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It has been discovered that premature babies do better if they have the tentacle of an octopus to hold whilst in the incubator. Apparently when in the mother’s womb the baby holds onto the umbilical cord and the octopus is a suitable substitute because of the knitted or crocheted tentacles.

Crafting group report in village paper


Which Witch

Salem, February 1692, mass hysteria sweeps through a small Puritan village as the local girls start suffering fits and strange behavior.  The villagers are quick to blame it on a witch, the devil’s servant, and the hunt to rid their village of the monster begins.  By May 1693, twenty five people were dead, nineteen hanged, five (including two infants) dead from the conditions in prison, and one crushed to death in a failed effort to gain a confession.  Dozens more had been accused and languished in prison for months before they were pardoned.  All for a group of girls who wanted to act out.

In modern day, witches still capture the imagination of the public.  From the Wicked Witch of the West (Wizard of Oz) to Hermione (Harry Potter), witches run the gamut between good and evil.  Magic and mysticism can open a world of possibilities for your writing.  The amazing world of fantasy opens a whole new level of creation and innovation to add to your writing.  But witches and magic aren’t limited only to the world of fantasy.  Modern day witches and wiccans still exist and practice to this day.

Wicca or Witch

While many books use the two terms interchangeably, there is actually a difference between Wicca and witchcraft.  Witchcraft is the practice of using and directing natural and individual energy in order to manifest one’s desires.  Wicca is a religion that was originally developed in the early 20th century and introduced to the public by Gerald Gardner in 1954.  While Wicca draws things from ancient religions, such as Celtic paganism, into their belief system, it is still considered a modern religion.  Another difference is that Wiccan’s generally follow the Wiccan Rede, “if ye harm none, do as ye will”.  Other witches do not necessarily follow this rule.

The other difference between Wicca and witchcraft is that Wicca is a religion and witchcraft is simply the practice of magic.  A witch is someone (male, female, or neither) who practices magic.  Not all Wiccans are witches and certainly not all witches are Wiccan. Many modern day witches practice various other religions along with their witchcraft.  While most follow a form of paganism, from Irish to Norse, there are agnostic witches and even Christian witches.  Witchcraft doesn’t revolve around one specific religion. Rather, it draws upon the witch’s specific religion to create the power need for the spells to work.

Wicca as a religion draws from old pagan religions and is a polytheistic religion, worshiping a central God and Goddess.  While the deities take different forms depending on the branch of Wicca,  the God and Goddess are generally earth or nature deities and represent the duality of nature and the cycle of life.  Wiccan religion follows the Wheel of the Year, which includes eight Sabbaths (holidays) and follows the life cycle of the Goddess and God.  Starting with Yule (December 21st), the Goddess gives birth to the God.  By the first of February, Imbolc, the Goddess has recovered from giving birth and the God is a strapping young man.  As spring blossoms on March 21st, so does the Wiccan Sabbath of Ostara.  Now the God and Goddess are equal, both in power and in form.  On April 30th, Beltane, the God has fallen in love with the Goddess and they join in union for the first time.  This culminates during Litha, also known as Midsummer on June 21st.  The first harvest, August 1st, is known as Lughnasadh, marks the wane of the God as the new God grows in the womb of the Goddess.  Mabon is on September 21st and is the completion of the harvests and the God wanes even more.  The Wheel of the Year ends on Samhain, also known as Halloween, which falls upon October 31st, and marks the death of the God.  But as the year is a wheel, he shall be born again on the next Yule.

Spells and Incantations

Modern day witchcraft has a whole slew of resources to pull from when writing the magic system for your story.  Next time you go to a bookstore (or shop online) swing by the new age religion section and look at what’s .  From spell books to herbals, the pagan community has a wide variety of resources to draw from to create your magic system. These books offer a different view into the natural world than most people have, allowing you to expand your horizons even further.


Sixteen-year-old Antonia Lopez of Omaha, Nebraska, kept her pregnancy a secret from her friends and family, and is believed to have panicked when she went into early labour on October 1st, 2016. Lopez was asleep in her bedroom when her labour commenced, and after she gave birth to a daughter she did the unthinkable; she threw the newborn out a two-story window.

Earlier that night Lopez had posted on Facebook - “Does anyone have a car? I need some help. My mom can’t know” followed by crying emojis. At some point after posting this she locked herself in her bedroom and gave birth. Some time after throwing her infant daughter out the window Lopez confessed to her mother, who found the baby outside their apartment lying on the grass. Lopez’s mother attempted CPR but it was too late; paramedics pronounced the infant dead.

Antonia Lopez has been charged as an adult for the murder of her daughter, and is said to have been suffering from acute stress when she threw her baby out the window. She is currently awaiting trial.

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stillborn means an infant born dead does that mean shelby was born dead but revived somehow??

Snuffed before she even had a chance

American Gods, Episode 7 | A Prayer for Mad Sweeney

Rating: 2 WTFOL

  • Hmm … commercials before I get to watch my show. Really, Starz? It’s not enough that I had to buy a subscription, now I get advertisements as well?
  • I do all my best corpse prep to jaunty jazz records, played on my victrola.
  • I also do my best indentured servitude to groovy California-style elevator music
  • Where is this bonnie Irish isle? I must go.
  • I’m not feeling Ms Browning’s irish accent. Or her fake freckles. Or her wig. Pablo Schreiber is a much more convincing ginger.
  • Being a savvy consumer of modern entertainment media, I predict that young man listening to Essie’s story from the other room is going to be bad news. (Lemony-Snickett voice: he was)
  • I do all my best ill-advised candlelit scullery sex to doo-wop love songs from the 50’s.
  • That sea-captain gonna die. (Lemony-Snickett voice: The captain was not actually that important to the story, and so if he died at sea, we don’t know about it.)
  • Props to the makeup department for making Laura look just a little bit more dead in each episode.
  • You tell ‘em, Salim, you adorable thing. And come back soon!
  • That young Essie pulls down an impressive volume of olde timey dick, even with the terrible wig.
  • Dead mother and dead infant being tossed out the porthole might win most disturbing sight in a very disturbing show.
  • Oh, Laura Moon and her love of risky behavior. Flipping an ice cream truck isn’t quite the same as huffing bug spray in a hot tub, but based on the blissed-out smile on her face, it’ll do.
  • Some kinda Scheherazade thing going on here with our Essie. Apparently olde timey dudes just can’t resist a girl telling stories.
  • What’s this, American Gods? A happy ending for Essie McGowan?
  • Wow. Wow! In a fascinating development, Mr Wednesday may have just crossed his moral event horizon a bit earlier than expected. And Mad Sweeney became a sympathetic character avant he drinks himself to death. Out of all the deviations from the book so far, I like this one the most.
  • Is anybody else excited to see where Mr Schreiber’s career goes from here? Because he’s doing some spectacular work on this show.
  • The Essie McGowan story is the first Coming to America that feels like modern American storytelling. Probably because it’s the first one about a white character. I feel like I read it in a short story compilation or saw it at some museum exhibit dedicated to American history. Got a bit of a pioneer, wagons ho kinda smell about it. Familiar, and American, and not as challenging as the other material we’ve seen from this show. Grudgingly, I’ll allow it.
  • Did anyone else notice that neither Ricky Whittle nor Ian McShane showed up at all in this episode? This show is going places the book didn’t take us.

San Antonio Police Discover Dead Baby, Decapitated, Partially Cannibalized.

At 5am on the morning of July 26, 2010, a San Antonio switchboard operater recieved a frantic call for an ambulance from a woman who claimed her sister - thirty-two year old Otty Sanchez- had killed her newborn son Scott and dismembered his body. Police units were dispatched to the home, and one officer later told news outlets about the sight that greeted them when they walked through the door:

“We entered the home and was led to a bedroom where a dead infant lay on the bed covers. It appeared the body had been stabbed, and internal organs had been removed. The woman who showed us identified herself as the aunt of the deceased child, and pointed towards the sofa where the offender sat, nursing a stab wound. She had apparently attempted suicide after killing her child.”

Otty was incoherent and rambling during her confession, but repeatedly said the “devil” made her kill and dismember Scott, who was just three weeks old. Since his birth Otty had been suffering from post-partum depression and psychotic episodes, where she believed people were trying to hurt her baby and looking into his eyes caused her to be possessed by the devil.

An autopsy revealed several stab wounds in the chest area and mutilations using scissors. But even more horribly, when asked about the pattern of the wounds on the childs fingers, toes, and brain Otty confessed she had cannibalized her sons remains.

Sanchez was swiftly arrested but declared too mentally ill to stand trial. She remains detained in solitary confinement until she is fully examined.

Ashara was a beauty. That’s what her mother always said. She was the purple star of Dorne, the pride of their house. They were destined for great things, her and Arthur. Great things.

All new acquaintance would always wonder at her body, her brown skin, her dark hair and her eyes, the very thing everyone seem to love most about her. They marvelled like she wasn’t even there and she could not hear them. In her mind, she was at sea.

It was not the same for her brother. Arthur was the warrior, the knight. He was so serious about it, almost sullen and sad. There was a loneliness to her brother just like there was grief to his silver prince. She had pitied him, to bear this weight, this phantom scar.

In this false spring, even killers are plagued with bad dreams, Elia had said.


The water was rising, the good and tempestuous water that flowed near their seat. It had been their place. Her place and Arthur’s. They had played here so many times, in the Serpentine, the sea that tasted sweet under the scorching dornish sun. Her mother had never liked that, her love of swimming. So they made up a rule. They would go together or not at all. Always two in the Serpentine. That was the rule.

Still, it would not inspire her to be cautious, on the contrary. She would plunge and open her eyes, lay still, silent, in the blue. Arthur hated that, he would resent her for weeks every time.

You’re scary, Asha. It’s like you can’t hear me.

She did not hear. She had been reckless and stayed under too long, did no foretell the danger arriving.

Now, there was no one left.

She was gone, her daughter. Just like him. Him and Arthur.

Just her. Her and the sea.

It’s an odd thing, holding a dead infant in your arms. It’s so light. They don’t tell you that.

She went under.

Maybe I’ll grow scales and become a mermaid. Maybe I’ll open my eyes and he’ll be there, fussing, frowning, worrying. He’ll be there with the little one. He wouldn’t leave me alone. He has to come back, to be here in case I drown. He’ll remember. He’ll be there.

In the Serpentine, we go together or not at all.

honestly fuck mozart and beethoven and all those old dead guys my Infants are listening to mariah carey and whitney houston on blast for the first 14 years of their lives


Itzpapalotl “Clawed Butterfly” or “Obsidian Butterfly”

She is the Goddess mother of nomad hunters. Itzpapalotl  rules the paradise were dead infants go Temoanchan, which is also the place humanity was created. She also rules over the Cihuateteo (women who dies during childbirth) and its a Tzitzimime, a star deity that threathens to devour people during solar eclipses.

Legend has it that she could traver to earth disguised as a noble woman to seduce and devour men.



Scandinavian Folklore – Myling

A myling is the spirit of a small child, or infant forced to walk the earth until they could persuade someone to help put their soul to rest. A child would only become a myling if they were killed by their mother and their remains hidden away. In the old days this was a fairly common way for an unmarried or poverty-stricken woman to get rid of an unwanted child.

The stories tell of the mothers horrible deed being revealed when the myling sings a song about their fate.  Mylingar were believed to exist in places were a young mother were most likely to hide away a dead infant, such as mires, outhouses, cairns and forest valleys.  From these you could sometimes hear a child crying.

Sometimes the unnamed, unwanted child would call for help; ‘’Give me a name!’’ they would scream. You would then have the opportunity to save them by answering;

‘’You can take mine! My name is XXXX’’

You could also help their soul find rest by finding their corpse and giving the child a proper burial.

The name myling derives from myrding, the old norse myrða, which literally means ‘’to murder’’


The Nanny cares for the infant dead: Children and broken souls too poorly formed to become full ghosts. In her hidden Nursery they find shelter and the peace to move on… or else become her willing minions. No children come to harm while she’s on the clock!

Art trade for @derpyscribbles, who requested that I draw myself as a ghost. Still kind of figuring out her abilities (bearmorph? summoning the infant undead? determining the ideal temperature of warmed milk?) but heyyy here she is!

friskbitz  asked:

Hey there! I was wondering if you had any advice for writing a schizoid character? The protagonist in my book has schizoid personality disorder and I don't want to write it inaccurately in any way.

Hey :)

Hm… Well, first of all, as you can probably guess, it’s easy to ruin schizoid character just as it is easy to ruin any character with psychology specifics that author is not personally familiar with. 

But that being said, as long as you avoid following those extremely common tropes about schizoids being robot-like, incapable of emotions *at all* or just plain murderous psychopaths incapable of feeling guilt, you should be fine :) Also the “happily turning into neurotypical at the end” trope is bad, but you probably aware of it.

It’s just to keep a short tl;dr version on top, but as always I will elaborate *a bit*. ^^’ 

The “robot” bit. It’s common to view schizoids like that. Heck, even schizoids sometimes refer to themselves in this way. I do that sometimes too, yes. But it is one thing when you say stuff about yourself, and the other – when you find it in a book in reference to a character you probably relate to. First is your choice and your own views, and second is just yet another example of media being the disappointment it is. Can’t say it’d necessarily “hurt feelings” of many schizoids, but some would probably close your book with a sad sigh.

Emotions. Schizoids are not completely cut out of every single mood and emotion. At least most of them are not. It’s just those emotions are different, sometimes mostly inner, and sometimes they themselves are not aware of feeling anything, or it’s too shallow and too brief to notice it until it is gone. It probably won’t be as pronounced as it is for other people, but picturing schizoids by making sure it is repeated every single chapter that they don’t feel a thing isn’t likely a good idea :) The shallowness of emotions and how it is hard for them to understand other people being so emotional, on the other hand, could be somewhat of a highlight to a character. 

Or, alternatively, human emotions can be sort of a fascination of this character (just don’t overdo it). Most schizoids can feel (and, more importantly, realize what it is when they feel it) interest to some specific subjects. It’s likely to be narrow and not in the same way, let’s say, autistic person would experience it. Not necessarily obsessive kind of interest, and likely not a life-long constant fascination. Or maybe this interest just flashes for a while just to disappear for years, but always returns eventually. 

Apathy and lack of motivation can be another highlight, but it doesn’t have to be. Just as well as depression or some other comorbid disorders. Not every schizoid is constantly depressed, even though normal “mood” of most schizoids can be mistakenly viewed as depression from outside. Schizoid person may look grim, barely ever smiling, making it look like they’re unhappy and constantly sad, but on the inside this person could feel normal or even on the positive side of their regular mood level (no matter how narrow their mood range is). 

Schizoids are very different. No, seriously, it’s not the same as to say “people are different”. It is even pointed out in psychology books sometimes :) It’s hard to find two schizoids who would relate to each other in most aspects. More likely they’ll find each other just as far off as any other human they meet. Or maybe relatable in this and that, but this? Heck no, not even close.

And the “evil schizoid” trope. Well, just to illustrate it, though I mentioned this example before in this blog, but it’s popular enough to refer to and shows the point quite well. Sherlock and Moriarty. Schizoid and antisocial disorders, correspondingly (it is debatable whether Sherlock is also autistic, but he definitely has more than 4 schizoid traits to fit the criteria). I guess I don’t really have to explain what is different between those two characters? %) 

So yeah, it kinda sucks when someone views you as Moriarty when you are more of a Sherlock (minus being genius bit, among other things). And this is way too common for schizoids to get to know character, begin to relate to them, just to find out that author thought to make them a villain from the start. Sometimes it looks convincing enough for schizoid viewer to start to doubt themselves, like “maybe I am bad, after all? this character was so much like me, so maybe this is my future”.

And no, there’s nothing wrong with making characters in so called “gray morality” territory or making them just bad guys who are opposed to the hero. Just make sure if it’s schizoid bad person, they are not psychos with no motive other than having fun by jumping on dead corpses of stolen infants, not taking blood baths every evening and are not remorseless psychopaths never feeling guilt over what they did. There must be some reason for any action, no matter how morally-questionable it is. 

But yes, some schizoids are indeed capable of doing things that won’t always fit into common morality standards. They can fit into “doing what it takes” trope in some cases. E.g. after weighing all possibilities, they might come to a conclusion it is acceptable to sacrificing a whole planet full of people to stop a war that would last for centuries, taking away dozens planets more, therefore eventually saving billions of lives. And yes, I’m talking about one specific schizoid character, one of my favorites even, but won’t tell which one and where is it from to avoid spoilers (but can tell in PM if anyone wants to know). 

Oh, and the “curing” trope. Don’t try to make it look like being schizoid is just a starting point in your character’s development. It’s not. One of the worst things that can happen to a schizoid character - is suddenly ending up “unfrozen” by teh Power of Love or something (oh, by the way, I’ll link you something i wrote a while ago on this subject in private later). They were schizoid all their life, probably to a lesser extent in childhood, manifesting around early adulthood. This manifestation could be triggered by some trauma, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be just the way this person grows up in the society where they are alienated, not taken as equal, avoided or patronized, scared of, laughed at or ignored, even openly attacked or beaten. Or maybe none of it to a great extent. They might just not find enough in common with all those people just for no other reason than being different. There doesn’t have to be a reason to be schizoid just as there is no reason for being autistic or e.g. having blond hair. 

The “loneliness”. Schizoids are not immune to feeling lonely. But if loneliness is very pronounced whenever they are alone, it’d look more like social anxiety disorder or just introversion. Schizoids tend to crave for solitude at least sometimes. Some just need it as air and not sometimes, but most of their time. If they have no choice but to deal with people every day for x hours, it’d drive them insane or will end up in severe depression at very least. But don’t confuse social anxiety with schizoid personality, because while latter can look like they’re just shy and afraid of interaction, most schizoids (unless they also have anxiety) are ok-ish to interact with people when needed. It’s just having to do so regularly and out of their own control on how much, how often and in which way - that’s what exhausting about communication. 

Schizoids might have friends, people who are important for them. They are capable of caring for family. Just not necessarily in the same way other people do so. What’s important, though, is that if schizoid for some reason doesn’t have people they care about, it’s unlikely that loaning to find such person would be their driving force to find new contacts. They aren’t more likely to get intimate (mostly in emotional sence) with someone just because they’re alone at the moment. It can be a good example of “happily single”. 

Oh, and about asexuality. It is true that asexuality is rather common among schizoids, but allosexual schizoids are just as common. Some are explicitly sexually active and are prone to all kinds of non-standard sexual behaviors. It’s just that they’re unlikely to be romantically involved with their partners, at least not for long and not in this “emotional intimacy” way with limerence, holding hands and being sweet couple stuff. It’s still probably happens for some schizoids, though, so I’m not saying it should be out of question for your character.

Also probably worth to mention the “magical thinking” and “odd beliefs” bit of schizotypal disorder. Some schizoids have it, others don’t. Your character can be on either side here, it shouldn’t be too confusing. But just keep in mind that it’s different disorders and they don’t have to come in packs. If you aim to make your character unambiguously schizoid, it’s probably a good idea to not make them believe in stuff like telepathy or magic (unless that stuff is a well-known fact in your setting). 

The “rich imaginary world” is often mentioned in schizoids. Though having lackluster fantasy and no understanding of art is also mentioned sometimes. And yes, some schizoids don’t see it mutually exclusive and can have well-developed fantasy world while not really being in touch with any other kind of fantasies and not caring at all about fiction and art. 

Aaaan I can’t think of anything else by now. ^^ If I missed something of particular interest to you, just let me know and I might end up writing second wall of text about schizoid characters. There’s probably plenty important stuff I forgot (tbh I just don’t remember what’s up there in this wall of text and I’m not planning to re-read it before posting). 

My followers probably can add something to this, though. Also if someone has a few good and even bad examples of schizoid characters, even I myself would like to hear it :)

Anyway, good luck with your writing ^^ It’s so rare someone writes about schizoids in positive way. And if something, I’m always up to read more fiction with schizoid characters :)

Goddess Kali  ( Devour-er of Time or Kal )

Om Kharagam Chakra Gadeshuchaapa Paridhaan Shoolam Bhushun Deem Shira
Shankham Sandadhateem Karaistrinayanaam Sarvaanga Bhooshaavrutaam
Neelaashma Dyutim Asya Paada Dashakaam Seve Mahaa Kaalikaam
Yamastou Svapite Harou Kamalajo Hantung Madhung Kaitabham

Means, Holding a scimitar, disk, mace, arrows and bow, lance, club, a skull and a conch shell in Her ten hands. The three-eyed goddess, Her body covered with ornaments, Her countenance with the brilliance of blue diamonds, with ten limbs. We offer our service to mahAkAli, She who Brahma praised for protection from the demons madhu and kaitava, when Bishnu was in sleep.

She is among the first, prime and superior in Dus-Mahavidya’s (ten forms of great wisdom knowledge) and all in the Universe. She is wife of Maha-Kal (God of aspect of death or reason of death), an furious incarnation of Lord Shiva.

The word Kali arises from “Kal” in Sanskrit, meaning “time”. Sometimes, she is also referred to as the Goddess of death. She is in a state of eternal bliss playing on the bosom of Shiva, in the terrifying surrounding of Samshan (cremation ground). She is black in color because it is the seed stage of all colors and it represents Tamo Guna (Properties of Destruction), She got birth from Darkness when there was nothing, not even the Universe.

She appears cool and appealing as the light of million moons reflect on her. Her teeth are terrible and the tongue lashes out of her widely opened mouth, lustrous like a dark cloud, graceful with the Moon on her forehead. Decorated with serpents, she is going to ghastly eat everything, even Kal (time). But she is also the benign mother conferring boon on all by raising her arm in Varada mudra (hand gesture for blessing).

She is endowed with three eyes, representing Trikala (enriched with three dimensions of time), and four hands; she wears a garland of freshly cut fifty-one demon heads, which hangs down till her knees and blood flows from these, the foxes and her Yoginis (female power spirits) around her get drunk on this flowing blood. Her ghastly spread or disheveled hair, garland of freshly cut demon heads in her lower left hand, Bilbo in her upper left hand-everything creates an uncanny look about her. Through her lower right hand, she makes a sign of granting favors.

She wears a pair of earrings made of infant dead body, a garland of cut hands worn around her waist protects her honour. She puts her right foot upon lord Shiva’s chest, who lies down beneath her. Blood spills all around her along with piles of dead bodies of demons killed by her,and she appears to be truly terrifying and as huge as a mountain. She is the embodiment of sakti, budhi, ridhi and sidhi.


Ravel, Pavane pour une Infante défunte