ne-ne-negan-p-ple-please-j-jus-just-h-ho-hold-m-me.” He was furious.

“Abso-fucking-lutely not, I need to know what dumbfuck bastard did this to you. Now, I fucking need you to fucking tell me.” You continued to sob, angrily pushing his hands away from yours, moving towards the door. “Kitty, please don’t. I’ll lay with you, okay. I’ll hold you just come here. Before you could yell at him he picked you up and put you back on the bed. That was it, everything melted away under his touch. He mended the wound in your heart and invited you into a deep haze, a fog of gentle peace. After a few minutes of him spooning you into his chest you finally regained your spirits and your breath.

“He called me a whore.”

“What?” You shifted to face him.

“My dad, he called me a whore.” Negan grunted angrily.

“That motherfu-”

“No. Just kiss me. I don’t want to think about him or anything, please.” His features softened as he processed the desperate look on your face.

“But, kit-” You put a finger over his lips.

“Just make me forget.” He kissed you. Immediately his tongue melded with yours, sweetened honey mixing with the soft surface of flan drizzled with sweet syrup. His hands slipped down your back, then moving back up your shirt caressed your stomach with blazing fingertips. His kisses, hungry became rough and desperate, both of you clawing to each other for more naked skin. Drawing his hands upwards he grabbed your breasts, grasping them with all of his hands. While he was preoccupied with your chest you took the chance to find his neck, trailing sloppy kisses to his collar where you suckled his skin in delight. He groaned, resting his chin on your head, burying his nose into your hair.

“Fuck, don’t do that.” He growled. You giggle in response, your warm breath now fanning over his ear.

“Then fuck me.” Negan moved at the speed of light, picking you up by your waist and throwing you down on the bed underneath him. You grabbed the hem of your blouse, but before you could life it over your head it was torn off you, the buttons flying everywhere. “Negan! This is my favor-” He cut you off by painting a tender stripe up your stomach.

“You said, “fuck”, kitty.” You squirmed, your panties becoming even more soaked then they were. Negan moved down, in between your legs and pulled your pants down. Yanking them off your feet you sat up and unhooked your bra, letting it pool on your bare legs. Negan looked up to see your boobs and smiled. “Now, this is what I fucking live for.” He cupped them in his hand, wasting no time to marvel them with just his eyes. You laid back as he began to knead your breasts, his tongue all too slowly making their way to your nipples to lick the sweet little buds. You moaned, your eyes rolled back in your head and your arched chest pushing his lapping lips against your raw skin. One hand gripped the bed as the other was buried deep inside his ruffled hair, forcing his face into your body. You already felt yourself becoming a sweaty mess, but didn’t care.

“Just fuck me already.” He responded by forcing his body to the other side of the bed, away from you. You whined at the loss of touch.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you.” He was stalking you with black eyes of lust and a electric smirk. He was magnetic, you would do anything he said just to feel him on your body.

“Touch me.” He chuckled, crawling over to you.

“Excuse me, but I don’t think I understand you, kitty. Might want to speak a little louder, use my name. I don’t hear little girls unless they dress me right.” You groaned, feeling a wave of lust ripple through your lower stomach.

“I want you to fuck me daddy.” He crawled over top of you and sat between your legs. He took off his shirt for a brief second before going back to torturing you.

“What was that?”

“Fuck me daddy?” He unbuckled his pants and started to peel them off.

“I can’t hear you.”

“I want you to fuck me Daddy!” He chuckled and placed his hands on your waist.

“Now that, kitty is what I fucking wanted to hear.” You giggle and he yanked your panties off your body. He threw them some where in the room and crashed his lips against yours again. You felt his boner against your stomach, burning a hole of desire in your flesh.

“Take them off already.” You complained, tugging his briefs down. He chuckled and took them off, releasing the beast. You blushed, remembering the first time he fucked you.You were terrified at his size. You had no idea how he was supposed to fit in you, and he didn’t. The next day you had to tell everyone you pulled a muscle when you could barely walk. It was worth it though, it got easier every time and he brought out a side of you that you didn’t know existed. Negan gripped your waist and growled in your ear.

“Turn around.” You giggled, resting on your hands and knees, shaking your ass in his face. He grabbed your face under your jaw with one hand and oh, so gently dragging his big, long cock up your slit. The teasing stopped, just as he wanted it to, but now you were the one feeling edged. You moaned, pressing your hips back into him, trying to get him inside you, but he refused.

“Daddy, just get inside me. What are you doing?” He grabbed your waist again and held your hips still. Licking a stripe up your sweet bud you gasped.

“Only good girls get daddy’s cock.” You whined, bucking your hips against him as his hot breath fanned your twitching clit. He chuckled.

“Daddy, please, I need you.” You squeezed your butt-cheeks together, providing a very little bit of stimulation. Suddenly you felt the sting. Negan slapped your cheek.

“Uh, uh, uh, bad girl. Only daddy can touch your pussy, kitty. Only daddy is allowed to pleasure you.” You smirked. This was your ticket in, tease him and he’d pound you like a hammer. You looked over your shoulder with a smile and laid back on your back once again. Negan looked confused as you put your fingers in your mouth and rapidly thrusted them into your core. Already soaking wet, your entrance was easy and you could already feel yourself getting off. You looked back up to Negan’s face to see him in some kind of mesmerized fury. It was like he wanted to watch you get off, but he wanted to do it himself. You took the chance to slid your hand out of your core and over the precious little button that made all your dreams come true. You moaned, already shaking at the touch. You usually didn’t get off this easy, but while he was watching you your body was aflame. Your breathing was getting shorter, more urgent and hyperactive as you rubbed quick little circles over your favorite part of your body.

“NO.” Negan’s voice took you out of your trance when he slammed himself into you, blessing your pussy with his huge cock. He leaned down, kissing you feverishly as he slammed into your tight little hole over and over again, wildly. His primal urges became too much for you as he left hickies painted on your skin like freckles on a little red-head girls cheeks. You whined and screamed, gripping the bedsheets as his moans set you off.

“Negan, uh, uh, uh, Negan.” His hips, slapping against yours were loud, but not as loud as the sound of his cock spanking your dripping core, making your wetness splash everywhere. Soon his thrusts were getting sloppier, his body was getting weak against your own. He buried his head in your shoulder and groaned against your sweaty skin. A fluttery feeling passed in your stomach and you knew that it was coming. Negan knew you were close too, speeding up his thrusts to send you over the edge. He licked down to your nipples, biting at the sensitive flesh. The sensation was like licking chocolate cake off of your fingers, but never getting to actually eat the cake. And you really wanted that cake. You grabbed his chin and pulled him back up to your lips, kissing him feverishly. In one last swoop Negan drew his free hand from behind your head and rubbed you clit. The nerves were sent over the edge and you felt yourself clench around his form. “OH, NEGAN! UHH, UGH, UHH, OOOOO!” Soon he followed, unwinding in your core. He road out his high, a string of incoherent curse words erupting from his lips.

“Fuck, Y/N. Sexy ass little pussy, cunt so fucking tight. Mother fucking shit, fuck, fuck, fucking, fuckity fuck.” He collapsed against you and you laid there, panting, gasping for breath. When you finally caught your breath you smirked at him and grabbed his ass.

“Well, that was a good fucking fuck.”

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Watched (Negan x Reader Smut)

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Synopsis: Reader has always loved public sex and Negan decides to take it one step further

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Voyeurism

A/N: Thank you all for your support! Sometime tonight a Simon/Negan threesome will be posted and tomorrow I will most likely be done with the requests. I love you all :)

It wasn’t the first time you had engaged in public sex with Negan, the idea of being watched always aroused you. The idea of being caught and lusted over by someone that could never have you was the ultimate feeling. It was overwhelming and incredible. So when Negan told you to meet him on the factory floor, you assumed it was for sex. Never had you expected what came after.

Here you were, naked, on your knees with Negan’s cock in your mouth in front of the Saviors. Negan growled out words of appraisal and pushed your head deeper onto his member. Your hand moved to his shaft, moving the skin up and down with the time of his thrusts. “You’re mine, this mouth is mine,” he called out, making the Saviors know who you belonged to. Your agreement was muffled against him as your mouth slid down to his pelvic bone, pulling off with a gasp you looked up at Negan, “Sir, may I please taste your cum?” Negan’s laughter bounced off the walls of the factory, “See? She’s begging me for my cum, she fucking feeds off of it,” his attention turned back to you, “You haven’t earned it yet, babygirl. You gotta earn your fucking keep.”

You groaned in annoyance, gaining a pointed look from Negan, “Now honey, you aren’t disobeying me, are you?” You shook your head. Negan continued, “Get on your hands and knees and face me, make sure they can all see your perfect ass.” You complied, presenting your ass to the men behind you. You could hear the rustling of fabric and a groan from the crowd of men. Negan squatted down to your level, “Do you know how much they want you? Right now they’re all wanting to jack off to the thought of fucking that pussy.” You moaned at his words, feeling your arousal dripping from your thighs. His hand rested against your head before he pushed it down onto the floor, “Face down, show them that fine fucking ass, darling.”

The dominance he was presenting sent fire through your veins. Your clit ached, begging to be touched in any way possible. Negan stood up, walking to your ass, intending to make an even better show out of this. “Do you see her?” he asked the crowd, “She is all mine, that mouth is mine, that ass is mine, that pussy is mine. You all better remember this moment because that’s the closest you’ll ever get to fucking a fine ass woman like this.”

He turned back to you, standing to the side of your bare ass, squatting back down. His hand rubbing on the skin there. Negan’s hand moved off, only to come back down with a resounding slapping sound. You let out a strangled mewl and squirmed in place, he was so close to your heart, you were dripping in apparent need for him. “Do you like this, Y/N? Knowing every man here is lusting after your body?” He asked. You nodded silently, knowing if your mouth opened it would just be a moan. “Look at you, my little whore.” He finished his words with another slap, sending another shock of arousal straight through you. “Yeah, you fucking love this, put on display for all these fucking men.”

His hand moved down your ass, finger dripping into your wet entrance, and yelling out, “Jesus, you’re so fucking wet. It’s like a goddamn waterfall holy shit. All this from me slapping your ass?” You breathlessly nodded, “M-more please.” He smiled softly, “Of course darling.” His digit shoved into your pussy, curling inside of you. A moan tumbled out of your mouth in desperation, you needed more. “Cum, show them how easily only I can make you fucking cum,” He groaned, palming himself as he fingered you. The sound of his gruff voice threw you over the edge and you came onto his finger, with a beautiful moan and a soft whimper.

He pulled his finger out of you, slurping your juices off of it, “That is fucking delicious, too bad none of you motherfuckers will ever taste something this fucking good in your sorry lives.” Negangot on his back, and called to you, “Get on my fucking face and look them, I want them to see your face when I make you cum for a second time.” Immediately you moved to sit on his face.

His tongue licked a long stripe along your folds, you let out a desperate moan as your hands moved to grip your breasts, playing with your mipples. Negan growled into your pussy, tongue circling your clit while his hand slapped your ass. Your hips undulated against his face, trying to get more of that delicious friction. You forced your eyes open to watch the men in front of you, all of their eyes intent on your naked body, trying to remember it for later. You could feel their eyes raking over your body, taking you all in. You smirked to yourself, feeling proud to have their attention and knowing that your lover’s cock was so much larger than any of theirs.

Negan’s tongue brought you out of your reverie as it left your clit to plunge into your depths. His hands gripped your ass with force, pulling you down to grind harder against his face. Biting your lip to contain your scream you came onto his face. Your chest was heaving as you rolled off of him. The older man smirked at your tired form, gaining pleasure from knowing that he was doing that to you and no man in the crowd could ever please you like he could. It wasn’t enough, he still needed to be inside of you. “Get on your hands and knees and face them sweetheart,” he told you.

You flipped from laying on your back to your stomach, lifting your body up in shaky hands. You wondered how you looked, with your legs shaking from the anticipation moaning for Negan to enter you. Judging by the way the men’s eyes never left you, they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

You could feel Negan get on his knees behind you. You bit your lips in anticipation as his gloved digits kneaded your ass, pulling it into his crotch. His hand grasped his throbbing member before poising it at your entrance. He dragged the shaft through your fold, allowing the tip rub against your clit. Your hips bucked backwards into yours, desperate to have him inside of you. YOu could feel your release building up with each rock of his hips.

His mouth leaned down to your ear, “You’re so desperate for me, aren’t you? Even when all my men, the men you work with, are watching you. You have no fucking shame, do you?”

“P-please, Negan. I need you,” you mewled as his fist wrenched your hair, forcing your back to arch.

“Tell them who you belong to and what you want, then you can have it, babygirl,” his dominance sent another rush of arousal through your body.

You looked to the men, red flooding your face, “I belong to you, Negan a-and I want you to fuck me.”

“Good girl,” Negan moved his cock back to your entrance, slamming inside of you. The force sent a jolt of pleasure through you body and you let out a strained cry. He was so big, you thought, the wonderful stretch lighting a fire deep in you belly. Each thrust sent a river of delicious pleasure, your body quaking. You loved the feeling of all the eyes on you, it made you feel untouchable, like a fucking queen. They could see the effect that Nega had on you, from your shaking muscles to your slack jaw pleasure.

You moaned aloud, pleasure outmatching any embarrassment you could have had. “Negan, I need to cum, please let me cum,” you begged. You needed him to touch your clit, to throw you over the edge into a glorious orgasm.

“You want to cum?” he asked. Your head fervently nodded yes, desperate to cum. “Then say it. Look at them while I make you cum.”

His finger moved to the bundle of nerves between your thighs, pressing light circles into it. Screaming, you called out, “Negan!” Your eyes never shifting away from the men that stood in front of you.

Your body collapsed as you came, torso hitting the pavement of the factory floor, unable to keep yourself up as pleasure wracked your body. Your hands searched desperately to hold on to something and failing. Your mind was scrambling as wave after wave of pleasure moved through your, juices flowing freely on his cock..

Negan’s hips continued hammering into yours, desperately chasing his own release. The feeling of your warmth clenching around him, pulling him deeper and deeper, sent him over the edge. His hand tightened around your hair, forcing your body upwards as his own orgasm rushed through you. He released his seed with a deep goran, cumming inside of you.

The room was silent as the two of you bathed in the afterglow of your orgasm.The air felt heavy, as the men eyed you, each wishing that it was them in Negan’s place. Negan, content with his performance looked to the men and yelled, “Get the fuck out of here!”

Once they cleared the room, he picked you up and whispered, “You’re mine, always and forever.”



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Nightmares and New Toys - Carl Grimes x Reader

Lorelai talks very maturely for her age, but this isn’t something I’ve just made up as an excuse for her to talk like a five year old. When you have older siblings and cousins then it’s easier to pick up information. Say the kid wants to keep up with their five older siblings who are all older than six, the child has to learn everything faster. I know many kids who have gone through this. 

Request: @livelikethereisnomidnight (The link isn’t working so I really hope you get to see this!)

Summary: Carl and the Reader are older and have two children. Their daughter Lorelai has a nightmare and needs her father to cheer her up.

Characters: The Reader, Carl, Lorelai and Glenham

POV: Second Person

Warnings: Fluff and lots of cuteness

Nightmares and New Toys

It was two in the morning when you woke up to the sound of crying. Immediately you jumped up in your bed and grabbed the pistol you kept on the nightstand. Feverishly searching around your room for an intruder, only to lay eyes on your husband, Carl. He was running to the door, hastily while trying to put on his night pants. This would have been the moment when you yelled at him for never listening to you and putting clothes on after you had sex, but you were focused on the crying that you now identified as your daughter.

“Carl, what happened?” You asked, but he was already down the hallway in her room. Following after him you practically flew into the room, praying to God that the cause of her tears wouldn’t be a monstrous creature tearing her soft flesh from her little bones. To your relief, you walked in to see her crying into Carl’s shoulder. He was rubbing her back and whispering into her ear.

“Baby, it’s okay. It’s okay, daddy’s here now. I love you my little Lorelai.” Lorelai continued to cry into his shoulder,

“D-d-daddy, t-the m-monster e-eaten y-you a-and mo-mommy.” You ran over to her, she must have had a bad dream.

“Baby, no. Daddy and I are right here, we’re okay. Lorelai, you’re safe, we all are.” She stayed, a tiny little thing enveloped in Carl’s big arms. Her arms squeezed around his neck,

“Mommy, they took you from me.” You looked at Carl and he gave you a sad smile. You knew what he was asking. He wanted you to let Lorelai sleep in your bed, something you had dealt with for nearly three years. You were done with letting her kick you off your own bed, but seeing how upset she was you nodded at Carl and he smiled brightly.

“Hey, babygirl. Do you want to lay in mommy and daddy’s bed.” She picked her head up from his shoulder and looked at him,

“Mhmm. I want to lay with you and mommy.” He rubbed the back of her head in his hand and you wiped the tears from her cheeks. Carl handed you Lorelai and you went back into your bedroom, only to find your son laying under three layers of blankets. You smiled at Carl,

“It doesn’t seem like we’re getting any sleep.” He chuckled.

“It’s okay, I got a shift at seven.” You set Lorelai on the bed and tucked her under the covers next to Glenham. Carl sat down next to Glenham and kissed his forehead. “Hey, buddy. What are you doing here?” Glenham stretched his arms and yawned.

“I heard you guys were up and I wanted to get up, too.” You scoffed.

“Bubby, we’re up because Lorelai had a bad dream.” He looked over at her and hugged her.

“No, Lorelai, don’t cry. Don’t cry, little sister.” You put your hand over your chest and looked up at Carl. He mouthed to you, ‘He’s so sweet’. You nodded and got under the covers.

“Lorelai, you okay now?” She frowned and shook her head at you. You thought about what would cheer her up. She loved ice cream, but it was not even three in the morning. She loved playing with Glenham and Hershel on the little swings Rick installed, but it was too early to be waking everyone up with the sound of their cackling laughter. What about blueberry muffins. The other day Carl found a powdered box of muffin mix so you made them yesterday. No one was allowed to eat them because you were saving them for the party Rick and Michonne were throwing for everyone, but you could always make more.

“Would you feel better if daddy got you a muffin.” She practically shot up from the bed,

“Yes, yes, yes! Daddy, get me a muffin!” She squealed, zealously. You giggled as Carl groaned.

“Baby, why me? Why can’t you go get them?” You gave him a mischievous smirk and reached over top of Lorelai and Glenham and gave him a teasing kiss on the cheek. It was soft, but full of desire and it lasted just long enough to get him going, but not long enough to satisfy his lust.

“You’re going to go get them muffins because mommy knows daddy wants to play with mommy’s toys. If daddy doesn’t, mommy won’t let daddy touch her toys, ever again.” Carl virtually fell off the bed and raced down the stairs. You fell on the bed laughing hysterically.

“Mommy, you have new toys? I want to play with them.” Glenham exclaimed with a smiled.

“Yeah, I want to play with them, too.” Lorelai shouted. Your eyes became the size of cantaloupes. What could you say? You couldn’t exactly tell your children they couldn’t play with your toys because that would more incest and sexual abuse. They didn’t know what most of that sentence meant. They were toddlers.

“Bubby’s, I was just kidding. I don’t have any new toys, but I promise when I go on the run tomorrow with Grandpa Rick, Grandma Michonne and Auntie Judith we’ll definitely get you new toys.” They both frowned.

“Mommy, that’s too bad. I really wanted to play with your new toys.” Lorelai said with her arms crossed.

“Yeah, but daddy’s bringing you muffins. Doesn’t that sound yummy?” You asked.

“Yay!” They shouted. As if on cue Carl walked in the room with a plate of muffins. He sat on the bed and the kids immediately grabbed a muffin scarfing it down.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Guys, you must really be hungry, you’re eating like walkers.” You giggled and hugged him.

“I love you.” He kissed the side of your head.

“I love you, too. Now, let’s get them back to bed.” With full bellies, the kids fell back asleep and you and Carl followed suit.

“Y/N, babe. Hey, wake up, I have to go.” It was Carl, he was shaking your arm. You yawned and stretched your arms over your head.

“Hey, you’re leaving now?” He nodded, you sat up and looked over at Lorelai and Glenham.

“They’re still asleep, just let them.” He whispered and you nodded. Looking into his eyes in a moment of silence you cupped the back of his neck in your hand. Your fingers dancing on the silky waves that fell effortlessly from his head. He raised his hand and wrapped one of his arms around you, the other rested on your cheek, slowly stroking your smooth skin. Unable to take the tension you brought his lips to yours, melding them together in heavenly bliss. The arm around your waist lowered as he cupped your ass, pulling you into his lap. His tongue circled yours, enlisting a moan from deep in your throat. Your hips began to gyrate into his unintentionally, but neither of you were against it.

“Mommy?” Lorelai asked. You finally realized you were dry-humping your husband in the same bed as your children and you scurried away from him. Carl practically leapt from the bed.

“Hey, baby girl. Did you sleep well?” You asked her, pulling your shirt down from where Carl had accidentally pushed it up. She rubbed her eyes and sat up.

“No nightmares?” Asked Carl, from the corner of the room. Lorelai nodded ‘yes’ and Carl walked back over to the bed in front of . “Good, baby I have to go now so give me a kiss.” He said puckering his lips out to her. Lorelai screamed,

“No, daddy! Don’t go! Daddy, please stay!” You and Carl looked at each other, surprised. Carl got in the middle of the bed and pulled her into his arms.

“Baby, don’t cry. Hey, it’s okay.”

“Then don’t go, daddy!” She cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. He cradled her and started to sing,

“You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy”

You layed down on the bed in a curled up ball. His voice was cracked and hoarse, but it was beautiful in its own way. The way he held her was mesmerizing, his love for her evident in the tightness of his hug. You just watched, as he looked into her eyes with more love for one human being than you had ever seen before.

“When skies are gray

You’ll never know dear

How much, I love you

So please don’t take

My sunshine away”

When he finished she was gingerly touching his cheeks, smiling at his beautiful blue eyes. He made a face and she started to giggle.

“Daddy! You’re so silly!” You smiled at the adorable action. They were so sweet together.

“I am, but baby I have to go now. Can you let me?” She frowned and crossed her arms.

“Fine daddy,” She paused. “But under one condition, you bring me more muffins.”

“I can do that.” He said as he bent down to kiss her nose. She giggled under his gentle touch and he sat her back down on the bed.

“Bye daddy, bring me muffins.” She said, bouncing on the bed.

“Bye my baby, I love you.” He said with a sad smile.

“I love you, too.” She responded happily. You got up off the bed and walked to him. He pulled you in by your waist and kissed you.

“I love you, Carl.”

“I love you, too.” You smiled at each other and he suddenly gave you a mischievous smirk.

“Can we set up some playtime tonight, you did promise me.” You scoffed and put a hand over your heart.

“I promise you nothing,” He frowned. “But I don’t see why not. I’m nice about sharing my toys.” He chuckled and brought your hand to his lips to kiss your knuckles.

“Daddy? What are you doing? Go get my muffins.” You and Carl started howling at Lorelai. She was adorable.

“Fine, I’m going. Love you guys, see you soon.” Carl said, defensive. You shook your head in disbelief and hugged him.

“Have fun.” He gave you a questioning look and walked out the door.

“I won’t have fun until I get to play with your toys.” You giggled as he lept down the stairs and out the door. Wow, it was going to be hard to wait for him to get back.

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So I’m this kind of a person who writes smut at 3am and accidentally prints it out instead of saving it.

The printer is in the living room

My whole family sat there

I just wanna disappear


REQUEST PROMTS. You don’t have to use them but if you need an idea…


                                                     Doctor Who

Tenth Doctor:

Eleventh Doctor:

Captain Jack Harkness:

                                                    The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixson:





Smut & Lemons-

                                                       Doctor Who

Eleventh Doctor: 


Dean Winchester:



                                                    Alex Rider

Alex Rider:

                                       Cirque Du Freak/Darren Shan

Larten Crepsley:

Gavner Purl:

More to come…

Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x13 - “Family Feud”

I try to go into Buckleming episodes with an open mind.  Yes, I also acknowledge that they’re among the least technically skilled (or at least among the worst at really hitting the mark for this particular show) on the team, but I try not to be the guy who hates them out of hand.  


  1. What’s the deal with Clan MacLeod this week?  We were firmly in frenemies/mutually beneficial arrangement territory and then suddenly this ep it’s all high antagonism.  Was there a regrettable incident involving a bowl of Cheerios that got cut out of 12x12?  

    Also, Crowley’s attachment to Gavin seemed out of proportion to the interactions we’ve seen.  While we can guess/imagine some stuff, viewers need a little more than that to be able to feel any sort of connection to a character who’s angry and suffering.  

    They do want us to do that, right?

    Really, the only thing in the whole MacLeod Family Drama that had much punch was Rowena revealing that her willingness to help the Winchesters was seated in a desire to punish Crowley for Oskar’s death.
  2. Okay, but can Buckleming write just one episode that isn’t rapey?  Just one?  One tiny episode?  It isn’t difficult!  Hell, they had to shoehorn it in this time!  Argh.
  3. So we got answers about the Lucifer thing from LOTUS, which is nice.  Unfortunately, those answers appear to be that Crowley might not underestimate the Winchesters, but apparently he’s more than happy to underestimate Lucifer.  

    Like, this isn’t just a bad plan.  It’s a bad plan with a million points of failure that you monologued in front of your victim.  Whatever potential ego benefit there may be, whatever boost in credibility having Lucifer in chains might confer, this shit ain’t worth it.  Crowley, sweetheart, what the fuck.
  4. So that case resolution was anticlimactic.  

    Show: Hey look, weird deaths!  Oh hey, we know someone who knows something!  Oh hey, it makes sense that it’s this person, and here’s a really obvious pattern!  Hey, we were totally right!  Hey, here’s a possible resolution that folks are okay with, and the only person who disagrees is easily stopped!  Oh hey, we were able to easily carry this out!  Oh hey, all the bad stuff looks like it was totally reversed by our efforts!  Go team!  

    Me: *…*

    Show: Uh, have some family conflict?  

    Me:  *…*

    The CW: Oh, and you don’t get a promo this week either.

    Like, I guess the upshot is that we’ve tied up the Gavin loose end?  It’s just…wow, pointless and I feel pretty much nothing.  Which is a shame, because this could have been incredible with more prep.
  5. I’m liking Dagon.  I would have expected to see her arrive an ep or two later, but given that she and Lucifer are apparently in communication, and this was Crowley’s “I have you right where I want you” episode, I’m good with it.  
    Her pitch to Kline was pretty standard “demons get a bad rap, and look at how badly the good guys have treated you” fare, and with Lucifer banking on his incoming Nephilim son to foil Crowley’s plan, yeah. Okay.  I’m curious what she used to send angels up in a puff of smoke – Ramiel certainly didn’t do that with Cas! – but overall, I’m into it. Here’s hoping she gets to be more than just a semi-disposable mini-boss.  
  6. I want better for Kelly Kline in so many ways.  She is scared, she’s being tossed around by forces she can’t control or understand, people and things so much more dangerous than she is are everywhere.  Well-meaning wait staff (who turn out to be murderous angels) say ominous things in cafes.
  7. Okay, so we’ve subverted the “Mary is doing a S6 Cas” thing.  This is good in a Changing The Winchester Paradigm sort of way.  We’re not going to spend half a season lying and keeping secrets and coming out of it with I can’t trust  you because you lied to me, and so on.  This is good.  This is interesting.

    And, in light of Ketch’s apparent attempt at undermining her loyalties (e.g. let’s get a drink, don’t tell your sons, family makes you weak, etc.), we see Mary doing something remarkable: she goes to the boys, comes clean, and tries to make her case.  

    She’s making a questionable choice, but she’s not falling for the whole seduction, or being sucked in on the BMoL’s terms.  She’s not allowing them to isolate her.  Which, given that being isolated by questionable choices is how Sam, Dean, and Cas have all fucked up in the past, is also pretty fucking interesting.  

Bonus Thing: Dean Winchester in a museum  dicking around with things he shouldn’t dick around with is my jam.  As I said on Twitter: he is beauty, he is grace, he drops shit and he makes that face.

Bonus Thing #2: So Sam’s casting spells.  That’s fun.  It’d be even more fun if those spells had, say, continuity of function instead of working on low pillars instead of doors and turning dead Scottish people into lemon-flavored Jedi…

Bonus Thing #3: I am awarding credit for the episode title, what with the MacLeod and Winchester families having Differences internally and with one another, as well as the bit between Crowley and Lucifer about their offspring.

Fifteen Plates - Carl Grimes x Reader

Summary: Carl and the Reader are going on their very first formal date together and the whole gang decides to tag along…
Characters: The Reader, Carl, Maggie, Glenn and Rick & Clique
POV: Second Person
Warnings: Fluff and mention of sexual relations

First Dates and Fifteen Plates
Today was the day you and Carl were going to have your very first date. You were too young before the outbreak so neither of you had any experience in dating and had no idea what to do. With this in mind you both decided it would be best to ask for help from the group. Specifically, Maggie and Glenn would be the best candidates for the most normal conversation and informational knowledge. As you planned to hang out (now as a couple) tonight you cornered Maggie when she was at the guard tower. Climbing the tower you smiled at her as you tried to find the right words to say.
“Hey, Maggie.” She affectionately squeezed your arm and smiled brightly into your eyes.
“Hey, Y/N. What’s up?” You rocked back on your heels in nervousness.
“Well, you see there’s actually something I want to talk to you about.” A concerned look overtook her smiley features.
“What’s wrong?” You blushed in embarrassment.
“W-well, I like Carl and see he likes me and I don’t know what to do because I’ve never been on a date, but he were going to have dinner tonight so I need your help.” All your words came out muddled as you just wanted to get it out as fast as possible. You looked up at Maggie to see her smile as big as Texas. She was beaming with excitement.
“Y/N, this is amazing, of course I will help. Oh my god, I can’t wait to get you all dolled up and do your make up. Man, I haven’t gotten ready for a date in years. This is gonna be perfect, I just need to make sure he’s setting up a perfect dinner. You need to look breathtaking, wait-wait do you have a dress to wear?” You were getting very overwhelmed by everything Maggie was saying. You were worried for your date before, but now you were terrified. How were you supposed to do all these fancy things when you didn’t even have a dress to wear?
“I-uh-I-uh-” Maggie noticed your panicked expression and rubbed your arm.
“Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overwhelm ya. I’m just really excited for ya, don’t worry It’ll be so much fun. I’ll make sure of it okay, I’ll help ya.” You were becoming relieved, if Maggie helped, you would be okay. Wait, would you? You really hoped so.
“Thanks, Maggie. I’m just really worried, I’ve never been on a date and I have no idea what to do. She swatted the air.
“No need to thank me, I would love to help ya. Come on, I have a stash of secret makeup I was saving for something special and my shift ends in a few minutes. I’m sure if I make it up to him Spencer will come up for three extra minutes.” She walked over to the ladder and you grabbed her arm.
“Maggie no, I can’t ask you to do all of this for me. It’s ridiculous, you’re giving up all of this for me, I can’t let you.” Maggie put her hands on your shoulders.
“Y/N, I want to. I love Carl to death and for some reason you remind me of Beth. I want ya to be happy and I want ya to feel what I feel with Glenn. This is my choice.” Upon hearing that you enveloped Maggie in a bone-crushing hug.
“Thank you Maggie, you’re the best.” She laughed and the two of you headed down the ladder to spend the next four hours playing with makeup and a collection of dresses you borrowed from various Alexandrian residents.
“Y/N, you look perfect! Oh my god, he’s gonna flip when he see’s you.” Maggie was right, you looked into the mirror to see someone you didn’t recognize. You were wearing a light green dress that fell to the middle of you thigh. It had spaghetti straps and was fitting to your waist and flowed out from there. You looked beautiful.
“Thank you so much Maggie, wow. I just can’t believe this is me.” She giggled and hugged you from behind.
“No need to thank me, we’re family. Family does for each other.” She suddenly frowned. “Is it six, we need to get over to him right now. I hope you don’t mind, I asked Glenn to help him.” You smiled.
“That’s fine, he’s never been on a date either. We both needed help.” With that you and Maggie headed over to the Grimes house.
Walking in the door Carl was standing in the kitchen with Glenn. When he looked at you his jaw dropped. Glenn just chuckled at his reaction and you blushed.
“H-h-hi.” Carl stuttered adorebally. You giggled at him and Glenn spoke up for the both of you.
“So, why don’t you guys take off your shoes and come in. We made spaghetti.” Maggie put her hand over her heart.
“Babe, I didn’t know that you could cook?” Glenn looked up at her mischievously from the table, where he was setting up the few plates and utensils we had.
“I guess that’s just one of my hidden charms you didn’t know about. Want to find some more?” Maggie’s head shot up from the ground and she walked in and hit Glenn on the arm.
“Glenn!” He just chuckled kissed her. You watched from the corner, reveling in the beauty that was their relationship. They had this profound love for each other that could simply not be contained by the empty nature of words. Their love was everything you ever wished for with Carl. You just wanted to be with him, to love him, for as long as you both had in this crazy world. You looked over at him, getting glasses from the cabinet. He was beautiful even when he was flustered and nervous and shaking just picking up cup. You walked over and grabbed one of the cups from his hand. He looked at you and you smiled genuinely at him. He smiled at you bashfully and you stood for a few seconds lost in his eyes.
“Y/N, Carl?” You both turned to Glenn who had his arm wrapped around Maggie’s shoulders. They both looked at each other and then Maggie spoke up.
“So, my first date was a double-date because my father wasn’t too keen to the idea of me dating. At the time I was upset, but halfway through the date I was silently thanking him because when it got awkward that couple made it easier. I thought, why don’t we stay with you guys.” You and Carl were blushing at your feet, unable to look at each other or Glenn and Maggie. Glenn threw his hands up in the air.
“Or we don’t have to. It’s up to you.” You finally looked up and Carl nodded at you.
“Of course, stay, we’ll just get two more table sets.” You said with a smile. With that, the four of you continued setting the table and were ready to eat. You were just about to pull out your chair, when Carl walked up and pulled it out himself. You were taken aback, but quite pleased with his sweet yet incredibly simple gesture. You bared your pearly whites and thanked him. After he sat down you could see Maggie and Glenn looking at each other with slight smiles, trying to suppress their childish excitement. You ate in silence for about a minute until Glenn started chuckling about absolutely nothing. You all looked at him in confusion until he finally gulped in enough air to tell you all what he was laughing about.
“Th-this reminds me of m-my first date. I-I ca-can’t, I spilled my milkshake and she sat on it. Ha, someone asked if she shit herself.” You found yourself hysterically laughing at this along with Carl and Maggie. Carl was clutching his stomach in pain from laughing so hard.
“Did you really?” Carl bellowed.
“Yep.” Glenn responded. You all continued to laugh for a good three minutes until you all settled down, eating quietly once again. Suddenly the front door opened and Rick, Michonne and Rosita walked in.
“We heard that someone or someones were going on their very first date tonight.” You and Carl looked at each other and then at Rosita with embarrassed eyes. Michonne hit her lightly on the shoulder and scolded her.
“Come on, don’t do that to them Rosita. When you were an awkward teenager like them you didn’t want anyone to tease you about your love life. I bet it was non-existent. I bet you had a huge gap in the middle of your front teeth and flouncy pigtails held up by two different vomit colored scrunchies.” Rosita’s jaw dropped and she was about to yell at Michonne before the door opened and everyone’s heads spun to see the incoming visitors. Abraham’s voice boomed through the house,
“God, is that spaghetti?” In walked Abraham with and Eugene behind him. Eugene was the first to speak. Father Gabriel walked in and scolded Abraham.
“Do not use the Lord’s name in vain.” Abraham scoffed.
“I will use whatever fucking word I want.” Father Gabriel just started to pray, chanting forgiveness for Abraham. Right then Tara walked in with a huge smile on her face.
“Is that spaghetti? If that’s spaghetti then I call the whole pot.” A new voice spoke up,
“If my calculations are right, the smell coming from this vicinity is most certainly spaghetti. If I am wrong than there is a toxic chemical leading us all to hallucinate noodles, canned tomato sauce and three year old parmesan.” You looked at Carl with a raised eyebrow at Eugene and he shrugged his shoulders, making a silly face back at you. You started to giggle at him and everyone turned to you and made an ‘awe’ sound, reveling in your adorable relationship with Carl. Now in possession of spaghetti, all the newcomers grabbed a plate and tried to fit more chairs along the table and just simply in the room. Maggie was getting a little ticked off at their intrusion so you grabbed her hand in yours.
“It’s okay, they’re our family.” She frowned.
“I know, I just wanted to make something for ya special for once. You guys don’t get to grow up like a normal kids and go to dances and school and have crushes. I just wanted ya to get just a little bit of the life you deserve.” You brought her hand to your cheek and grasped it.
“Thank you for that, but I have my family and that’s all I need. I have you and Glenn and Rick and Michonne, everyone and most of all Carl. Plus, I think this dinner made me realize that I’m not cut out for dates, this has been so awkward. Maybe Carl and I can just stick to being best friends, but best friends who kiss.” Her eyes bugged out of her head with excitement.
“You kissed?” She nearly screamed. Everyone’s heads turned to you and Carl’s eyes widened. He shook his head, trying to hide the truth.
“No, we have never kissed.” He retaliated.
“Aww, it’s alright son. You’re becoming a man, you don’t have to deny it.” Rick said, putting a hand on his son’s shoulder. Carl started stumbling through his words when Abraham came up behind him.
“It’s okay, kid. I know it’s embarrassing, but I can show you both a thing or two if you know what I mean.” Michonne gasped.
“No, way Abraham. You are not dragging them into your twisted sex life.” Rick assisted Michonne in her counter to Abe’s disturbing comment.
“They are just kids, children don’t need to be having children.” At this point you and Carl felt like burying yourselves alive. The whole situation was excruciatingly awkward so you grabbed Carl’s arm quietly asking him to slip out with you. Under the bickering no one even noticed you both slowly leave the room. They didn’t realize you left until you were already halfway to the door and you and Carl just kept going.
“Run, Carl, just run.” You were giggling, running through Alexandria to one of the abandoned town houses. Halfway there you heard someone call for you and you turned your head to the source. Smacking into someone you found yourself thrown to the ground.
“What are you kids doing?” Asked Daryl. You realized that the object you had run into had been Carol and you jumped up to apologize.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Carol. I didn’t mean to run into you, I just-oh crap.” Rosita’s voice was getting closer. “I’m sorry, but I gotta go.” You ran to catch up with a now stopped Carl who was waiting for you.
“What happened?” He asked.
“I ran into Carol and I was the one who ended up on my ass.” He started chuckling at you.
“Come on, let’s go in.” You and Carl ran up the stairs and stayed in the family room that faced the street. You both wanted to be able to see if they were coming to make you feel super uncomfortable. You flopped down on the floor on your back and started laughing.
“Can you believe them? They are crazy, I swear.” Carl put his hands on his forehead.
“I know, they are so weird. There’s no way that could have gone more awkward.” You sighed.
“Why are they so invested in our relationship anyway?” Carl brushed his hair out of his face and laid down next to you.
“I don’t know. Well, they have no lives, but that’s not it.” A thought came to your head and you smiled mischievously. “What?” Carl asked you, concerned.
“Well, maybe they just appreciate my amazingness and think if they tease us then I’ll break up with you and marry a prince.” His jaw dropped.
“Excuse me? I think I’m the awesome one here.” You shook your head.
“Nah, I don’t think my brilliant personality and hot body can be combatted by anyone.” He started rolling around, laughing so hard.
“No, way. Really? You’re telling me you don’t want this piece of heaven.” He said, gesturing to himself.
“Nope.” You said flatly. You giggled and for a minute you both looked longingly into each other’s eyes.
“Liar.” He brought his lips to yours and your smiled in the sweet and innocent kiss.
“Awe, they’re so cute!” A random voice said. Carl jumped away from you and pulled out his gun.
“Who’s there?” Carl asked, turning in circles to find the source of the noise.
“Shh, everyone be quiet, guys I think they heard us.” Said the same voice.
“Are they having sex?” A voice asked and you realized what was going on. It was them, they found you and were spying on you. Damn, why would Daryl and Carol reveal your location. That was cold. You walked over to the window and pulled up the blinds. Sure enough every single one of them was standing there, watching you through a break in the blinds. You rolled your eyes at their shocked and embarrassed faces. Carl walked over in time to watch everyone yell at Tara, who must have been the original voice. Carl sighed.
“They won’t learn will they.” You turned to him with a new idea in mind.
“Yeah, so we’ll just have to make them.” You kissed him roughly, deepening the kiss right away. If they wanted to see you together, you’d show them. That would scar them for life and they’d never intrude on your relationship again. You and Carl continued to kiss, your hands roaming each others bodies. Sounds of discomfort erupted from the group outside. They dispersed, running back to the house in disgust and you Carl laughed at them. Suddenly he remembered Michonne and Rick and frowned.
“Do you think they’re going to give us ‘the talk’ now?” You scoffed.
“Hell, no. They are way too traumatised.” He sighed, relieved.
“You’re right. I just don’t want to hear about safe sex anymore. It’s so embarrassing.” You smiled at him.
“Yeah, but you have me now. I’ll always be there for you.” He kissed your nose.
“I’ll always be there for you, too. Just please don’t ever leave me alone to deal with their weirdness.”
“Of course, we’re a team. You and me against the world.”
“And against the overbearing people we call our family.” You giggled.
“Yeah, their not so bad though. If it weren’t for them we would never have met.” He smiled.
“Yeah, I guess we have them to thank.” You hugged him nuzzled into his shoulder. Carl breathed in deeply. “You spell like spaghetti.”
“What?” You asked, perplexed.
“Yeah, we didn’t finish, I really want some right now.” Carl said with a look of lust, lust for food in his eye.
“Well, there’s probably none left. After all there was only a pot of noodles and fifteen plates for fifteen annoying eavesdroppers who for some reason we love.” Carl chuckled and he nodded at you and you giggled back.
“Let’s go back, it’s our turn to make them uncomfortable.” You giggle and you both walked back home. Into the comfort of family, of hope, of love and of life because this was truly living.

I love you guys! I’m so glad to be back. I’ve had so much homework it’s rediculous, but I’m crushing my courses so hey, when summer comes I’ll have even more practice to make your requests flawless. Thanks for all of you who have been toughing it out with me. Your appreciation and satisfaction is what keeps me going. Hope you have a lovely week!😊

Blind Lemon Jefferson - He Arose From The Dead (1927)

If you think I’m over my chemical romance then you’re dead wrong

Lockscreen Masterlist

5 Seconds of Summer
Airplanes [x]
Beside You [x]
Broken Home [x],[x]
Fly Away [x],[x]
Invisible [x
Jet Black Heart [x]
Social Casualty [x]
Vapor [x]
Wherever You Are [x]
WAYF [x]

A Day To Remember
Have Faith In Me [x]

Against The Current 
Chasing Ghost [x]
Forget Me Now [x]

Comedy of Errors [x]

Alessia Cara
I’m Yours [x]

All Time Low
Dancing With The Wolf [x]
If These Sheets were States [x]
Missing You [x]
Outlines [x]
Painting Flowers [x]
Somewhere in Neverland [x]
Therapy [x]

Amber Run
I Found [x]

Amos Lee
Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight [x]

Can’t Help It [x]

Andy Grammer
The Pocket [x]

Arctic Monkeys
Baby I’m Yours [x]
Do Me a Favour [x]
Leave Before the Lights Come On [x]
Only Ones Who Know [x]
R U Mine? [x]

Ariana Grande
Bad Decisions [x]
Dangerous Women [x],[x]

As It Is
Cheap Shots & Setbacks [x]

Half the World Away [x]

Axwell Λ Ingrosso
Sun Is Shining [x]

Poet [x]

Blink 182
Bored to Death [x]
I Miss You [x]

Bring Me The Horizon
Doomed [x],[x]
Happy Song [x]
Sleepwalking [x]

Catfish & The Bottleman
Soundcheck [x]

Charlie Puth
One Call Away [x]
See You Again [x]

Fix You [x]

Cold War Kids
Bitter Poem [x]
Broken Open [x]

Youth [x]

Dead Sara
Lemon Scent [x]

Ed Sheeran
Afire Love [x]
Autumn Leaves [x]
Grade 8 [x]
I’m a Mess [x]
Tenerife Sea [x]

Ella Eyre
Alone too [x]

Ellie Goulding
Guns and Horses [x]

Fall Out Boy
Alone Together [x
Favorite Record [x]
Immortals [x]
Young Volcanoes [x]

Fetty Wap
Jimmy Choo [x]

Fifth Harmony
No Way [x]

Florence+The Machine
St.Jude [x]

I’m Sorry [x]

Frank Sinatra
Fly Me to the Moon [x]

Tumblr Girls [x]

Get Scared
Don’t You Dare Forget the Sun [x]

Guns N’ Roses
Estranged [x]
Patience [x]

Dear Daughter [x]

Castle [x]
Colors [x],[x],[x]
Control [x],[x]
Drive [x],[x]
Ghost [x]
Is There Somewhere [x]
Roman Holiday [x]

Hayley Kiyoko
Girls Like Girls [x],[x]

Headphones [x],[x]

Hillsong UNITED
Touch the sky [x]

Hollywood Undead
Hear Me Now [x]

Imagine Dragons
Demons [x]

Jack & Jack
California [x]

Jack’s Mannequin
Dark Blue [x]

Jacob Tillberg
A Dream [x]

Jason Mraz
I Won’t Give Up [x]

Jaymes Young
Northern Lights [x]

Jessie J
Masterpiece [x]

Jukebox The Ghost
The Great Unknown [x]

Justin Bieber
Love Yourself [x]

Justin Timberlake
Can’t Stop The Feeling [x]

Katy Perry
Fireworks [x]

Kelly Clarkson
Stronger [x]

The One [x]

Lady Gaga
Born this Way [x]

Lana Del Rey
Ride [x]
Serial Killer [x]

Hurt Me [x]

Royals [x]

Lupe Fiasco
The Show Goes On [x]

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Same Love [x]

Marianas Trench
Wildfire [x]

Matchbox Twenty
Unwell [x]

Mayday Parade
Kids In Love [x]

She-wolf [x]

Melanie Martinez
Cry Baby [x]
Dollhouse [x]
Training Wheels [x]

Mike Posner
Please Don’t Go [x]

Motion City Soundtrack
My Favourite Accident [x]

My Chemical Romance
My Way Home is Through You [x]

Neck Deep
Rock Bottom [x]

Neon Hitch
Subtitles [x]

Never Shout Never
Hey! We Ok [x]
Lost at Sea [x]

New Politics
Pretend We’re In A Movie [x]

Nicole Dollanganger
Ugly [x]

Of Monsters and Men
King And Lionheart [x]

Oh Wonder
Lose It [x]

One Direction
18 [x]
Drag Me Down [x]
Home [x]
If I Could Fly [x]
Little Things [x]
Love You Goodbye [x]
Night Changes [x]
Perfect [x]
You and I [x]

Panic! At The Disco
Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time [x]
Hallelujah [x]
This is Gospel [x]

Papa Roach
No Matter What [x]

Grow Up [x]
The Only Exception [x]

Phil Collins
A Groovy Kind of Love [x]

Pierce The Veil
Bulls in The Bronx [x],[x]
Kissing In Cars [x]
Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed [x]
Props & Mayhem [x]

Where is My Mind [x]

Gangster [x]

Plain White Ts
Hey There Delilah [x]

Empty [x]
My House [x]
Smoke [x],[x]

“İşim gücüm budur benim gökyüzünü boyarım her sabah.“ [x]
“İkimiz birden sevinebiliriz göğe bakalım” [x]
“I kissed a girl with a cross around her neck Her lips didn’t taste like church But her hips felt like God" [x]
“maybe I’m just a false creation” [x]

F.E.E.L.G.O.O.D [x]
Repeating Days [x]
One Last Dance [x]
Smile [x]

Rachel Platten
Fight Song [x]
Lone Ranger [x]

Rascal Flatts
What Hurts The Most [x]

Red Hot Chilli Pepper
Californication [x]

Rise Against
Make It Stop [x]
People Live Here [x]

Lay It All On Me [x]

Ruth B
Lost Boy [x]

Shawn Mendes
Aftertaste [x]
Running Low [x]
Show You [x]
Treat You Better [x]

Let Me Down Easy [x]

Bird Set Free [x]

Sleeping at Last
Venus [x]

Sleeping With Sirens
If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn [x]
Save Me A Spark [x]
The Slays [x]

Calm the Storm [x]

My Demons [x]

Taylor Swift
This Love [x]
Wildest Dreams [x]

The 1975
Fallingforyou [x]
Medicine [x]

The All-American Rejects
Move Along [x]

The Amity Affliction
Chasing Ghost [x]
Death’s Hand [x]
Farewell [x]

The Cab
These are the lies [x]

The Civil Wars
Talking In Your Sleep [x]

The Eden Project
Kairos [x]

The Front Bottoms
Twin Size Mattress [x]

The Rocket Summer
Walls [x]

The Vamps
Somebody to You [x]

Tori Kelly 
All In My Head [x]
Should’ve Been Us [x]

Tove Lo
Scars [x]

Troye Sivan
Fools [x]
Suburbia [x]
Youth [x],[x]

Twenty One Pilots
Car Radio [x],[x]
Friend, please [x
Heathens [x]
Holding On to You [x]
Polarize [x]
Stressed Out [x]
Tear In My Heart [x]
Truce [x]
We Don’t Believe What’s On T.V. [x]

Us the Duo
No Matter Where You Are [x]

Wiz Khalifa
See You Again [x]

X Ambassadors
Unsteady [x]

Ocean Avenue [x]

Zara Larsson
Never Forget You [x]

BoRdErZ [x]
Pillowtalk [x]
rEaR vIeW [x],[x]
wRoNg [x]

Clarity [x]

anonymous asked:

Supercorp is dead, Lemon will rise and spew it's sour juice's in everybody's face!

i hope this is a joke this is ugly…..shipping a lesbian with a slave-owning abusive man? Disgusting on every level