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The Dead Ladies Club

“Ladies die in childbed. No one sings songs about them.”

The Dead Ladies Club is a term I invented** circa 2012 to describe the pantheon of undeveloped female characters in ASOIAF from the generation or so before the story began

It is a term that carries with it inherent criticisms of ASOIAF, which this post will address, in an essay in nine parts. The first, second, and third parts of this essay define the term in detail. Subsequent sections examine how these women were written and why this aspect of ASOIAF merits criticism, exploring the pervasiveness of the dead mothers trope in fiction, the excessive use of sexual violence in writing these women, and the differences in GRRM’s portrayals of male sacrifice versus female sacrifice in the narrative. 

To conclude, I assert that the manner in which these women were written undermines GRRM’s thesis, and ASOIAF – a series I consider to be one of the greatest works of modern fantasy – is poorer because of it. 

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Please don’t think that you deserve to be misgendered because your pronouns are “too hard.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to be dead-named because your real name is “too different.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to have your gender invalidated because it’s “too new.”

Please don’t think that you deserve to suffer exorsexism because others can’t find it in themselves to learn or respect you.

You can be understood, and you have every right to live the way you wish.

You deserve to have a place in this world.

Gender is weird, and it’s perfectly natural and okay that your gender fluctuates.

It’s okay that your pronouns and name might change

It’s okay if you’re just exploring your identity and don’t have any specific label that you feel you “fit” in

It’s also okay that you don’t want to label yourself at all!!

Don’t feel you have a gender? There are people feel the same!!

Your gender is kinda in the middle of X and Y? so many people feel the same

It’s fine if the gender you thought you were, turns out to not be right for you!

It’s okay to try out different pronouns, and names before settling! (And even changing them after you settled)

You’re not alone, and your gender is 100% valid and real.


“There are cultures, they’re societies that practice what certain people are now calling ‘gender inclusive genital surgeries’ … In our culture we don’t discriminate, we have ‘gender egalitarian surgeries.’ –  justifying Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by comparing it to male circumcision and arguing that both should be similarly accepted because that’s “gender inclusive” or “gender egalitarian” (video link on Twitter)

An example of why being “gender inclusive” and being “gender egalitarian” should not be the language used in feminism to describe feminist goals. “Female Liberation” is the endgoal of feminism, not “inclusivity” or being “egalitarian.” Formal “equality” where there’s false equivalence can easily be used to further exploit and in actuality oppress female people/biological women and girls. This is why we need Radical Feminism, not “gender inclusive” or “gender egalitarian” faux-feminism.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying the above quoted anthropologist is a feminist (she most certainly is not!). I’m saying actual feminists should consider how easily the language of “inclusivity” and “egalitarianism” as well as notions of formal “equality” can be and are being manipulated to further harm and oppress biological women and girls.


Warnings: language

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“What are you up to?” Negan asks with a playful smirk, eyeing you from head to toe.  

“Nothing,” you giggle as you toss a big pillow at Negan.

He catches it with his gloved hand and drawls, “Oh, you are so gonna regret that. I’m the fucking pillow fight champion of the Sanctuary, there’s no way you can win this.”

“Maybe I don’t want to win…” You quip, swiping your tongue across your bottom lip.

He raises his eyebrows and takes his leather jacket off. “You have no fucking idea what you just signed up for.”

“Can’t wait to find out,” you purr.

Written by: daintyunicorn


Warnings: none

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You heard a rustling in the bushes and Daryl held his hand in the air, signalling you to stop.

“Is it a walker?” you said, pulling your knife from your belt.

“Nah, too small,” Daryl whispered, slowly edging forward with his crossbow leading the way.

You remained still. If it wasn’t a walker then it was probably an animal which meant it was probably lunch or at least lunch for Daryl who you’d seen eat everything from worms to a possum.

On silent steps you watched as he crept around the bush, disappearing from sight with only the sound of him softly chuckling reminding you he was still there.

“Daryl? What is it?” you said, edging forward.

“Come see fer yerself.”

You sheathed your knife, tracing his steps, a smile lighting up your face when you saw him crouching next to a scruffy looking dog.

The dog’s head cocked to the side when it spotted you, its tail wagging like it wanted to be friends. “Can we keep him?” you exclaimed, your gaze switching between Daryl’s face and his crossbow.

Daryl itched under the dog’s ear, a rare smile sitting wonky across his face, “reckon so.”

You smiled, dropping to your knees besides them both and admitting, “for a second I thought you might wanna eat him.”

Daryl snorted, “I hate the taste of dog.”

Written by: superprincesspea  

Dating Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia Would Include:
  • When you first arrived at Hilltop, Jesus was quick to defend you whenever Gregory was a jerk. He would constantly get your name wrong just to make you mad, and Jesus refused to put up with it, quickly putting Gregory back in his place.

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Sharing a room with Jesus for the first time would include:

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

- You knowing that you rarely experienced feelings of awkwardness anymore since you had been with a group since the beginning of the apocalypse.

- But when Jesus had lended his trailer to Maggie and Sasha when they first arrived at The Hilltop and came to you asking for a place to stay you realized that that feeling of awkwardness was still very much present.

- You and Jesus being super close friends so you really don’t mind him staying with you.

- The issue is that you had taken an extra special liking to Jesus lately (wink wonk you had a crush on him).

- The first night he insists on sleeping on the couch so that you’re not uncomfortable because even though you guys are close you’re not that close.

- The first few nights that he stayed with you you kinda just stayed up late to watch him sleep because that’s not creepy at all but like, he has a really nice face and he looks so peaceful when he’s asleep.

- One night you finally insist that he sleeps in your bed with you because he’s going on a run the next day and he needed to have a comfortable, good night’s sleep.

- Sleeping a literal arms length away from each other.

- But the next morning you wake up to two very strong and very warm arms wrapped around you.

- You can feel the tickle of Jesus’s beard on the back of your neck because he’s now sleeping so close to you.

- You realizing that you really could get used to waking up like this every day.