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Irish Adventures

So far in Rekina’s wild time in Ireland:

Played the bagpipes in a parking lot

Almost got hit by a car in a round about cause they confuse the heck outta me

Took a spontaneous swim in the Atlantic fully clothed cause i felt like it

Sprinted through a sleet storm half a kilometer to swim in the ocean with waves taller than me through a field of dead jelly fish

Got stung by a jelly fish. 4 times.

Accidentally summoned Old Faithful on the airplane and doused four rows of people

I know the chances of jellal dying is really slim considering it’s fairy tail and all the characters that “died” were revived like two chapters later, but I also have this really bad luck when it comes to my favorite characters dying and staying dead so like should i be worried or……


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Shit from our D&D campaign: Session #3

In which we don’t fight anything in three whole hours and get super frustrated about it

I’m gonna start referring to characters by name rather than race so if you want to keep track of who’s who I recommend referring to this . If you want previous session round-ups, check the tag #riencing campaign

  • At the end of the last session Manpip (gnome) went off his own in the port town we’d arrived in, and revealed that, for reasons unknown, he’d kicked the local shrine and then cut the beard off the dwarf who runs the shrine. We decide to leave town very quickly
  • He then took this dude’s beard, knitted it into a scarf and insisted on wearing it for the rest of the journey
  • The shrine dwarf’s name was literally Spiritbeard and we’re not 100% sure if this beard-scarf contains a large amount of spiritual energy because nobody has a decent Arcana check - it may or may not be whispering to Manpip or it could just be random voices in his head
  • We’re literally five minutes down the road to the capital city when we spot a side-road that leads down to the coast and everyone decides we need a beach episode
  • The beach is covered in dead jellyfish. Nobody goes swimming. Manpip starts stuffing dead jellies in his bag
  • We discover a cave containing a shrine to a giant jellyfish god. My awed whisper of ‘it’s the Voidfish’ goes unappreciated
  • The shrine is guarded by some tiny angry fish-people, which inexplicably we decide not to fight and regret later 
  • Instead Skaan (bard) uses Message to telepathically tell one of the fish dudes that he’s their jellyfish god and wants them to run into the ocean and stay there for 30 minutes. Somehow this works
  • Etney (dragonborn) has to stay outside and guard the cave entrance because in character creation I decided she couldn’t swim and was not expecting us to have to wade up a fucking river
  • After squabbling over the loot at the shrine we find a tunnel at the back of the cave completely submerged in water - Skaan is an Air Genasi so doesn’t need to hold his breath and we send him through alone, where he finds a huge underground cavern in pitch darkness and encounters a single glowing green eye, which he promptly bolts from. Turns out we’d accidentally found an access point to the Underdark several sessions too early
  • The rest of the journey is super boring because we all get really high luck rolls and don’t meet anyone
  • Finally we reach an inn in the forest where we stay the night, which is run by a female gnome called Zucchini. Manpip, who has never seen another gnome before and his entire character arc is now complete after 3 sessions, is utterly dumbstruck by this and there’s at least five minutes of him awkwardly trying to flirt with her, including an excruciatingly bad Persuasion roll where he tries to invite himself to her room for the night
  • Manpip announces to Theryn, who has watched this whole exchange with fascination and horror, that his new mission in life is to get Zucchini to marry him no matter what. I asked the DM to do a Lesbian Perception Check on Zucchini but he didn’t tell us the result, so that may come back to bite Manpip later
  • The next-door tavern is full of merchants, which our DM instantly regrets because he’s never done commerce before - he ret-cons the rubies Theryn found in the cave and makes them garnets instead because he didn’t realise just how valuable rubies were and our fighter was essentially carrying about 30,000 GP in his pocket
  • We have our first encounter with Mylov the Potions Seller, who did not seem to understand how economics work, may or may not have killed his boss, and is 100% our equivalent of Garfield the Deals Warlock
  • He pays for his drinks using a Potion of Climbing, which results in the barman crawling along the ceiling like Spiderman for the rest of the time spent in there
Ruben/Vito frist time


Vito shifts on the pillow, snuffling a little as his body and mind fought the foggy comfort of sleep. He can’t work out why he’s awake for a moment but then there’s a brush against his hips and his eyes shoot open with a gasp at the sensation.

Ruben is still fast asleep, still facing towards the door with his back against Vito’s front in the position they fell asleep in but he’s shifted back in his sleep and now-

Vito shudders as Ruben makes a little muffled whine around his thumb (a rather adorable habit he mock-teases the other teen about) and presses back again, pert little ecto-ass rolling into his crotch. And Vito has a boner. Of course he does, it would choose to happen when he’s in bed with his best friend who he really really doesn’t want to hate him or think he’s a creep. 

Vito tries to hold himself still and think of something else, think of gross things but he can smell the coconut body lotion Ruben uses as well as that slight musk of his own and feel his smaller body. And it’s distracting, makes him think of how cute his friend is.

They’ve known each other since they were tiny. Ruben still is rather petite, all neat and smooth and adorably shy. Vito can admit he gets flustered when they’re hanging out on the grass in the acres around his house and Ruben is wearing tiny little shorts and lying on his front and kicking his legs and he has to look away from where the fabric clings to his pert little ass.

Then when they’re at Ruben’s house and the other is ruffling through his wardrobe and looking hopelessly frazzled when picking out clothes, all blushes and little huffs of annoyance. Making Vito want to kiss him. A lot. On both orange-flushed cheeks, on his trembling mouth and then down his neck while his friend makes little gasps and-

And these thoughts REALLY aren’t helping, especially with the sounds of Ruben’s thumb sucking. Little whines and wet sounds, a quiet slurp here or there… reminding Vito of something else that mouth could be sucking. He heaves a sigh and shifts back as much as he can, hiding his face in the pillow and willing away the arousal.

Ruben whimpers around his thumb, eyes opening to the pale light of early morning creeping through the curtains. He sits up, rubbing his eyes before stretching with a little moan of satisfaction as his spine makes a satisfying series of clicks. He blinks lazily, before looking down to Vito. His larger friend always takes longer to wake up and today is no different, his mouth open rather goofily as he snores. Ruben giggles at the gross line of drool rolling down his broad chin, Vito’s fingers twitching where his arm is thrown over his head on the pillow.

Ruben chuckled at the vision his friend made, stretching languidly again before his eyes fall downwards and he blinks. Vito’s boxer shorts are bulging out at the front oddly and wet and… glowing? A faint blue through the dark fabric, like some kind of torch? The slim teen moved a bit closer and with a confused frown, prodded the shape. 

Vito snorted awake with a jerk, confused before he registered a firm poking at his dick. He made a strangled sound in his throat, blinking first down at the finger prodding between his legs and then up to his best friend’s puzzled expression. 

Ruben finally seems to notice he’s awake and raises an eyebrow, “what’s that?” He presses a little more firmly with his fingers and Vito lets out another unmanly squeak. “I don’t get it..did you put a baseball in your pants? Why would you do that?” Is.. Ruben actually… serious? His fingertips feel the entirety of his cock through the fabric and Vito swallows thickly, sweat dripping down his flushed face.

“IT’S NOTHING I NEED TO-TO-UHHH!” Vito pushes his friend’s hands away with shaking fingers and scrabbles off the bed with all the grace of a water buffalo stuck in the mud. He ignores Ruben’s confused and slightly anxious call and stumbles into the ensuite bathroom, pressing the door closed behind him. He’s flushed a bright blue, hands covering his face in mortification.

Oh stars, Ruben was… and he’s… so hard it hurts, twitching in his boxers as heat licks through his lower abdomen. And he can’t go out like this… he needs to take care of it. With a groan he tugs down his boxers and palms his cock, letting his head fall back against the wall as he sees Ruben’s face in his mind, an indistinct fantasy of slight hips pressed against his and those little whines he heard in his friend’s sleep.

Ruben sits on the bed in shock for a moment, trying to puzzle out his friend’s odd behaviour. He gets up and thinks about knocking on the door and asking if Vito’s okay… but his friend has a nasty habit of trying to be a tough guy, going so far as to hide injuries in the past. So Ruben pushes open the door a little, to peek in and check Vito’s not hurt.

He’s not expecting to see the other teen pressed against the opposite wall by the sink, head thrown back with thick fingers pressed tight over his mouth to muffle… noises. And Vito’s other hand is… the arm shaking with fast jerky movements and leading down to a fist furiously stroking his- Woah. Ruben feels himself blush and his mouth falls open as he takes in the sight of Vito’s.. thing. He hadn’t known they could get hard like that, and flushed a deeper colour and… Ruben feels a jerk of tingling heat lick all through him. 

His fingers move of their own volition, sliding over his hip and to where his own pajama shorts are feeling tight. The first contact has him reeling and he can’t take his eyes off of Vito, the other’s eyes closed as louder, more desperate, sounds escape through his palm. Ruben gasps and lets his own hand slip into his shorts and wrap around himself. He cries out, knees almost giving way at the burst of overwhelming sensation.

He keeps going, trying to muddle out what to do with his fingers, clumsily tugging and stroking until he’s sort of matching Vito’s movements. Which are becoming more jerky, the large teen gasping and shuddering all over and Ruben lets out a needy whine as Vito suddenly stiffens and groans, thick liquid spurting over his fingers. And he *wants* that, he doesn’t even know what that is but gosh he needs it-

Vito gasps, slumping back against the wall as he shudders and pants in the aftershocks. He opens his eyes and whimpers. Ruben is shaking in the doorway, one hand holding onto the doorframe for dear life and the other inside his pants. Vito makes a strangled noise at the desperate gasping look on his best friend’s face. “Ru…” 

Ruben whines louder, hand jerking a little “Vi-Vito I-uhnn I don’t know what to do…” An orange tongue peeks out to wet the slim teen’s teeth and Vito feels his cock hardening all over again.

He can’t stop himself from stepping forwards and cupping Ruben’s face in his large hands. “H-hey, just breathe okay? Stars Ru… you look…”

Ruben presses against him and a hand tugs his own until it’s at his friend’s waistband. “Please Vito, please I want… “ Ruben flushes darker and buries his head briefly into Vito’s chest, and he’s shaking.

Vito guides his face back and kisses him, and moans when Ruben kisses him right back and then they’re stumbling towards the bed and Ruben ends up in his lap and grinding against him and his fingers, little gasps and whispered pleas and whines presses into his neck and face whenever they stop kissing for a moment. And Vito comes again as Ruben cries out his name, back arching as he suckles on his smaller friend’s neck.


Later, when they’re lying cuddled up in bed, Ruben’s head pressed to his chest and Vito’s hard fingers stroking up and down that slim spine, Ruben turns to smile up at him with a shy grin. “How long?”

Vito blinks, lulled almost asleep by the warmth. “Hm?”

Ruben trails long, petite fingers over his chest and he flushes as the intimacy. “How long have you liked me? I never knew…”

Vito feels himself flush further with embarrassment and rubs the back of his head. “I… since preschool.”

His friend laughs and Ruben rolls over on top of him, eyes sparkling beautifully, “Me too… now kiss me again? It took you long enough!”


anonymous asked:

good tips when having sex?

foreplay, idk how many times i gotta say it but foreplay is really good. grind on ur partner, tease them, light touches until yall can literally no longer hold back and eye contact!! that shit is hot and when the sex actually comes, don’t be dead weight like a jelly fish, grind even when they r in u or u in them, pull hair(??if they r into that) kiss neck, bite, mark them!! and like set up a rhythm too like fast then slow, thatll build up an intense orgasm but ahh!! just do whatever feels right n good