dead kevin

Writers: *kills all minorities*

Writers: *keeps all white and straight characters alive even when their storyline is dead*

Writers: it’s just the way the story took us


Why haven’t we talked more about Kevin Price’s anxiety?

Like, in every iteration of the musical…that seems to remains constant no matter who plays him?? He seems to holds himself so tensely, makes a considerable amount to always try and be perfectly presentable, and has a lot of nervous niches such as: fixing his hair, clutching his pant legs when sitting, plastering on fake smiles, hunching in on himself, murmuring assurances to himself and having a fear/discomfort of physical contact. 

Someone help this boy??? I wish I could see this more prevalent in fics and stuff.

Please consider:

  • Wymack giving Andrew a “don’t be an idiot” warning talk
  • Andrew responding “Yes, Coach Dad” in a dry tone
  • Andrew no longer calls him Coach or Wymack anymore, suddenly it is always “Coach Dad” and it always comes off sarcastic
  • Dan Wilds (captain of the Foxes and the David Wymack defence squad) starts calling him Coach Dad in positive ways to show him how much they all appreciate the parental role he plays for them and to thank him
  • And to tell the other Foxes to “Listen to Coach Dad”
  • Matt quickly joins the cause at her side
  • It isn’t long before Renee joins in and Allison shortly after
  • Nicky uses it genuinely just as much as he does sarcastically
  • Neil joins in because everyone’s doing it and he wants Wymack to know he’s a way better dad to him than his ever was
  • When Aaron joins in no one can tell if he’s doing it ironically or not, but he says it way less than the others
  • Kevin joins in last when Coach Dad has been so normalized by the team
  • It’s the first time he calls Wymack “Dad”
  • Wymack is trying to act casual about it, but he is clearly so pleased
  • Neil suddenly realizes with utter certainty that this is the whole reason Andrew started the Coach Dad trend, since Kevin kept stumbling over what to call Wymack, but always ended up with Coach before and it was about time Kevin got a family where they value each other instead of Kevin bowing down to a title

when you’re in a fandom, where nearly everyone ships straight couples,

but you ship the gay otps

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